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  1. *pulls out his spare radio and chuckles, pushing the PPT* "No offence Bruce, but I'm only here for a certain few people and I only take orders from Pauly boy, and since he ain't pushing much of the orders out as of late, I don't think I have much to look forward to unless you and your new wife are gonna stop running off and fucking in the woods all the time and actually lead the gang. Also big dog it's no hard feelings when I say I'm out, but I aint allying with no pussy boys that talk all the shit and have nothing to back it with* *smirks and drops the radio back into his backpack*
  2. *picks up his radio and before pressing the PPT, lets out a sigh and begins to transmit* "Ye boys, unfortunately I'm in the same boat as my buddy Eli and Dennis here, a truce means that my bonds with The Gambinos is over. I'm sorry my friends, after all I've been through with these fucks, being The Saviors and New Moon alike, I can't see a truce as being an option for me guys sorry, but not sorry!" *he launches his radio with anger and sits down by a tree thinking of what will happen in the days to come*
  3. Fuck yeah. Minato!

    1. Lego


  4. memes never die?
  5. cannibals

    Who is this Hellish kid?
  6. Still remember the good ole days with my boii Apollo o7 lad
  7. +1 to my boii Wong #WongForStaff
  8. o7 Ma boii Jimmy
  9. I will never say fuck off!!!! I want all the RP so come and give it to me!
  10. My personality IRL affects my RP tbh...for example Clayton Forrest(R.I.P. Clayton) was the one character that I based around myself, well besides the over-exaggerated accent he had.
  11. o7 Tachanka it's been good boiis but Tachanka will be dying. Okey staff you can close the thread now!! =(
  12. ayyy lmao thats my point rite there sir!
  13. They say that I am a rip-off but I never played R6 Siege Kappa
  14. Thanks but it seems that I was lied to =(
  15. I am the Lord!! Wikis are lies