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  1. Just wanted to say nice work doing this, always appreciated! You have my beanz good sir!
  2. No. That's exactly why it needs to be locked! Do people really want a game that can handle day and night cycles and still want it to be day time 24/7?
  3. Well, that's the problem. I'm forced to use higher settings because everyone else is using gamma goggles. If it were locked, no one could get an advantage over another. (That's more in a PvP scenario, RP is fine either way, although I would really recommend playing with darker settings and try to limit yourself to 1pp).
  4. Why? You only use it because it's available to you. If it didn't existed at all you would just think "Oh, damn it's dark, but that's just how the game looks" You've been accustomed to it. That's the only reason really. As I've said before, many of the videos on exile mod is pitch black and they actually use flashlights etc. and it looks and feel great. I would watch your videos even though they were darker at night time, as it is.
  5. Well, gamma and brightness is 2 different things. Sure our eyes adjust to night time, but not as much as --->my<--- default settings on the gamma slider. I think it should be pitch dark. So people actually have to use different light sources to see... Or NVG's when ever it get's in game. But I hope they do it well and not as in Arma... Even with NVG it's hard to see.
  6. This is usually the setting I run with.
  7. Yes, the main issue is that everyone can change it and therefor will... I really hope so too!
  8. I do the same when I need to loot up really fast and not ending up with some lame story about being robbed of all my gear when you are a freshspawn and meet someone. When you are a content creator as yourself I can totally understand why you might need to adjust the gamma. But then again, when I've watched FrankieOnPc's videos on Exile it's pitch dark and you literally don't see anything. And I really enjoy it! Again, it's all about the atmosphere. I have a friend with the same problem. I can go almost 20% of the gamma slider and it's pretty dark, but still visible, while he has it on about 50% - 60% with the same visibility. But my monitor is pretty bright as default. I actually use a darker setting on my monitor.
  9. I always use a head torch at night And btw, what is ReShade? Why the hell would they do that? The night time and lighting was awful in A2... They are doing a good job adding both color and dyn shadows. I just want them to lock the gamma and make it darker, maybe more like exile in Arma 3. Then you REALLY need a flashlight or else you can't really play. Dark as hell. Love it. On PvP servers I can understand, since literally everyone does that it would be a major disadvantage if you didn't see what other players see... That's why the devs needs to lock the gamma slider. I would love to see a light in the distance, both on DayZRP and on public servers at night. But since everyone uses the gamma slider no one really needs flashlights or torches.
  10. I couldn't agree more! I guess everyone is different. But I want to be immersed in the game I'm playing. So I would suggest the same for those who always put their gamma up at night. Don't, just for once. Sure, it's pretty hard and sometimes annoying. But without street lights and only the moon as a light source, how much do you actually think you will see at night irl? (Yes, yes... I know it's a game). Same goes for 1pp and 3pp. I would like for DayzRP to set the servers on 1pp... But I also know why they don't. And that's fine I guess, you can't always please everyone. But gamma. Locked and way darker. As for now flashlights and other light sources are useless. Again. 1+ for the dynamic shadows though!
  11. So I'm currently playing on the server and it is night time and raining. But for some reason it just feels like it's a really dark and cloudy day. I know my monitor is bright as default. But me personally thinks the night time should be darker. Or better yet, not being able to change the gamma at all... I usually turn my gamma way down, just to keep it dark and atmospheric. But it kinda breaks the immersion when some dude(s) find you with easy in the middle of a forest or where it's really dark (when I barely see more than a couple of feet in front of me). And I know many of you play with high gamma at night, but what are your opinion on gamma and especially night time in DayZ?
  12. I just want to say that in all my time here on dayzrp, I have never experience a "good" robbery. It's always: "Put your hands up (looking through my stuff and take what they want) and run that way" So yeah... I really want to get robbed (yes, I actually do. Since it's the only threat in dayz atm) and experience a good rp out of it. I don't mind getting my shit taken, I can always find new stuff. But please, dear bandits, make an effort!
  13. These things will happen. A lot. And I have to agree with most of the people here. NVFL was broken. Just Picture it if it was real Life. Would you really draw your gun if you were held up by strangers, all alone. I sure would not. If I knew there was a chance for me getting out alive, just for them taking some stuff from me... I would let them. In any case I would say you were the one that was greedy. Rather wasting your characters Life for some items.
  14. I agree to this! It's a great idea. Why not say weapons free at all time at these areas? If you do have the balls to go there, you should also know the risk by doing so. Some Groups may camp these areas, but hey, let them do that then... Build your own Group and try to take over it yourself. I say go!
  15. To me, the pistol sounds are way off in the distance. How can something create an echo close up, but not from far away?