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  1. Having already packed his fishing equipment long before; Buddy watches the blaze from afar on a hilltop to the northwest of the town. Hearing Lyaria's heartbreaking words over the broadcast; he takes one last look at the compound before him that he once called home. A tear rolling down his face; he allows his still broadcasting radio to slip through his fingers to the ground as he turns his back to it and disappears off into the woods; muttering the words.... "I just don't understand......"
  2. I don't normally post on this thread at all; however I would genuinely like to thank all of our GameMasters for continuing to perform admirably with the seemingly endless waves of reports that have been pouring in at them; especially with the recent gradual loss (some on break) of what looks like a 3rd of your rank. Despite your best intentions, there will always be those whom are not happy with your verdicts. So thank you for doing your jobs and I hope you continue to put your best feet forward. Your volunteer work IS appreciated by the community.
  3. Buddy

    Resistance is futile.. Gonna go find myself a nice lake or a cove to hide away at for a while -_- 

  4. Ohhh... I'd say there's a good few people down on south coast nowadays
  5. Our faction submitted a request close to a week ago to adjust our settlement marker and I suppose we are sitting in the waiting cue...? I wish I could tell you more.
  6. In our current settlement, we have had similar situations arise from what you've described and have flat out told both parties to simply take it outside and that we will not be a part of their problems. On the flip side of that coin, we have also had group A who was hunting after group B which was hiding within the walls of our compound and they simply took matters into their own hands and assassinated them from a distance outside the wall (they had KOS rights on them) without having initiated on our compound. Sure it freaked people out a bit although things were resolved afterwords when the shooters came forward. This has just been my experience with things since our settlement has been created - I am in agreement that outsiders should not be allowed to hide behind settlement rules.
  7. This is a pleasant surprise Welcome back!
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    Thought you'd like these :)


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      oh my god that's so nice! :o i like i like! see THIS is why we went to the pier hahahahaah

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      Such a nice place. DayZ has its moments :)

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    I was viewer #10,000 on your profile. just sayin :ph34r:

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  8. Tbh; prior to the existence of these new settlement rule implementations; most all IC player-created settlements tend not to last more than a few days and people give up on them because the outside attacks are just nonstop relentless. Whether there were people online to defend them or not, the whole idea of it was just futile. I mean you might as well not have settlements at all if there isn't some form of additional ruling for them because the sad truth is that there are individuals out there who simply don't want others to have nice things. Settlements are very nice things and are also rather wonderful for RP hubs. I can't tell you how much interesting (both friendly & hostile) RP has taken place at the GMTC settlement in its not even 2 weeks of existence. Just now, not even an hour ago we were legitimately attacked by another faction settlement and it was actually terrifying. We did not think for a second we would come out on top had we not had outside friends close by whom came to our aid. TL;DR - no settlement rules = no functioning settlements. - yes settlement rules = excellent group interactions & RP hubs. I am by no means saying that this ruling is perfect and couldn't be modified a little bit, but it most certainly is needed in my opinion.
  9. I have a hardcore angel watching over me or something, I should have died like 3 times tonight but didn't. Thanks everyone at the Fairway Port / GMTC, Gamblers, New Moon and everyone else for the uncontrolled chaos that came out of nowhere in our compound!
  10. Buddy

    Oh my god the bloodbath @GMTC!! O.o

    Thank you to the unsung heros of the day! 

    (also wonderful internal RP with @Roach)

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      Was great to RP with @Roach IC again!

  11. My facepalm is so on point - Our security gets very excited when they have a reason to shoot. Please don't be like this guy? He did end up surviving the shot and we brought him back to be questioned; however he did NOT survive his game-crash while being cuffed. RIP Unknown Entity
  12. whaaaaaaaaaaat?? not at all what i'd expected! you haz beard and you rock it so well!
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    I can't for the life of me find any metal wires in this patch. If someone could bring me a few I would love and feed you for life! (also duct tape, i freeking love duct tape :3 )