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  1. I'm so thrilled LIFE is back! Can't wait to run into you all, the tense relationship between Dr. West and some of the LIFE staff will make for some awesome RP. Go get 'em!
  2. No. No. Absolutely not. No. You can't interpret people speaking meanly to you or chasing you as an initiation. You can't even interpret them pointing a gun at you as an initiation. You can only "start a firefight" if they make a clear and explicit threat with clear consequences. For example, if they are chasing you and say "Stop or my boys will light you up!" or they point their rifles at you and say "Stop right now motherfucker!" with the obvious implication that they'll shoot if you don't stop. TL;DR: No you can't just start shooting at people because they were speaking rudely and chasing you, they need to offer a valid initiation for you to gain KOS rights.
  3. I've always operated under the mindset that if someone has food and water in their backpack, it means they're not hungry/thirsty because if they were, they would have eaten it, right? So they're not close to starving to death or anything, but if they are then they should say something like "Please, don't leave me like this, I'll starve to death!!" or "Please, I don't know where to get water from here!" and then it would be up to the banditos to either direct you towards the closest well or food supply, or drop some food for you. I would NOT expect this to be required of the bandits if they are leaving the victim in a well trafficked area, main road, city or town. I would ONLY expect the bandits to be required to direct the victim to a food source if they marched them out into the woods for a while and the victim got lost or disoriented. People should be left with bandages in case they get hit my a zombie, but that's all they should need unless they speak up. TL;DR: Leaving a victim alive anywhere remotely close to apple trees or a well is enough to give them a realistic chance of survival IMHO.
  4. Why not? Why shouldn't a player seek medical attention from someone who knows what they're doing after they've been shot? Is there some down side to promoting RP? I find it more troubling that every tailor, repair man, and cook walks around saying "Hi, do you have any 5.56? I have .308 but I know that guy has 9 mil, I saw a box of .45 back the Tisy but I'm also interested in 7.62 or frags. So do we have a deal?" but it's cool because they're just trying to find their wife. They've got southern american accents yet they know the name of every town, village, and land mark. I understand your point, but I think we disagree on whether these things are "inconvenient" to properly RP because they hinder the players ability to always "win" and might even lead to them being in a disadvantage. Who cares? Lose sometimes, it's not so bad. If you can offer great RP and have a fun time whether you're robbing someone or you're the one getting robbed, then the game really has no limits except those that you put on it.
  5. Great stuff. I was At camp and made a few videos, sadly I was too slow on the draw. Anyway here were the same hilarious robbery @Buddy posted as well as @Dustin's death-defying drop from my point of view.
  6. As someone who plays a doctor who doesn't carry a gun and wears civilian clothing with medical clothes / supplies in my backpack, I fail to see why this is a "scary place" it would lead to? Why does every farmer, travel agent, athlete, and government worker feel more comfortable in full gorka with a plate carrier or high capacity vest and an AK with drum mag? Because it's got more pockets and can kill people better? Sure as hell isn't realistic or immersive, at least not in my opinion. What exactly is the downside to this? People might not always "win" because they aren't geared to the teeth? Only problem I would see is a massive influx of super soldiers from all the people who can't stand every being robbed of their precious gear.
  7. *Doctor West spits out the water he is drinking as he hears the broadcast. Picking up his radio, he sounds surprised* Mr. Blake, is that you?? Glad to hear that your voice! *Embarrassed, he looks around at the men eating and laughing across the road to see if anyone noticed as he wipes the water off his chin with a clean rag*
  8. *Doctor West is reading a badly damaged medical file on the floor of the clinic in Zelenogorsk when he overhears the broadcast. Expecting another psychopath trying to sucker him out of morphine or rob him, he reaches for the volume to turn it off, but as he hears the familiar voices, he excitedly bring the radio to his mouth. His broadcast begins in a warm, friendly, and surprised tone* Jack? Is that you my dear boy? Good heavens it's wonderful to hear you're still alive! I do hope you've been well. Haven't gotten yourself lost out in the woods again, have you? Particularly with the recent peak in aggression from the local wolves, I've noticed... *As he turns his attention to Doctor Hope, his voice becomes distinctly more cold, impersonal, yet he masks his disdain for her as best he can with a professional tone* Ahh Doctor Pisces, I see you're back in action. I trust all is well with the child, Stephanie I think you said the name was, as well as your drug deal- *Doctor West suddenly cuts himself off and takes a deep breath, before clearing his throat* As well as your... husband, Victor Cruz. Well, as a professional courtesy, I would advise caution. I'm aware... well aware... that you can handle yourself, but since you last practiced medicine there are quite a few challenges. Gangs of violent thieves and even... cannibals roams the streets now. I had to treat a man recently who'd had his hand cut off and he'd been forced to watch as they devoured it in front of his very eyes. I haven't heard from Mr. Fields in some time, but I do hope you're able to muster up some security. It's not all bad news, however. A group of local Chernarussians have been enforcing something resembling a rule of law from their base in Pulkovo, they've brought criminals and murderers to their knees time and again, and the streets are relatively safe... well, safer than they've been in quite some time. Also, an organization called the South Zagorian Trading Company has taken up residence on Green Mountain and have enforced a relative peace there as well. Trade and commerce have been plentiful and I've even been practicing medicine freely within their compound, although I've heard they may be moving locations. I've been practicing there with a Doctor Holliday, his methods are... quite unique. *As he clips his radio to the shoulder strap of his backpack, he folds the medical file and tucks it into he vest pocket. He smiles for a moment, recalling some fond memories, but then his hand clenches into a fist and he hastily exits the clinic*
  9. *While examining a bone marrow sample and making research notes in his journal, he is distracted by the condescending tone he hears over the radio. Annoyed by the man's arrogance, Doctor West closes his notes and picks up his radio* I beg your pardon, sir? Laugh as you will at Doctor Holliday's techniques, I assure you they are all based on solid medical procedure and are quite effective, as unorthodox as they may be. His use of maggots is actually quite interesting, I suggest you work with him someday. This is Doctor West. You claim that I'm a 'quack' based on what, my name? That doesn't sound like something any educated person I've ever encountered would do. Perhaps if you've read my article in the New England Medical Journal any time in the last thirty years you'd know a thing or two about real scientific greatness. For thirty years I've been on the cutting edge of some of the biggest breakthroughs in field of Pathology. I suppose graduating at the top of my class at Harvard Medical School is what prepared me for such a task. I've worked side-by-side with some of the greatest scientific minds in the United States, and indeed the world. And you? I've never heard of you. In fact, even with the vast majority of the population dead or infected and only a small handful of scientists and medical professionals left, I've STILL never heard of you. It only just now occurred to me that you've never mentioned your name, then again I don't much care to know it. Was that not some kind of shot glass I heard you putting down as you asked about qualifications? Don't drink and drive, 'doctor whoever-you-are'... *Placing his radio back on the charger, he tries to find where he left of in his notes but is unable to. Flustered, he stands up and walks out of the laboratory*
  10. I can do a little bit of voice work if you need some lines read. I have a lot of examples of my voice work in my lore post for Doctor West, here is a recent example.
  11. What if each group channel had one "Hidden" channel where members can go to play in cloak mode, and one "public" channel where they could AFK or mess around or hang out when not in firefights and such?
  12. We have too much of this? I hadn't noticed. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me if I'm being honest.
  13. I'd give that interview about a 70%
  14. *Doctor West is flipping through the pages of some medical records in the clinic in Zelenogorsk, looking for any anomalies in the symptoms of original strain zombies compared to modern day. As the broadcast breaks his concentration, he picks up his radio, annoyed* I've had quite enough of dealing with psychopaths. You'll have to forgive me if I can accommodate your uh, Pinkie. I'm sure you'll be in good hands with Doctor Holliday, I've consulted with him in the past and his medical techniques are quite effective. I would caution you against trying anything funny, however, little good will come of it except one more cadaver donated in the name of scientific research. Good day. *Turning the volume knob of his radio down until it clicks off, West turns back to his medical records and frowns to discover that he's completely lost his place. He flips back to the beginning with a sigh and starts again*
  15. Biggest suggestion I can give you, play a playstyle that you're not familiar with and not comfortable with. I used to play a craaaAAaaazy killer, super original I know. Eventually I started to feel a little bored of it, just like some people get bored of playing soldiers. I decided to do something I've never done before. I started playing a 62 year old man who is a scholar, hates using firearms, never carries a rifle, and is basically a mild mannered nerd. Any time violence breaks out I panic, any time someone threatens with violence I plead for my life and try to find a way to appease them instead of shuffling around trying to figure out if my boys are in the treeline yet. I'm having more fun than I've ever had before. So get in game and play an auto mechanic, play a factory worker, play a high school math teacher, play a farmer, play a tour guide. Be prepared to get robbed and don't get attached to any of your stuff, but you're going to have a ton of fun, believe me.