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  1. Nah mate. Forcing to archive groups due to how good they are at PVP? No, shouldn't be a thing. I personally suck at PVP and have a computer that looks and acts like a potato. Which would mean I die alot and get groups disbanded.
  2. I really enjoyed it mate! Hope we meet more often in the future.
  3. Take it easy Speedster. Your a good guy.
  4. I'm going to await how the final product is. Games have let me down to much over the last years.
  5. You cannot leave someone unconsious, as that would mean he could get eaten by zombies without a possibility to defend himself. You must alway's take care of your hostages.
  6. this was your English 2 days ago


    1. Slash


      My englerisch is alwayos like thate os.

  7. I got a nice MP5-K today.

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    2. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      *erp intensifies*

    3. Randle


      good memes good times

    4. Slash



      Meme's are not allowed here.


  8. Nice MP5-K m8.
  9. Mate, you shot one of the guys that robbed you today a few day's ago. It's not only about you stealing miltary stuff lad. And no, we shouldn't add any rules for it.
  10. You only cough from weed the first few times, after that you should be fine. So would be nice to see if they would have it so the downside effects get less the more you do it. But yeah negative status effects would be nice like, getting hungry faster and getting thristy faster.
  11. you are a disturbing kid, kid

  12. Nice Profile picture Slash :D

  13. Aight thanx bois.
  14. Hello, I have a question concerning hidden channels. I've seen that the group Odveta has hidden channels: Can we request these channels somewhere? If so, where? If not, why does one group have it and the others not?