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  1. thanks man
  2. děkuji děkuji
  3. I want those bicycles and weed implanted so I can make an all Dutch group
  4. found an old screenie (that i editted ages ago) that I wanted to share. dont know where to post it so here we go ^^
  5. I thought RP stood for "Robbing People". What is this "roleplay" people talk about? play a Chernarussian and come see us at our settlement, you'll find your RP
  6. welcome @Grimnir and @Doc Holiday! glad you made it through the trial period Also, Changed @Slash his character on the roster.
  7. looks dank, might show up to show you foreigners that Chernarussians are the best
  8. What is this pvp you speak off? I loved the underground bunker on this map, they should add stuff like that in Chernarus. More than the tiny underground area in Tisy at least..
  9. I love your signature :D

    1. Strawberry


      haha, I like yours too :ph34r:

    2. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      (ingame) memes are great

  10. nasinec, great internal again. Was fun to finnaly meet you @Jm Von Cat! loved the exaggerated stories about Sara's injury in the civil war very clever
  11. best thing would be meeting Mary Archer( @Ron) and @Jamie Wilson at GM. That meeting started so much.
  12. you try to start a firefight by poking us an hour after we all went off. By contacting us ooc?.. lets keep it to screenies from now on, dont wanne clutter up the thread with talk about griefing and shit. If anyone wants to discus that, take it to PMs
  13. tag some, maybe they looked over it
  14. at least she still has both ears