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  1. i take a look on this explain pls why are you thinking that?
  2. i think a maximum of 10 active players + dm (dungeonmaster)maybe a second dm for standby because of dc`s + some so called npc´s (maybe 10-15 players) but its also possible to start with 2 groups (5-7 players per group with an own dm) and the story leads them together at the end. im very happy for every help i can get, so share your ideas pls.
  3. yes its ingame and i have no backroundstory for the event at the moment, maybe you can play your own char or you need an special char for the event, im not sure about this. maybe i make a poll for this.
  4. the original way from pen&paper games with stats like charisma etc. and dices to get an outcome of some player actions would be impossible, everyone had to stream with a cam for the dices its more like an adventure umm like gabriel knight or so but with a storyteller, and he describes the scene via voice and the players can talk about it and they can do some actions via text, as an example"look at the dead body" and then the storyteller gives more information like "there is a note by the dead body" the player can type now "pick up the note". no stats or dices but items that you can pick up and wich you will need to resolve the puzzle.
  5. what you guys are thinking about a RP event with a master(storyteller) and a story were you have to do some quests? the master would describe the scene with voice and not text RP and then the gamers starting there actions to find the clue to a puzzle. this would be a 100% RP event.
  6. 62
  7. they are reason to shot after the first demand and many many many other fucking reasons to not shoot after the first demand, so what do you want from me?
  8. the report thread is the most important section in the forum, sorry bro but this is bullshit and you know this.
  9. sure, she only dismissed that she had a fucking radio, this is a fucking little mistake, a caution is good enough in this case
  10. i completely disagree with this, a caution in this case is good enough
  11. maybe you guys need another hobby if you are only looking for this not important bullshit!!!
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    lol the new geforce game ready driver killed my second screen lol

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    the master of crazyRP comes back soon™ :D

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