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  1. You know you want it....


    1. Strider


      Dont do it.

  2. Yo http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/09/08/crunchyroll-and-funimation-partner-to-expand-access-to-anime this is the official announcement to back up my claim
  3. crunchyroll just partnered with funimation so all theIr animes are getting added to cruncyroll catalog. Worth the switch tbh
  4. Nice Green Nerd

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      Thanks, nerd.

  5. i do.. i mean u get a shit ton of guest passes i think i have at least 7 guest passes sitting my in inbox
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      im so confused...


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      You have bad and bougie as your profile song bro haha, it's a bar 

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      Lmao i didnt even think of it as that >.> To baked atm

  6. I would like to point out yesterday I was sitting in staff help around 4am US time @Lyca was the only one in the HD and while she was was busy with another community member she poked me to let me know she was busy and would get to me as soon as she could. +1 For that, while I know it is not much its reassuring to know that your are aware and on top of things like this. I was in the (waiting for staff help channel) for a good 30 minutes and you made sure I knew you had noticed and would get to me as soon as possible. Keep doing that and striving to go forward. @Mexi while he was in a private channel took the time to come and help me in my time of need while Lyca was busy. Again not much but it's appreciated if not by everyone by me at least. Honorable Mention @Dusty Now I am a big fan of reading reports and going through the evidence to see if i can guess the outcome of them myself and while i do so i constantly see dusty on these reports working his ass off while being active IG as much as he is. Now I know GM work is all about teamwork when it comes to reports so i am not bashing anyone I just happen to see Dusty more then others, Maybe because of the Timezones but I felt like it should be addressed that your killing it bruh and I am very impressed on how Active you are IG in TS and on the Forums an all around Triple Threat!
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    Can you breathe, Darion?!! ARE YOU OKAY?!?!??!?! 

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      almost bruh almost

      Sober as im out of dank but soon


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    happy birthday <3

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      You getting wasted tonight orrr?

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      i dont drink 0.o i will be picking up an OZ tho with my Boii getting lit AF B|

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      Noice noice. 

  7. Happy Birthday Darion! <3

    *hugs him tightly*

    Hope you get everything you want. :)

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      Thanks Lyca <3

  8. Happy birthday bb!! B|

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    Happy birthday b :x

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      *dab* *dab*  Birthday *dab* *dab*


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      Thanks boii's

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    Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Akibastrip is lit so is Saga of Tanya the Evil (Alternative WW1 with Mages who uses rifles) Bungo Stray dogs [email protected] are good And Konosuba Season 2 premiered yesterday Shit still as funny as ever And Keijo <----- Best Fan Service of 2016
  10. 21st Birthday Today

    Time to get fucked up B|