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  1. Ctrl + C that.

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    2. Plank


      @Oliv as an avid fan of comedy, whose home city hosts the worlds largest comedy festival, I disagree. The best jokes are stories.

      Unfortunately, every time a comedian tells a funny story, people like Carlos Mencia like to copy that.

    3. Oliv


      @Plank I always thought this was the worlds largest comedy festival

    4. Plank


      Copy that, I was misinformed. We have the largest arts festival, the comedy component being the largest. 

  2. I'm scaling back my dayzrp activity big time. I'll still be around and pretend to be a phony badass on RP once in a while, but not to the extent I do now. I spend waaaay too much time fucking around on here, and it just ain't rewarding to me anymore! I'm also going to be investing more time getting back into decent shape because damn I got fat.

    Steam is good for getting in touch. I'm gonna get baked and watch samurai movies now. o/

  3. this looks like post-apocalyptic gynecology.
  4. giphy.gif

    1. Reav


      So much pain in one gif :(

    2. Plank


      pure agony innit

  5. rip my epic e. honda profile.

  6. he's from fife and he's not a junkie, which is pretty great all things considered.
  7. ehonda-continue.gif

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    2. Plank


      shut it you, you're gettin stabbed!

    3. dankatronic


      Mon then am gonna stab you gee me my maws ket back !

    4. Plank


      meet me ootside boots after i get my methadone

  8. ehonda-100handslap.gif

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    2. Plank


      why fuck around! who did you think you were dealing with?!

    3. Kris


      None other than the best of Scots

    4. Plank
  9. I dig it. the font is a nice touch.
  10. Disregard this utter nonsense, Dusty. You might be a gamemaster, but you're still a member of the community and are entitled to defend yourself in a report, just like everyone else.
  11. Keep in touch, and shave your top lip pls xxx
  12. get the god damned dlc. tanoa is the best arma terrain yet.
  13. I left staff so I could have this sweet animated avatar in case you were wonderingggg

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    2. Beni


      Apparently is it unprofessional @Wong but the thing is, what's stopping me from just screenshotting both GIFS and using them?...

    3. Wong


      Its cause all the "cancer" community members have em amirite

    4. Vapor


      I only followed you because you were staff... ugh. Unfollowed. :P