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  1. To this day whenever Doctor West runs into Murdock @Crim the first thing he asks is "Have you seen Harper?" At least three times now haha.
  2. *Hearing a familiar voice, Dr. West picks up his radio to respond* Mr. Burke? It's Doctor West, I believe we met yesterday evening down by Kamyshovo. I would strongly advise against trading this way over the radio. You are likely to be set up and robbed. I would prefer not to find your corpse on my table. Be careful. *West's voice is replaced by static*
  3. Heroes never die.
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    I see you savaging young white names again

    1. TheMatt924


      I'm just getting into character like a method actor. Once this phase is complete I will shelf Doctor West and bring back ther Skinnerman

  4. If you still refer to Kab as "Jamestown" and you still refer to the summer camp south of Novy Sobor as "Camp Hope" then you have your answer. The Masquerade and L.I.F.E.
  5. I love 7 Days to Die, but it's just not cut out for RP. The character models are rough to look at, there are basically no animations other than running and shooting, there is settlement building and killing, and with mods there can be trading, but I just don't think now is the time. It's not the right time for 7 Days to Die and it's not the right time for this community. Good suggestion though, maybe someday.
  6. Fucking amazing as always, you weren't kidding when you said things were about to pick up. When Buddy was getting whipped wowwwwww, great job. That really made me miss the horsemen, stellar hostile RP and fantastic victim/torture RP too. Well done. Now I've got a hankering to take some hostages and see if I have what it takes. Gotta know what happens next.
  7. Good suggestion and nice cleanup, much better now
  8. Only you can close a question since you asked it. What you do is go to the post with the answer that you found the most helpful and you just click the check mark above the up arrow on the left side of the username. The checkmark will turn from grey to green and that will let people know that your question has been answered.
  9. You can absolutely RP with another character for the purpose of not letting other characters know what you are talking about, in fact I would say it is greatly encouraged to do this rather than use teamspeak. As long as you are able to RP with characters in English primarily since they can't understand or speak Swedish in real life. As a small side-note, on the very small chance that you encounter a player who is RPing someone who can speak Swedish even though they don't understand it in real life, try not to call attention to the fact that they don't understand the language. Sometimes people point that sort of thing out because they find it suspicious when in fact it's just a dude from America trying to RP a Russian character or something, it happens. Good luck!
  10. I just saw this, very exciting. It's been a long time since this server had some real quality military RP, the last time I can recall would have been the UN. The "Use TS as little as possible" goal is really a great idea as well, I hope you have as much fun as we used to with keeping IC comms (even in battle) to VOIP and in-game radios only. I'll be keeping a close eye on this group.
  11. Hi. Welcome. Please stop.
  12. Reported for "Power" Gaming ...I'll see myself out.
  13. *Awaken from his sleep, confused and disoriented, Doctor West learns of Jasha's death. As he stumbles for his radio, knocking a bottle of water off of the nightstand, he picks it up and presses the transmit button. The old man's voice is weak, tired, confused, and sounds extremely surprised.* You... killed Mr. Shark? I... well...that was most unexpected. He was a very dangerous man, I would not have thought he would put himself in a position where it would be possible for him to die. I, too, foolishly refused his offer of an apple... and I too paid the price for it. I'm not sure what to think, all I know is that the loss of yet another precious life is not something I chose to celebrate. Still... I'm sure you did what you believed was right. *Trailing off, West sits on the edge of his bed with his mouth hanging open. He looks out the window at the moon as he shakes his head.*
  14. I really don't think there is any topping that. Holy shit. Pretty much your TS channel was screaming the only thing that you can possibly react to that with "WHAT THE FUUUUCCCKK?!"