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  1. Well, he doesn't have a working signature so I guess not. But I got you covered do not worry. Use that image, it should work.
  2. I like the overall idea of the group. Good luck with this VVhiteRabbit.
    • Andrey
    • Will

    Dayzrp is dead.

  3. this has been done a lot in the past but it can't be that bad
  4. Personally, I hated GM. Although I would not mind a return.
  5. Who?
  6. Andrey

    Alright so let's have some fun game that a now gone person of the community did once. I will tell you one good and one bad thing about you if you post anything down below. I will also keep it real so don't get mad if you don't like what you will hear.

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    2. Andrey


      @Plank your Scottish banter is top notch, tbh, I really can not think of any bad things about you stink!

      @Rabbit I love the fact that you legit do not give a fuck about anything on the forums and just banter and shitpost about it. However, you get very heated in competitive games ;)

      @Nihoolious I think the best thing about you was New Moon and, while I wasn't a fan of it, the group did its job and was a well-known bandit group on the server. The one bad thing is the fact that you just got support. I think you can do a good job as staff but the past warning history and the fact that you can get heated on the forums doesn't really recommend you for it.

    3. Nihoolious


      I can see where you are coming from. +100 respect for keeping it real

    4. Emile


      @Andrey You can't handle the banter. You got shit memes now...

  7. Andrey

    Can people spam me with beanz?

    I ain't a legend, I ain't double dipping, all I can do is give you some guides.

    1. Castiel


      No can do.

    2. Rabbit


      Nah sorry, that would be a really sad and pathetic thing to do.

  8. Andrey

    Me, @Castiel, @Hebee and @Brutus dunking on some fa🅱️🅱️ots.


    1. Hebee


      It was fun ni🅱️🅱️as <3 :x

    • Andrey
    • Hebi Kotei

    Do you want a Jerry Can?

    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      I would love one, I'll give you access to the admin panel now

    • Andrey
    • Brutus

    Do you want a Jerry Can?

    1. Brutus


      I can't find any :(