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  1. Oh, of course. The answer to everything. I should have known by now. I'll throw in a so it seems light-hearted.
  2. if the projects are completely unrelated in every way, and will be totally separated... I thought advertising was against the rules?
  3. If someone was in a hostile situation with you, waited their combat logging timer, and then switched to an alt... make a report? Easy enough to find it in the logs. And POV's could be damning on their end of things and enough to warrant punishment. Also, I agree; people should stick with their character instead of bitching out when the water starts to boil.
  4. Is that not unfair? You said Sung was one of the best, and so he got MVP. VIP is currently one of the most coveted ranks on the forums, and many previous admins have received that. You said yourself that Sung was one of the best, so what separates him from the other "bests"?
  5. I also want to mention that @Ellie was an admin from April - October (6 months) and she's managed to avoid the VIP status? It just seems like there's a lot of inconsistency with who gets credited with VIP, and who doesn't. Not to mention it questions the work that people put into being staff members, and what constitutes being "worthy" of the recognition.
  6. Just quoting this on the off chance that somebody scrolls past it. I think these are valid points. A lot of the aforementioned people worked their asses to the bone trying to put pieces of the staff team back together when it suffered a major hit.
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      Your eyebrows offend me.

  7. I believe you.
  8. Hebee's pretty aight. I don't think anyone's disputing that. I think that "stay mad" is just a pretty fucked opinion considering that I'm pretty sure Sung deserves it and nobody is saying that Hebee doesn't?
  9. I've never been shy to voice my opinion on how admin opinions should be valued, as you guys have worked your way to the top and should be respected. I feel as if the decision should be made as a group based on prior merit of said staff members. If you say that it is purely Rolle's decision, then I'll wait for his response. But I don't believe that it should only be his say so.
  10. Rolle's a member of the admin team, isn't he? So wouldn't it be a group decision between all of you? Sung is the da real MVP VIP.
  11. I know the feels man...
  12. Sung was a member of staff from November 2014, to April 2015, and then July 2015 - February 2016 He was an admin from October 2015 to February 2016. (four months) Just suggesting that he should be a VIP instead of MVP. Seems odd that he spent over year in staff, a good portion of that being an admin, and he is still an MVP. I feel like many people (including current staff members) would agree that he deserves VIP. While I was a member of staff, it was stated that ranks for those who left was based on contribution to the servers and was given at the admin's discretion. I'd like to say that Sung was a dedicated and valued member of the admin team, and should be given the rank accordingly. Anything less doesn't sit well with me.
  13. Can't control how many people want to play the game. Staff can, however, manipulate the servers to force the majority to play on the same server and therefore have more interactions. We used to do this all the time and it was very effective.