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  1. Got me feeling I'm away as fuck rite now tbh 

  2. It's not enough you have to watch how you RP around ppl that get triggered for the littlest shit, but now I can't even call my boiis m=by their street names xD smh but hey rules are rules

    1. Lego


      *by *looks around nervously*

    2. firelordjared
  3. cannibals

    Who is this Hellish kid?
  4. Still remember the good ole days with my boii Apollo o7 lad
  5. +1 to my boii Wong #WongForStaff
  6. o7 Ma boii Jimmy
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

  8. I will never say fuck off!!!! I want all the RP so come and give it to me!
  9. My personality IRL affects my RP tbh...for example Clayton Forrest(R.I.P. Clayton) was the one character that I based around myself, well besides the over-exaggerated accent he had.
  10. o7 Tachanka it's been good boiis but Tachanka will be dying. Okey staff you can close the thread now!! =(
  11. ayyy lmao thats my point rite there sir!
  12. They say that I am a rip-off but I never played R6 Siege Kappa
  13. Thanks but it seems that I was lied to =(
  14. I am the Lord!! Wikis are lies
  15. Alexsander Sukov was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia to a family that believed heavily in the Soviet reunification and his family was Russia bred through and through. Alexsander was a man of little words, but his actions spoke louder than words ever could. At a young age, he excelled at mathematics and the arts of military tactics, and thus was sent to a military school at a young age. After graduation from the academy, he joined the Russian Spetsnaz and assigned to a squad of men that were hand-picked for special gifted talents. He shortly adopted the knack for fixing and repairing Cold War era weaponry and was nicknamed Tachanka due to the Machine Gun he toted around with him during Special Combat Ops. After countless tours and the squad being moved into the special anti-terrorist division, he left his big gun behind and adopted a more subtle approach to warfare and started using his nation's pride and joy, the AK47-M. He would specialize in repairing the squad's weaponry and keeping counts on ammo and provisions. Alexsander, Timur Glazkov, and Maxim Basuda were pulled from their squad and assigned to a reconnaissance team sent to Chernarus to scout out the spread of an unknown viral infection and were last seen around the Vybor Military Compound.