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  1. Aight thanx bois.
  2. Hello, I have a question concerning hidden channels. I've seen that the group Odveta has hidden channels: Can we request these channels somewhere? If so, where? If not, why does one group have it and the others not?
  3. +1 I'm excited. Really happy that we are not using Chernarus again.
  4. Definitely option 1. Revive us please.
  5. Welcome back! Good luck.
  6. Loved the little and short RP I had with @derNils today.
  7. This won't save you @Daddy Good luck!
  8. chernarussian

    @Kris - Bring back Chris.
  9. I want to give some feedback on the situation described in the posts above aswell. I personally think that Darkside and the ones that signed and helped on the verdict fucked up. Now, this is not really relevant for what I'm going to say. Now, what does really concern me is the fact that the ones that helped Darkside with this report don't show the balls to confront the community. They leave him hanging in the dark. I think the part of the staff team that has received this feedback should all take the responsibility instead of letting Darkside handle the feedback alone. The ones that signed this verdict need to take as much responsibility as Darkside took for it. You are one team, please behave like that aswell.
  10. Enjoy'ed having @Oisín around for a bit.
  11. I get what you mean, and it sometimes hard. But if you for instance make a radio chatter with "Can someone please help me? I'm getting attacked by zombies! (S2)" I think it's perfectly fine. But the event itself still took place in the same world and therefore it can be spoken of in both S1 as S2.
  12. *Celebrates*