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  1. Covert

    Shout out to @Whip for the fantastic avatar.

  2. It was a good and bad thing in desolation. Sometimes it created great conflicts, other times our guys would get dropped while in the middle of roleplaying with civilians and once a sniper mis-id'd a civilian for one of us. Like strider said, without clan skins its far too risky, and even then, people will still get mis-id'd
  3. Covert

    Watching the inauguration like


  4. Theres already a general music thread, I dont see a need for a specific music genre thread.
  5. Covert

    Justice rains from above!

    1. SpaceCowboy
    2. Andrey


      Thanks for bringing it up, we appreciate it. May the justice continue to rain.

    3. Covert


      Just doing my part as a productive member of the community. 

  6. erp

    No thanks dora, im not interested in fish that bottom feed.
  7. erp

    The only one that guarantees alpha access is 140 bucks.
  8. Using the Tanoa map limits the amount of people that will play. Not everyone has the Apex DLC.
  9. Covert

    Watching the nintendo switch presentation like


    1. Vapor



  10. Good ole thumpdick
  11. Enjoyed my first day back roleplaying with some old pals.
  12. A verbal warning is a slap on the wrist. In game bans make someone think about their actions. A verbal warning provides nothing.
  13. *Cyril sits down in his house in Lopatino, shrugs off his pack and pulls out his radio* "I'm in country. Jobs finished to customers specifications. I await further instructions." *He puts the radio back in his pack, pulls out a can of spaghetti and begins to eat its cold contents*
  14. [video=youtube]