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  1. This place should be promoted as a pure social media website, what even is DayZ?

    1. Billy


      A game as buggy as some people around here

    2. Nix
    3. Emile


      *Looks to Hassan*

    • Nix
    • Meowtica

    is this you????


    1. Meowtica


      Oh god... my secret is out...

  3. lmao
  4. Keyboard warriors everywhere :^)

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    2. Nix



    3. Emile


      Sorry dad...

    4. Nix


      Nobody fucking likes you, you're pathetic.

  5. I mean to be fair, most side projects end up with people having to buy something and i'm assuming majority of the community probably already owns ArmA 3. Apex is only $20 atm on G2A, I'd say it's worth it for a graphically amazing looking map + all the other features that come with it and severely lowering the amount we'd have to download and deal with mods due to the huge downloads for a lot of the modded map packs. A poll wouldn't hurt, but to me this DLC is almost similar to the Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead DLC, it's almost a necessity to get if you're a consistent Arma player and to use a lot of the newer features and to avoid the obnoxious pop ups that Bohemia decided to put all over our screens. As for other maps, I'm sure he'd be open to some suggestions. Personally I've always enjoyed Bornholm but there's a ton of modded maps all over the place even though IMO none of them are equivilant to Tanoa. Depends on if there's legitimately a good amount of hype for this side project to be worth topping another DLC on everybodies heads.
  6. Tanoa looks awesome, only reason I haven't got it yet is due to the bigger price tag on it. Will def pick it up for this though, been wanting it anyway. Looking forward to it Edit: Looked on G2A and it's only $20 now, so that's nice.
  7. Shiiit dude

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    2. Emile


      Please do that. 

      I will love you Forever!


      Also, its meant to be Emilie*

    3. Nix


      ok emily ^_^

    4. Emile



  8. cheers for the dank Avatar!

    1. Nix


      No worries ^_^

  9. o7 Dude, hope to see you back Niholoulohous Good luck with everything man.
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    Canada sucks. Like your profile.

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    2. Vapor


      Can't. Really hard to get your hands on size 16 skates. I haven't skated since I was 7 years old.

    3. Daddy


      i lost my legs in a skiing accident


    4. Keira


      If only you'd lose your head...

  10. Grow up

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    2. Ark
    3. Nix


      Yea ark, Jon on.

      She can't even spell it right, scrub.

    4. Clumsy


      You know nothing Jog Snow....wait....