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  1. yeah that was a pretty shitty situation on both sides, if he moved himself I would have totally thought he was trying to get a cheap kill but since an admin moved him and he was just trying to explain his absence for the last few minutes I can see why he said that and how it sounded. I don't know why your friend moved in immediately, that was kind of a goofy move but not something anyone needed to die over. Oh well, what's done is one get 'em next time.
  2. Had fun in game last night dodging zombies and telling jokes/terrible puns with @ToeZ and @idole
  3. What a brilliant beginning to your career in international diplomacy see ya in a bit
  4. *West is attempting to duct tape his glasses back together when Jenny's broadcast comes in. He nods confidently and puts them on his face where they rest for a few seconds before falling apart and landing on the desk in front of him in two pieces. He frowns and picks up his radio, muttering to himself and beginning to transmit with a sigh* Perhaps more tape... Ah yes, Jenny is that you? I'd started to wonder where you'd been, even started to worry a bit but I'm sure you're quite capable of handling yourself. I met with Doctor Stone yesterday, what a delightful fellow. Although there was a bit of um.... well, unpleasantness. Nothing to be alarmed about, although it has distracted me somewhat from my studies as of late. I've sought refuge far to the north, there's an alarming amount of gunfire in this area, I can hear it echoing off the hills, but the people I've met on the main road have been courteous albeit rather suspicious. Not that I can blame them, judging by the corpses I saw lined up and shot in a ditch to the side of the railroad tracks, execution style by the looks of it. Gang related violence, judging by the colors of their clothing. Anyway, it would be delightful to refocus on the task at hand, perhaps meeting with you to discuss my research could help to achieve that goal. I've produced some rather conclusive results from the experiments we ran regarding possible pheromones. It has led me to a very promising hypothesis, but there are... complications. I'd rather not say any more over the radio, I'll be back on the road in about four hours time, do keep in touch. *Placing the radio down on the desk, he feels around for the two parts of his glasses. Holding them in his hands, he looks at the used up wheel of duct tape with an exasperated sigh*
  5. Good on you for thinking outside the box and coming up with a pretty drastically different character. That being said, as others have pointed out this is probably a really really bad idea. You can't tame them anymore, so they're going to be sprinting after you constantly, so you won't be able to stay close enough to people to RP with them. Also, unfortunately VERY few people RP anything even slightly fear-like when zombies are involved with RP. In TV shows, movies, and books the undead are constant source of dread and anxiety. However, in dayzrp they're regarded like misquitos to be casually swatted, the worst they might do is damage your shirt or interrupt your conversation for a moment. Because of this, the concept of someone who relies heavily on zombie for their RP is really not going to work since nobody will RP it out the way you're hoping they will.I predict you'll either be killed by the zombies, or 9/10 times the first person you encounter will simply shoot all of the zombies and then make fun of you and jog on. I hope you keep thinking of original ideas like this though.
  6. See that's pretty clever reverse psychology right there. You make it seem like you don't want to take your pants off, so naturally he NEEDS you to take your pants off, then as he loses all sense of time and space and his entire consciousness is absorbed by your girth, he gets double tapped. You technically killed him with your dick, let's be real, that's what happened.
  7. I should not have said 3 hostile encounters thing, I should have said "several hostile encounters" since the exact number was never included in the rule. My mistake. However, did this rule really change due to one messy report and the fact that it's easier to keep track of one hostile encounter than it is to keep track of several? Just because it's hard to keep track of several hostile encounters doesn't mean that keeping track of one is the "right" decision. Regardless, now that it's clear that the vast majority of the community is unhappy with the rule as it is currently written, will the admins consider altering it in some way? It's been pointed out over and over again that this rule change has resulted in the unintended side-effect that nobody wants to comply when they are initiated on by a party they have had even a single hostile encounter with in the past. Raising your hands and allowing yourself to be captured basically assures your execution, shooting and running at least gives you some chance of making it out of there. It also doesn't give the hostile party any incentive to actually RP, they can basically just half-ass it and blow your head off because... they can. Pretty much this rule is an absolute mess, I'd like to know if the Admins are at least considering the feedback from the community and possibly changing this rule to something that promotes RP better?
  8. sam bauer

    It's torture waiting for your videos to come out @Roach but with all of the editing that goes into it I know it must take quite a bit of time to produce videos of this quality. Good things come to those who wait! Can't wait to watch this one, I'll check it out on my lunch break.
  9. *Recognizing Moody's voice, Doctor West stands up from his desk and walks to the window, looking out over the zombies shambling through the streets of Severograd* I applaud your efforts to secure a peaceful resolution to your situation, Mr. Moody. I don't know the details of the violence you're wrapped up in, but I firmly believe that it's never too late to redeem oneself. I only hope that whoever has been hunting you will find the sense in ending this cycle of violence. Good luck to you. *Looking back to his desk, he shakes his head and open the door to his laboratory, walking out into the hospital lobby*
  10. It's pretty clear that the vast majority of the community is unhappy with the current state of the rule. Pretty much everyone is in favor of reverting back to the old "3 hostile encounters" rule, reworking the rule in some other way, or simply removing it entirely. I hope staff are working on this and I sincerely hope that similar rule changes will consider the community opinion before they are implemented. In this case it seems like a tiny number of people made a huge rule change with no advanced notice that affects everybody, even though nobody asked for it and the vast majority of the community doesn't want it this way. I'm not saying we need a DayZRP Senate or anything stupid like that, we obviously trust staff to make decisions that drive this community, but when changes like this are made that so few people actually like, and these changes are pushed through so suddenly (if I recall there wasn't even an announcement about the change, @Riggsee had to point it out in a forum post before anyone was even aware of the change) it really makes me scratch my head and wonder if the community was even a consideration when making this change or if it was just to make solving reports easier.
  11. It's pretty much never okay to shoot a hostage who is compliant and awaiting instructions, that's why the accused in that verdict was banned. Reading through all of the posts in that report including the accused's PoV, it seemed like the accused tried to instruct Post to put his hands up, but he pushed his PTT button for TS instead of his in-game PTT. As a result, Post appeared to have been executed for non-compliance to a demand he was not actually given. As for your second question I am pretty baffled. I really don't understand what your question is there, the hostage had a radio and was not in a position where he was unable to use it (such as tied up or with hands above his head) and therefor it is not a rule break for him to communicate with his squad mates on TS. When he is initiated upon by the hostile party, he and his friends gained kill right for 2 hours and they immediately used these rights by opening fire. I think what you're trying to get at is that it is unrealistic that Post could have been speaking to his friends because the people standing next to him would have heard it, right? I agree with you, it is unrealistic, but it is not against the rules and this has been supported by countless verdicts. Perhaps someday there will be a rule regarding this, but short of requiring players to bind their TS and In-Game PTT to the same button (or implementing TaskForce Radio somehow) I don't see how this would work.
  12. I would prefer not to have a content wipe, but as I can see there is no stopping it I would be 100% in favor of option 1. Lore team should discontinue all efforts toward the current (soon to be wiped) lore and dedicate all that time towards lore, events, and radio broadcasts for the new lore. I would strongly urge the LM's, the staff, and the community to take this wipe as an opportunity to approach the lore with a fresh approach, more like an interactive story, something the player can dive into and progress and affect, or they can completely ignore it and go off and do their own thing.
  13. 54
  14. 87
  15. The irony when you demand that someone be open minded to you whilst simultaneously shitting on an entire RP type and being unwilling to accept them as equal or better RPers to your (and my) style (meaning VOIP RP). For someone who claims to not be offended, that was one of the most passive aggressive posts I've ever seen in my life, not trying to mock you, just making you aware of it. I respect your opinion and I would simply suggest you keep RPing and keep an open mind to different RP styles. Sure, you're going to meet some cringy idiots and some morons. However, you're also going to come across some great characters and great RPers along the way. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, everyone has something to offer. I think as you continue to play, your opinion on this topic will slowly start to change. By the way, when I first started, I thought text RPers were "not real RPers" and I thought they should be restricted to only RP with other text RPers, I was proven soooo wrong and I happily ate my words, so that's why I feel strongly like you're in my old position. Give it time.