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  1. -User was warned for this post-
  2. They didn't ban Jimmy because he broke a rule. You're naive if you think that. They banned him because in their eyes he was a problem player. Even though he was trying to do good , a technicality in a bullshit rule did him in. Not a malicious rulebreak , not even a rulebreak the staff team agree with. Just a means to an end.
  3. That's everybody. During high pop everyone has a hard time getting in. Special circumstances shouldn't be granted to one group over another.
  4. Because the rules? Did you not read them? You can't initiate on a settlement if you're not IN a faction. If we were allowed , we would. I would go to these camps and rob them and burn the shit I didn't want. Have you been in any of the big camps? Fps pits. You drop like 75% of your frames due to all the tents full of shit. Back before this rule was implemented WE WOULD go and rob them. After much complaining this rule was implemented. Now we have to be in a faction of over 20 people in order to attack, and you can only do it once a day.
  5. If your guards aren't on they aren't on. Not going to pretend the place is Fort Knox if there isn't anyone around to protect shit. Settlement rules just protect campfire role-players and if 5 man group can shit all over 20 people then so be it. Reason the servers are dead is because of the safe space mentality.
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    Yes I slap girls, yes I slap dogs, yes I slap loud
    Yes I'll slap a pussy  if he acts out

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      ***** You right.

  8. Mamba

    I hate when I have to file a band appeal. Guess that's the price of having a dope band

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    2. Mamba


      Need to replace our flute player and our Mongolian throat singer. Venue has not been decided , but I was thinking about the doing it in the ban appeals. Stay tuned. Gonna print some fliers with @Posts exotic dick paintings as the background. Promoting our new singles Jungle Bush and cloudy nut

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      Sweet. Keep me posted

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      The next one direction 

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    @Cormac I found your weird baby slug thing


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      I can see the similarity :x

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      i'm cute af too dw guys

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      I don't know to think. It's like a giant sperm fish creature

  10. @Terra thanks for getting my suggestion implemented as fast as you did. I appreciate it. Slow down or take a break. You're not the only admin. As far as the other admins go I have no feedback because I see nothing note worthy from you. No appeals not much at all. I see more from @Castiel and @Dusty then the rest of you combined. @Noxious Not going to jump on you because I don't know the situation , but if Posts feedback is accurate that's something you need to fix. @Andrey you're one of the most experienced GMs. Hopefully you can use that experience to help CH and Mods know the correct way to do shi As far as CH and MOD goes , night time US there's no CH in the helpdesk. Multiple times I see a person in waiting for staff help for a half hour to an hour and have had to poke other staff like @Rose and @Ender. Not sure if staff work is for you lads , as it doesn't seem that you can be fucked to do any of it.
  11. Hey Barbara , how's it going? You bringing back the free medics? :troll:
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      Replace that kid with Pat. Now how do you feel?

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