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  1. I've drowned mybrain in vodka, and did a few lines of coke with some strangers and now its time to play videogames

    1. Plank


      jokes on you, that was pcp you were huffing.

    2. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Jokes on me, ha! Either way if I do enough I'll be put in an early grave, so whose the real winner in this situation 

  2. Another night of drowning my brain in vodka and whiskey, May as well wear this rad jacket and various shiny objects while doing it
  3. Rip my fro, but I mean this is a lot better
  4. *a few times Though really it is an interesting rule, it would certainly keep hostilities interesting and bring more fear to the world knowing you could get murdered I'm for it I'd say, the time limit seems appropriate to me, maybe once the timer ends it can be re initiated with a few less hostile actions as there is already a history between these characters or groups, but also having permanent perma-death rights would be quite interesting and make the world feel much more dangerous for all involved.. I'm down for whatever. the only issue I can see is that some players may not want to perma-kill their characters, as it is theirs and their own decision. Sure having it be made under an OOC decision on whether you can hold these rights would keep people from complaining. it would also keep people from having their characters killed off and from having this new interesting aspect of roleplay. I also suppose another issue would be what would keep players from just switching characters or making a new one to prevent their other one being killed off.. There are pros and cons. I'm alright either way I suppose.
  5. the mask returns ?