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  2. WIP groups are not allowed, so i think its time now for the looking for members thread. you can post your group idea (lore and ICgoals) there to look for members. would be better as to switch through the TS channels and ask everyone there.
  3. i cant find the scene were you could see that the gunsounds can be bugged, its pretty hard to find a 5 sec scene in over 25h of streaming. allright, i think everyone is against this, thats ok. and for the clarification, i was never talking about guys who runs up into a firefight zone after they get warned about this, or something similar.
  4. 57
  5. i think the double post means that sometimes the exactly post pop up 2 times.
  6. im out for today and sorry that i couldnt answer everyone, to much and fast respond here:D
  7. i have put a ? to the title and i dont mean only the last few weeks, its more the last half year or so
  8. im not talking about guys who runs up to a firefight, thats there own fault if they die i have it in some of my streams from the last days, i can take a look tomorrow to show it to you
  9. but sometimes you dont hear gunshoot like the old patch, i have seen someone shooting 35m away and i didnt hear the shot. but im with you, i also dont want more rules, this would be only a change and no new rule.
  10. oh,,hm,,,ok that makes it a little bit hard now i mean that gambling thing is not a spontanous think, it cames maybe 6 month ago in my mind. many of my records died with my old pc and the stream-records are only online for a few weeks and i didnt make a highlight everytime(to be fair this gambling was most a legit kill on me, but it was gambling). so i can only search for some older reports.
  11. this need some time maybe i post it tomorrow
  12. you have not everytime the chance to run away from a firefight zone, sometimes you are stucked in a house or something like this