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  1. Sounds like the assault was pretty brutal, very well written though. Hope to see more!
  2. That's the best part of RPing a civilian, when I spawn on the coast I grab a shirt, maybe a hat, whatever backpack I can find and boom, I'm fully geared and ready to RP. Over time I start to replace my hard-to-find doctors outfit (White slacks, Doctor's coat, white leather shoes, non-damaged white scrub hat, respirator) but I rarely actually use that so 90% of my RP is just me in a pair of normal pants and a shirt.
  3. *Hearing all the voices disparaging the man, Dr. West speaks up* I've no interest in kicking a man while he's down. I can't say I'll shed a tear, but then again you've never been terribly rude to me personally. Perhaps I'll drop in to share a glass, do you have any red wine or champagne? *Puts the radio down and checks his watch*
  4. Now I can finally figure out why everyone keeps saying "Oh I remember you, you were in the Crows, right?" Looking forward to running into you folks.
  5. I currently have 2 walkie talkies in my backpack, both with batteries in case I rp with someone and we need to separate but stay in touch. I always prefer to use in-game radios rather than TS when possible. With the UN IE we adhered to a strict policy of only using in-game radios for all in-game communications. TS was only used for things like "I crashed, I'm bugged, you should try typing because your VOIP is laggy" that sort of thing. All other common stuff was relegated to in-game radios. So much so that we actually had to use radio callsigns for the officers because we didn't want people knowing where Captain Kolinski and Secretary General Fordam were by listening in on the radio. Out typical radio channels were often full of chatter with plenty of military jargon tossed in like "Raptor Actual with is Wolf-1 do you read? Over." "Go ahead Wolf-1." "Raptor Actual My men and I are reporting for our patrol, Gorka is clear and looking to link up with the rest of the unit. What are your orders, sir? Over." "Wolf-1 proceed to Novy Sobor, canvas the city and question the locals about sightings of these "Akrasia" we've heard about. Pass on your findings to the Intelligence Officer and we will rendezvous with you there in 20 minutes. How copy?" "Roger that, Raptor Actual. Over and out."
  6. Open frequency posts are pretty aids, but private frequency posts are good for exploring lore and providing and alternative method of roleplay, so I'm okay with it.
  7. Clarify all you want, but you can't fix stupid. There are other RP communities for DayZ that do not permit the use of text chat. It seems likely to me that people who are used to playing on those servers join our server and simply forget the specific differences in rules (some communities enforce permadeath, disallow text chat, have small differences in kill rights, etc) and so they accidentally break a rule or call someone else for "breaking a rule" that doesn't exist in this community. It's not a rule issue, it's a stupidity issue. People just need to know what server they're on and what the rules are here. If they fuck up, a little smack in the back of the head with the ban hammer will give them a couple days to sort it out.
  8. I apologize for bringing this back up, it's not my intention to "bump" it but I'm curious to know if this is something staff is considering or not? Is there a timeframe that we can be made aware of or a threshold in terms of number of votes needed for this to be considered?
  9. Agreed, it was powergaming, it should have received the standard punishment. It can't be proven that she used it to gain and advantage, but that's not the point, the point is she power gamed plain as day. Obviously she has problems with English, but that also doesn't matter. It is the responsibility of every single member of this community to understand the rules and to RP in English, so I doubt the staff decided to give a reduced punishment due to that, and shockingly I've seen females punished routinely as well so I doubt that had anything to do with it either. I'm pretty baffled as to why it was not given the standard punishment. My guess would be that no apparent advantage was gained, although it's pretty suspicious how they marched her a long ass way away through the woods and up some hill and they still were discovered and shot. It's possible that like Kunkaa said in the report though, he is always with her and followed them, I personally have never encountered her in-game without Kunkaa being right there with her, so that is at least plausible. Tough to say, staff would have to answer this one to really know.
  10. It's a cool idea, but I would advise against it on the actual day of. I know I only speak for myself, but I am completely unavailable to be anywhere near my computer on holidays. Valentines day I'm the property of my wife the whole time, Thanksgiving I'm going from one family dinner to another all day and night, christmas eve, christmas, new years are all spent at family gatherings and parties. Again, I love the idea, but I would only wish that I could participate on the actual day these events are meant to involve. Edit: And Halloween my doorbell is ringing every 30 seconds to pass out candy while my dog goes berserk thinking we're under attack. Not the ideal environment for immersive RP.
  11. Are you for real? I hope to god you're joking, yes a made up character name.
  12. You're name in game is not supposed to be your forum name. Your name in game is supposed to be the first and last name of your character. That's why you're getting kicked. Change it to your characters name and you'll be fine.
  13. No offense, but instead of complaining about how nobody RPs bandits the way you'd like, why don't you just RP bandits they way you think they should be RPd? I was having a blast RPing my favorite Bandit character, but I was tired of every civilian being a former navy seal who could field strip any weapon under the sun, so even though I was having tons of fun as Skinner, I switched to Dr. West, a nerdy many of science who is afraid of guns and avoids violence. I get robbed and I actually cower in fear and plead for my life, I actually bargain instead of making threats. I've never had so much fun. I highly recommend that you be the change you want to see, perhaps in the process you'll discover it's not as easy as you thought, I know I did. It's worth it though.
  14. *Doctor West organizes his pens as he hears the outrageous claim. Glancing over to his empty autopsy table, he picks up his radio to respond* I... highly doubt that. Perhaps you killed some infected that were wearing similar clothing, or more likely you shot some of them but they survived? There are a lot of them, and I thought I heard them whispering to each other a few weeks ago, something about someone dying, they seemed to hold the deceased in high regard. There was a man named Dusty who has been confirmed by multiple accounts to have been killed, although the events leading to his death are not clear to me. I would caution you against such foolishness. These men are violent killers, I've seen their handiwork as I've patch together mutilated faces and limbs of people who merely disrespected them. I shutter to think what they would do to you if they ever got their hands on you... or worse still.... what they would do to those you care about. You would do well not to provoke these men, I simply don't have enough medical supplies to treat the kinds of things they would do to you. Please, I urge you to reconsider. *Shaking his head, West looks at his watch and clicks back to the other radio station for Toez to come through, although he hears only static.*