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  1. I dont see Lingor mentioned on this list Rolle. Any thoughts on that map?
  2. I agree, thanks for the quick answer.
  3. What would you consider the last desolation project to be? Light or heavy?
  4. I've been shot in the head and only knocked out as well, think headshots are fuckity this patch.
  5. I know at least 20 people that are waiting to play.
  6. Covert

    When the only one they hit is the hostage they're trying to rescue.


  7. Thats how that shit goes whip. Mine didnt get accepted either so.
  8. Covert

    Just watched Arrival and man does that movie make you think.

  9. 34 Boost me stroder
  10. Rolle's pretty much set on Tanoa at this point im afraid.
    • Covert
    • Andrey

    Wasnt even shooting at you, IDIOT

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    2. Covert


      oh god

      im done.



      BLACKMAIL! Caught red handed!!!!

    3. Andrey


      I talked it out with Covert in TS, I think he understand what he did wrong and I am happy that we managed to come to an understanding. Can an admin close this report? thank.

    4. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      We agree with your decision and am glad that you talked it out.

      @Andreyplease don't ask people for an M4 again in exchange for the closure of a report, it is not necessary and is blackmail, however, we'll close this and let you off with a warning.


    • Covert
    • Dr Brandon

    Stop it.

    1. Dr Brandon

      Dr Brandon

      stop wut

    2. Rolle
    • Dr Brandon
    • Covert

    ur profile looks sick covert

    1. Covert


      Hey, thanks man. Your's is cool too.

  11. Are you playing on a raspberry pi man? Some 2006 level graphics.