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  1. Diamond

    Anyone got screenshots of the fallout with my friends and Andrewkush69 lo l I wanna see

    1. Tosh


      I've got his final comment towards me. That's for sure. Disgusting kid.

    2. Diamond


      What'd he say lmao 

    3. Tosh


      Sent it to you on Steam.

  2. Personally I think it's funny you have to donate 200 bucks to say "oh I like you post" 10 times. It's not even a custom message anymore.. broken system and everyone spams.
  3. Diamond

    White names 

    1. Castiel


      Gotta love em

    2. Lego


      shhh they are watching

  4. But to answer your question, just like an open book test you should maybe read the lore instead of raw dogging it and freaking out on the forum, for next time.
  5. banter

    Agreed, goodluck bro bro
  6. What's good bro welcome
  7. Created by me.. taken a few days ago
  8. I got 15 points my first day too btw
  9. You deserve the same punishment as anyone else and vice versa. old new whatever. Everyone needs the same set of rules. People don't learn from a pat on the back and a handjob. Just how life is in general.
  10. Diamond

    Let's go Pats 

  11. 74
  12. Okay calling it bullying is over kill. It's the internet.. if you consider yourself to be getting bullied on an online roleplaying community you gotta just turn off the computer. But I do agree that the staff feedback has turnt into a blame the staff for everything but I mean most of the time the people bring up good points. All comes back inconsistencies.
  13. I initiate on a man and say oh sorry you're the wrong guy and don't take anything from him, he uses his KOS and kills me. Ruleplay. Rule play is using the rules to gain an unfair advantage. Another example would be me punching someone for rp reasons in character during hostile rp and they light me up. Another example of ruleplay would be executing a hostage just because they mouth off to you and say "shut your mouth or I'll kill you" he talks again either hostile or not and you kill him. Ruleplay. One more relevant one would be killing someone in a settlement just because they have it in their OOC rules you can't do something and they don't need to kill you but chose to anyways. You steal from a tent or mouth off to a guard and you get dommed. Instead of imitating or engaging in hostile rp they kill you. Txt book rule play.
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