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  1. I've been busy playing Rocket League... I haven't even bothered with getting in game either... Not worry, once I am sick of this game, I will get back to ERP'ing.
  2. lmao!!! and what hebee said about getting slaughtered
  3. Vapor

    I need more friends that own Rocket League... I have become strangely addicted to this game and there is no one around to play with. I am terrible if anyone wants to play with me. :( 

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    2. WeeMan

      Damn i only got on ps4 my dude great game tho :D 

    3. Vapor


      @Western Pretty damn fun. Easy to get the hang of. The game is completely balanced. Get it!

      @WeeMan Buy it for PC! 

    4. WeeMan

      I will when i get my new pc 

      pc first then games even arma 3 :0

  4. This is too damn good!!!
    • Vapor

    Your lack of Status Updates every few hours, day by day has me worried....

    1. Vapor


      I am complete. I have 487 beanz and over 4000 posts. I don't care anymore... I have gathered enough points. Everything is fine. :D

    2. Lyaria

      Alright xD

      Was just checking.

    • Vapor
    • Roman

    Break already? Lazy fucking old man.

    Or did you o7?

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    2. Vapor


      Which one numb nuts? Break or quit? This isn't a yes or no question.

    3. Roman


      Needed a break so I quit.

    4. Vapor


      lmao!!! nice meme

  5. I suck. Just bought the game last night and started playing today for the past 3 hours. Fun game, just have to get better it and not have Shark carry me anymore. I plan on playing all night... So if anyone wants to join me... Just add MetalxTongue on steam or poke me on ts.
  6. Thank you kind sir.
  7. Happened again... I was trying to show you where to disable ads... You go to account settings and edit profile. New tab that was opened
  8. I've noticed this too. When clicking threads, an ad pops up, well not really pops up, but opens a new tab.... Is this intentional?
  9. Vapor


    Fuckery! @Rolle

    • Vapor
    • Rolle

    Approve itsmeriomadkfa,sdfklj whatever the fuck stupid name's name change please and thank you

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    2. Rolle


      You'll have to wait or pay like everyone else, my dear Winslow Barrington. ;)

    3. Vapor


      Thank you Rolle. Good job. :)

    4. Winslow


      Hahaha Caesar and Dax hate it...IF only I would of known they would return...Alright, 6 more days. It was worth a shot.

  10. Echo with all kinds of truth, My n word speaks words of wisdom!