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    • Meowtica
    • NishiUrban

    Nishiurbang, you and Noche get into TS tonight. I've got wine.

    1. Nocheluz


      Gurrrrllll!!! We didn't see this until we were lurking yesterday! I'm sending a PM with the batphone info so you can reach us in case we aren't signed on to here. Miss YOU!!! And Bradley too!! <3

  1. Meowtica

    I haven't had as many notifications due to status updates now that all of my friends have been permed :c

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    2. Beni


      Yep... It's fucked.

    3. Josh


      Rip i dont even know what happened really.


    4. Meowtica


      What happened is that your border is still purple even though you haven't been a GM in ages, @Josh. Change it. It hurts my heart.

  2. Meowtica

    I know a really great bubble-wrap company that can ship it to DayZRP in bulk. That way we can just wrap the whole community in it c:

    1. Brad



      You've solved...everything

    • NishiUrban
    • Meowtica

    Hello there fellow community member, I hope you are having an adequate evening. Additional 1 percentile toward you madam for remaining calm.

    1. Meowtica


      I'm calm.... for now >:)

    2. King Box

      Can i be calm ;-;

  3. Meowtica

    For all my ladies out there.


    • Nocheluz
    • Meowtica

    Where you be sister 'o' mine? I miss you! <3

    1. Meowtica


      Miss you more <3

    2. Nocheluz


      No way! Impossible :P But seriously, when we gonna play SOMEthing together?! It's beyond time <3

  4. I know that I'm with @Brad... but dayum.
  5. Stay gold, Croggy-boys.
  6. Oh... that cleared it up. Well, bye.
  7. Who are you?
  8. Meowtica

    I didn't know people could turn into chodes, I just thought some were born with them like lil beefy.

  9. Meowtica

    I've got cozy blankets and hot chocolate for any who need a safe space from the shitstorm. Please curl up by the warm fire and daydream about better days long passed. 

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    2. Cid


      @Meowtica When are you sober these days?

    3. Meowtica


      Never. This shit has been going downhill for so long.

    4. Wong

      Why do I always miss the drama 

  10. What. The. Fuck. I can't even begin to put into words how humiliated I am by the decline in this community. A perma ban? For that? Can we be please be notified if we all should be walking on egg shells around here, cause if so I better change my shoes.
  11. Meowtica

    Even @NishiUrban crawled out from under his rock to see this shit.

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    2. Winslow

      This is the new Face Book don't ya know?

    3. Valkerion

      I smell of this shit is so strong it would be hard to avoid honestly

    4. NishiUrban


       Nah, JimRP bought my rock and evicted me from it. *cries in cat*

      #JK, #PlsNoPermaFam

  12. So... you guys make the argument that the verdict is justified because the accused admits in TS that he understood you were complying... And then in the next sentence you say that you weren't actually aware of that until after the decision was made. So you guys effectively made that original verdict without concrete evidence of your compliance?