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  1. nice pics bratrs
  2. nice content, I like it
  3. awesome man, I've been w8ing for this chapter
  4. nice content and read
  5. -1 from me. I think this would be unnecessary if people don't know the rules, the report section will teach them a thing or two.
  6. those pics are lit
  7. Hello forum gamers, Today I bring to you the new saga called "How professional is the person above you?". The rules of the game are simple. You have to look at the person above and say from a scale of 1 to 10 how professional is the said person. There is currently no one above me, however, I can see Jamie's avatar in the Announcements section and as such I will give him an honourable rating of 7 out of 10. Now it is your turn to rate the person above you. Keep it professional by following this guide. Thanks, ~Andrey.
  8. good read tbh
  9. Phin Anuth

    Phin was born in London by his two chernarussian parents. Those were very religious and forced him into believing in god. In his free time, we would make youtube videos, mostly social experiments. He travelled to Chernarus to visit his grandparents and to make some brand new content. Little did he know, that the infection will start.
  10. Andrey

    back at it again with the fake beanz hours

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    2. Chow
    3. Andrey


      that is what I thought

    4. Hebee



  11. Andrey

    got em

    1. Hebee


      Unfortunately that is true.

  12. Well, he doesn't have a working signature so I guess not. But I got you covered do not worry. Use that image, it should work.
  13. I like the overall idea of the group. Good luck with this VVhiteRabbit.
    • Andrey
    • Will

    Dayzrp is dead.

    1. Will


      now its really dead

  14. this has been done a lot in the past but it can't be that bad
  15. Personally, I hated GM. Although I would not mind a return.
  16. Who?
  17. Andrey

    Alright so let's have some fun game that a now gone person of the community did once. I will tell you one good and one bad thing about you if you post anything down below. I will also keep it real so don't get mad if you don't like what you will hear.

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    2. Andrey


      @Plank your Scottish banter is top notch, tbh, I really can not think of any bad things about you stink!

      @Rabbit I love the fact that you legit do not give a fuck about anything on the forums and just banter and shitpost about it. However, you get very heated in competitive games ;)

      @Nihoolious I think the best thing about you was New Moon and, while I wasn't a fan of it, the group did its job and was a well-known bandit group on the server. The one bad thing is the fact that you just got support. I think you can do a good job as staff but the past warning history and the fact that you can get heated on the forums doesn't really recommend you for it.

    3. Nihoolious


      I can see where you are coming from. +100 respect for keeping it real

    4. Emile


      @Andrey You can't handle the banter. You got shit memes now...

  18. Andrey

    Can people spam me with beanz?

    I ain't a legend, I ain't double dipping, all I can do is give you some guides.

    1. Castiel


      No can do.

    2. Rabbit


      Nah sorry, that would be a really sad and pathetic thing to do.

  19. Andrey

    Me, @Castiel, @Hebee and @Brutus dunking on some fa🅱️🅱️ots.


    1. Hebee


      It was fun ni🅱️🅱️as <3 :x