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  1. The 12th, so tmmrw is the last day but the full game releases on Tuesday
  2. There is always gonna be those internet warriors in this community who bring down a whole thread. Didn't talk to you that much but take care man! hope you come back soon maybe the toxic people will be banned and the decent people will actually stay o7
  3. The scariest staff member is gone Nooooo
  4. Steam or Uplay but downloading it from steam will make you download uplay's garbage launcher anyways which is what i was trying to avoid >.> Orochi for life bruh already prestiged mine with a combined weapon and armor rating of 42
  5. Any one gonna download the open beta and play , I need more people to play with I plan to actually make a thread for this since I've been waiting for this game for 2 years but i am to busy playing the beta right now
  6. You do you boo, I still love you
  7. Ill be honest todd you know i love you and the clowns and hell if i actually got in game more often i might take you up on the offer. But the last version of the clowns was my least favorite, you had some great RPers in there but a lot of the members didn't care to RP they just shot and robbed people and ended up in so many reports. After the 2015 clowns your shoes would be hard to fill but honestly i don't see anyone else really qualified to lead it other then you. I would say wait until your back bb
  8. Add cunt to there as well then i really do hate that word.
  9. out of all the words to use i am most offended by that ( I love you) +1 ill stop now since you know i might get points for offending myself
  10. Completely agreed, Dont be stingy (since people cant handle the proper term) now, I want a list.
  11. Nah my vocabulary might not be as shallow as yours? I mean i know many different forms of the word and meaning i could list them for you but the people who probably never actually experienced racism would get upset.. Living in a old confederate state i've been called a lot of things does it bother me, Nah man and explain to me how its not being stingy to or hypocritical or double standards for that matter or you can get out thanks
  12. Nah im not gonna change my vocabulary to suit peoples feelings when people go around calling each other cucks and cunts and get no points but when i call my homies my **** or quoting song lyrics i am going to points? Nah at that point Cuck or Cunt is more insulting and should be point worthy but 100% will not get points. It doesn't matter if it is racial or homosexuality or neither, an insult is an insult if your gonna ban one or two words when people don't even use them directly related to people then they all need to be banned period. It is hypocritical
  13. Reading through this my mind is blown tbh, I am mixed and say the N-word (with an A) in my everyday vocab and when people say it to me (Hard R or Not) never once have I been offended. Shit yesterday playing around with a member of staff in TS (Not gonna say who it was) I was called a coon by someone i've never met IRL and did it bother me? Not at all.... Hell I even use it in game in general since referring to my boys and friends. These are my *****s. NEVER have i been reported or pointed but its against the rule on the forums? Ridiculous what the forums have come to. If we are not allowed to use it on the forums then are we able to use to in TS or IG when i am singing a song? Or referring to my homies as My ******s? Regardless of it is or not ill prob just end up being permed by accumulation of points because I am not going to change how i RP and my every day speech to baby sit people who have zero reason to take ANY offense when i'm called racial slurs on TS on a daily basis. Maybe staff should just make a list of banned words so i know what i can and can not say here... I will help with the first word Cunt , I dont like this word actually i despise this word I don't report it because it's basically the same as ANY OTHER INSULT regardless of racial or homosexuality but if half of the community is gonna be niggardly and have double standards then using any form of insult regardless of being racial or not should be against the rules. oh and before people have a hissy fit But lets be honest i don't care if your offended or not because you have 0 reason to be.
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  14. All this shitty drama is like watching twitter in high school... we the new facebook as well?