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  1. The ending was el perfecto. I'll say it again, I love seeing Renes inner hidden thoughts and monologues and matching them with the event that happens IG. Well written and immensely entertaining. plus juan
  2. Cyber bullying is no laughing matter. Today my son of 11 years old showed me what his bullies had been saying to him over iMessage. He said he isn't scared of them! Hell yeah! Let's ALL stand up to cyber bullies! Snapped below is a photo of the conversation they had with my son TRIGGER WARNING


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       Daddy is Mummy? Fam why u female


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      i have always been mummy 

  3. -User was warned for this post-
  4. You just said the verdict would be different if he had recording? Would it of taken a full 40 minute video, along with the already substantial evidence to show you he wasn't RPing?
  5. But hes a mute? The only RP would be in logs, right? Why would he need to record? He said himself he couldn't emote, so that approach of RP isn't possible. Then he said mic was broke, so he couldn't make any noise that way. The only approach for RP was typing, which it seems he didn't.
  6. zoinks scoob we're really in it now Great chapter ron
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      Its just nothing special...Btw, change your profile song. This shit is horrible!

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      trying not to flip out. thank you for the feedback terra


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      Still not changed...please!

  8. Hell yeah! Epic! Follow your passions! After all, you'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take! 🙏🈵🐕💎


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      wtf lol

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      Fist bump me, brother!

  9. Reeee Welcome back
  10. i aint gon lie. the badder girls do be on snapchat.🍆✌🏻😍


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      Hehehehe :3 

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      "That's cute and all.. but Im trying to sleep" -Daddy in response to Pussy snaps.

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      ay mami, u cute but i need my beauty sleep 

  11. i love my hubby
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    hiya mami :x

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      Hi Jibbs

  12. uh i kinda like doing grunge art even tho i aint too good at it practice makes perfect fam so if any of yall want a picture like it hmu