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  1. take care Jaso
  2. Implying that people actually play the game. Haha
  3. Andrey

    Another RP attack just happened! @Lyca is DDoSing frequences!

    1. Lyca


      Yeah that's what I do :D 

  4. Andrey

    I just wanted more views on my profile, but I'll drop this meme I made in order to hide my true intent.


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  5. I wasn't referring to the mod, but to the last time we tried Desolation and it was decided upon light RP. It turned into a PVP fight between two groups. That happened both due to the more relaxed rules and the fact that Desolation was just a more PVP oriented game. Now, I don't think that having a 100% hardcore rule set is going to help, but the rules need to be adjusted so that the standard of roleplay is held up high, while it allows a good but not excessive amount of PVP.
  6. We tried light RP and we all know where that went. So I would much rather keep it at high standards.
  7. me_irl I would love to hop on Desolation but honestly, I don't feel like paying 30 euros for a DLC, not like I have the money to begin with. Maybe I'll start a gofundme.
  8. 58
  9. Andrey

    Alright, enough is enough. I have endured this way too much to let it pass just like that and it simply must be addressed. Over the last couple of days, something has been forced upon me way too often. I am tired of constantly getting robbed, have my gear taken away and just in general, have this sort of hostile roleplay be forced upon me. I do not like it and, on top of that, I do not enjoy it. When I got taken hostage I was shot in the leg for no reason! This was simply brutal and it shows just how much those people care. There was no OOC permission given for them to do that, not to mention that calling me names such as crazy or retarded is just affecting me on an OOC level and making the experience not fun. Look don't get me wrong, I think bandits should be IG and have an important part, but when you force this sort of hostile roleplay on someone, then that's taking things too far, dude. After I finally got an M4, I was robbed and it got taken away. Why do bandits prioritise the gear, dude? Why can't they just focus on RP? And if they wanted the M4...why not ask OOCly? Why do an action that may upset someone, when you have the option to ask whether or not that said action is malicious to the victim? I got the answers to all those questions. Bandits simply don't care about roleplay and are here just to PVP with rules. This has to stop. What I wrote here will make all the bandits stop, because this has crossed the line. If I am forced to engage in such hostile roleplay without permission I will stop acknowledging your existence IC. And this goes for all the bandits out there, you know who I am talking about. If things like this happen again, you will be deleted from my character lore/backstory. What are you going to do now, huh?

    Andrey out.

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    2. Sxcomba


      See what I do now is I run around with a B95 (Actually a great gun btw) and a backpack full of apples / cucumbers / pumpkins. Pretty funny when I get robbed.

      But yeah, It's all about gear, you could be the nicest person in the world but if you have anything of value, yah done.

      Yesterday one of our guys got held up for offering medical supplies to this guy with infected wounds, said a medic would be on the way. So what does the guy do? He holds him up, hops on radio and says "I need medical supplies, only one person come, I see anyone else I shoot the hostage" 

      Loike, you were going to get the help anyway! But yeah, most the shit I get robbed for is stuff I would be willing to give away and / or trade. 

    3. Shark


      I got held up last week with nothing more than a boonie hat and a baseball bat. Mixed with my ruined jeans, no idea why they even bothered.

      They ended up giving me a pistol and a box of cereal, in addition to some new pants. Take that, bandit scum.

    4. Andrey


      Thanks for sharing your bandit scum experiences with us.

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    I'm in love with that song :x

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      Thanks b ^_^ 

  10. Pretty much what Dusty said. The concept worked in the last patches as zombies would slow down and it was easier for people to "control them". As of right now, they sprint pretty fast so not sure if you will be able to do it. But it breaks no rules nonetheless.
  11. Marcel Dumbravă

    Got lost in his way to Russia now he is stuck in Chernarus.
  12. -User was warned for this post-
  13. Andrey

    I need to know who did this:


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    2. Covert


      Thats not the first time thats happened haha.

    3. Rewand


      Only if people would be this creative with their roleplay.

    4. uSx


      Top notch RP right there.

  14. I don't understand where the confusion is. The rules are pretty clear, you are not allowed to do hostile acts against someone. It's basically campfire text rp.
  15. Easy to abuse. And if it can be, it will.
  16. Execution rights are probably the most broken and redundant rule right now. In case people don't know it here it is: 8.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the character was responsible for, or participated in the incident. The current version of the rule states that after 1 hostile actions you have execution rights on the people doing it. Now, this is kinda useless seeing as it does not promote RP one bit. In fact, it actually creates a loop: hostile encounter - execution - repeat. This is just pure redundant, especially with how the NLR works, being executed is just useless. It does not add anything to the roleplay which is exactly why it was created, it just kinda became the opposite and it is used as an excuse to kill the hostage and move on. So what we could do is one of those things: We either go back to 3 or 5 hostile actions in order to gain execution rights. OR We just remove the rule.
  17. Could the image be changed as well as the description of the setting?
  18. A good way to circumvent the backstory part of the whitelist
  19. And like I stated if they can not be proven then they are invalid, if they can they are perfectly fine to use. It should be up to the person that gets the execution rights to also have the proof. EG: 8.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for 3/5 hostile incidents that happened in the past where the character was responsible for, or participated in the incident. The person that gains the execution rights must have valid proof of the hostile acts that happened, otherwise the rights are invalid. More difficult? Sure, but not impossible. The thing is that we had no execution rights for a long time in SA and things went pretty ok. Surely it can be shit when someone will OOCly deny the execution but there are ways to work around it, just like we did most of the times in Liska.
  20. Andrey

    Great song.


    1. Chawy


      I'll do you one better.


  21. @Oliv I kinda get what you mean if the whole ruleplay part, but if the rule is confusing to a lot of experienced people, how do you think it works for newcomers? I understand that some rules can not be black and white, but you are creating such a big grey area for something that should actually be quite meaningful. Let's look at it this way: I initiate on you and tl;dr I rob you. You then find me 2 days later and take me hostage. Technically you have execution rights on me. But is using them valid? I mean is a robbery enough for me to get executed? This is where the roleplay aspect comes into play and this is where the grey area is. Why do we give people execution rights for one hostile act if we are gonna ban them anyway for using them? And what if I get executed and 2 days later I take you hostage and execute you for putting a bullet through my head? the NLR rules state that only KoS rights are taken away per death so I can pretty much create a vicious circle where we both keep executing ourselves. Why are we keeping such rule if it does not benefit anyone? I mean unless it's an actual permadeath, executing someone achieves purely nothing. And if that's not ok, why can't we have it with 3/5 hostile encounters? The fact that there is no proof of all the hostile acts has a simple fix. Make it so that the person that has the execution rights must also have the proof of all those 3 hostile acts and you just fixed it. What is really bothering me is that there are so many people confused with this rule and a lot of them are people with experience. You can not expect newcomers to understand this complex execution rights system. So right now there are two options: Completely remove the rule. OR Bump it to 3/5 hostile acts and make it mandatory for the person that has the execution rights to also have the proof.
  22. How do I report sth? Just screenshot it and send it to a mod?