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  4. Not named, its just our reasoning for knowing about the port cities for Chernarus. If we were to put a name on the group it would be NAPA remnants.
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  9. Media Thread For all Cheki Media and Gopnik Art
  10. At the beginning of 2016 The Ukrainian Civil War had pulled the nearby towns and cities into conflict, regardless of the spreading and increasingly deadly infection. One such point of interest was the city of Rostov-on-Don. Though this was not so long ago, nobody really knows what led and caused the events that happened in the first quarter of the year. Namely, the emergence of a large force, headed by a man, to whom everyone referred to as the Tsar and whose past was just as mysterious as the way he stepped into the light. Control was quickly established in the city and its surroundings, with the Tsar and his followers removing the Communist faction which was in control of the city, with great efficiency. Over the next months, the Russian tri-colour banners were covering Rostov-on-Don, now a prospering and safe fortress of a city. Rumours spread, messengers and transmissions were constantly being sent out and more and more people sought and found refuge in the newly formed Rostovian Tsardom. When the Tsar saw that many of his new subjects and Rostov citizens were not only Russians, but other Slavs from different nations, fleeing from the infection or war, he made the decision to unite them all under one banner. Thus the Russian flag became the pan-Slavic flag and the Rostovian Tsardom became the Rostovian Slavic Tsardom. When the city was secure and the population was large enough and steadily growing, the Tsar revealed his plan to expand it even more without delay. Thus his Legions were created. The men who were with the Tsar from the very beginning were tasked with protecting the great capital, as part of the I “Rostov-on-Don” Guard Legion. The second regiment, the largest one, the II “Donetsky” Legion, were to venture west and pacify and annex the unstable Donbass region. The III “Simferopolsky” Legion, also comprised of veteran fighters, embarked on a journey to the Crimea to remove the rebellious Tatars. The IV “Volgogradsky” Legion’s mission was to head Eastwards and establish contact with the territories, with which contact has long been lost. The V “Stavropolsky” Legion went southeast to the Caucasus mountains to secure the Tsardom’s southern frontier. And finally the VI “Krasnodarsky” Legion journeyed south, over the Black Mountains and to Chernarus. The Rostovian Slavic Tsardom came into contact with a group of Nationalistic Military personnel from the lands of Chernarus. The group had suffered at the hands of local partisans and bandits both at home and in Russia and were close to annihilation, the Tsardom offered them an alternative. The Tsar offered them a chance at revenge and a new sense of purpose to reclaim the Slavic lands from the Infected and false leaders but the cost would be their Nationalist pride to be replaced with Slavic pride. They agreed and the 70 or so men were assimilated into the Armiya of the Tsardom and gave as much information as they could about their homeland. They told them of the great port cities of Novigrad, Miroslavl and Chernogorsk, this information seemed to attract the attention of the Generals of the Tsardom and the Tsar himself. The Tsardom was having trouble easily reaching other Slavic countries such as Bulgaria and Serbia due to the Sea of Azov, their only access to the Black sea, being attacked by Tartar Pirates whom the Tsardom is at war with. A new plan was set in place, Operation "Zelenyy Bereg” would be their plan to send a Legion south to Chernarus to take the 3 port cities to gain access to the Green and Black sea and establish a hold in Chernarus. The VI “Krasnodarsky” Legion Was the force sent on this Operation and this is to be its baptism of fire, they will secure this frontier or die for the Tsar in the process. The men of the VI Legion initially fought for peace in the region of the new capital, Rostov-on-Don, as part of the Tsar’s larger force. Once this was achieved, the reforms within the Tsardom began and not long after, the VI Legion came into existence with a sole purpose in mind - to travel to the land of Chernarus and establish a Forward Operations Base and a functioning harbour at at least one of its three major port cities in order to gain access to the Black Sea, without the yoke of the Tatars hanging over their head, and through it to establish contact with the South Slavs in the Balkans. In the last quarter of 2016, the Legion embarked on its journey south, moving along the old, but still mostly intact M4 highway. The winter was harsh and many obstacles were encountered on their way… infected and human alike. The men were forced to make stops in the cities of Pavlovskaya and further south, Korenovsk, in order to regain their strength and boost their morale. In the beginning of December, they had finally reached Krasnodar, where they established a temporary FOB and welcomed the New Year. Time, however, waits for no one, so on the next morning, the troops of the Legion continued on their way towards Chernarus. When they neared the Black Mountains separating the Legion from its objective, Colonel Danilov presented his plan. The Legion was to split into 3 Cohorts, each with their own independent objective. The 1st Cohort, tagged “Smelost” (Courage), commanded by the Colonel himself was to advance towards and take the old Chernarussian Capital of Novigrad. The 2nd, “Hrabrost” (Bravery), was tasked with securing the city of Miroslavl’ and its big harbour. And finally the main mission of the 3rd Cohort “Vernost” (Loyalty), was to venture into South Zagoria and establish a foothold in the port city of Chernogorsk. The Soldiers and Cossacks of the 3rd “Vernost” Cohort move south from the other two Cohorts to cross the black mountains using the aid of their local Black Cossacks guides, whom have joined the R.S.T. They safely made it through the mountains and came out the other side at a military base known as Tisy, quickly they stocked up on supplies and resources. Moving further south they encountered strange foreigners with Pink armbands and local Chernarussians keeping a friendly face for now. Trading words and gathering information they continued south via Sinistok, then through the countryside to Lopatino where they met the locals, Chernarussians who seemed a mixture of very friendly and very hostile. Some of the Chernarussians upon seeing Russian and Chernarussian forces working together under a slavic banner seemed amazed and decided to tag along to see how the Cohort works whilst other gave looks of hate. The Cohort moved south through the old town of Zelenogorsk looting useful equipment along the way until they reached the coast line. The Green sea was in front of them and so was their objective, Chernogorsk. Armiya (Army): Equivalent to a field army ~ Commanded by a General An Armiya is the largest unit within the Rostovian Tsardom Military. It features legions of various types such as infantry, artillery, armoured and cavalry. ⬇ Legion (Legion): Equivalent to a battalion ~ Commanded by a Colonel The various legions of the Rostovian Tsardom Military all feature different names, colours and roles. VI Legion also known as the “Krasnodarsky” Legion, is an infantry legion sent to Chernarus to establish Slavian rule and report back any threats to the Tsardom. One legion contains 3 Cohorts. ⬇ Kogorta (Cohort): Equivalent to a company ~ Commanded by a Captain A Kogorta or Cohort is a command unit and is made up of 3 Centurias (1 Head Centuria and 2 Centurias). Within this structure, the most senior officer (Captain) commands the Cohort as well as his own personal Centuria. If the Cohort commander falls, the next most senior officer (Lieutenant) takes command, placing their Centuria as the Head Centuria. The Captain will also have a Sergeant Major as an advisor and will be in charge of uniform/weapon upkeep and discipline for his subordinates. ⬇ Centuria (Century): Equivalent to a platoon ~ Commanded by a Lieutenant A Centuria, is made up of 2-3 Vzvods commanded by Sergeants. The commander of a Centuria (Lieutenant) will have a Staff Sergeant as their advisor and secondary commander of the Centuria. The Staff Sergeant's role is much like the Sergeant Major’s, however on a smaller scale. ⬇ Vzvod (Troop): Equivalent to a squad ~ Commanded by a Sergeant A Vzvod or Troop, is the smallest organisational command structure within the Legion. It contains 5-8 soldiers with a Sergeant as commander. Within the troop, there is a tent-team of 2 men who carry a tent and bag of supplies for the rest of the troop. Most troops will also contain one scout who usually goes ahead to scout out any possible dangers. Казаки (Cossacks) The Cossacks have many roles within the Rostovian Tsardom, they are the frontiersmen of the Tsar’ ever expanding borders, the police who maintain these new areas of control and his elite frontline soldiers when it is required of them. - Pan-Slavism - the principle or advocacy of the union of all Slavs or all Slavic peoples in one political organization. - Imperialism - a policy of extending a country's power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means. - Anti-communism - opposition to any and all communist and socialist movements and developments. - Anti-Islam - Criticism of Islam, criticism of the current or historical Islamic religion, its actions, teachings, omissions, structure, or nature. - Skepticism towards westerners and other non-Slavic peoples - while not intense hatred, anyone of non-Slavic origin is not to be trusted. - Anti-banditry - upholding military honour, protecting the innocent, NO robbing or stealing. DeeBlack Don Ducky Puppet Corry Sommertheviking Randle Galland Scouser Sir Hawke Thoss DerSchnitzler Mike Styles Marianosvc Species SgttateR Brandon Keione Scooter Harvey Twiggierfoil0 Dingoz Hawkz Anatoly Bulgarian Bombshell Giraffell Ghoozovich SgtKhan Stormyvil BigRig Methias Cannon To establish and area of Control within Chernogorsk Set up a trading hub and safe zone Enforce Slavian Laws within their territory Protect the Slavic people Eradicate Communist instigators Use Chernogorsk as access to the Black sea Have Fun Promote RP above all else Open an RP hub Make group interactions enjoyable for Members and people we meet Allow for an enjoyable settlement experience Allies Neutral Enemies To Apply send a PM to DeeBlack, Dingoz, Don or Mike Styles with the following information IC Name IC Nationality Timezone Reason for joining Short Backstory Will you check yourself before you rek yourself?
  11. Loving the RP with our new band of friends and community members we have encountered