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  1. Andrey

    In case anyone wants to buy me Player Unkown's Battlegrounds that's my steam account. 9_9 pls.

    1. Castiel


      Donate to the boy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Oliv I am fine with only leaving the yellow part. It should make things more clear as the current "playing together" term is vague and can be interpreted in ways that don't define a dynamic group. I actually like the idea of adding it to the rules, it's just the addition itself that I find to be just as confusing as it was before.
  3. The bad thing about this is that if I interacted with you 3 days ago and now we go IG, we are not a dynamic. I would have to "interact" with you again. The rule does not explain that.
  4. Not sure why you are bringing speaking into this situation. Meeting up means me being right next to you at one point in time, it has nothing to do with talking. Wrong. Again, a dynamic group is a formed by people that met up IG and started playing together. Yet it happens. I remember Conor verdicted one similar report and got the guy for KoS because he never met up IG with their group. So no, you don't got this.
  5. Also, the red part you are talking about was added because without it people will say that they met 3 days ago and now they are a dynamic everytime they log in, which is not correct. Regardless, the red part could be changed how you see fit. The fact that the meeting part was left out intentionally it's amazing, especially when that is the problem people have when understanding what a dynamic group is.
  6. Finn Anutt

  7. It's the apocalypse. If you have things I need, then I will take them.
  8. So after this report was created, the addition of dynamic groups was added to the rules. Now looking at what was added, it makes no sense. Dynamic Group - A collection of people that are currently playing together. This was added to the rules because people did not know what a dynamic group is. However, the definition is misleading and false. A dynamic group is formed only after I meet the person IC. Saying that a dynamic group is formed by people that play together is wrong because in the report I linked the father was playing with the rest of the group but the problem was, they never met IC. So can this be changed to: Dynamic Group - A collection of people that have met in-game and started playing together. Logging off means you have to meet the person again, in order to form a dynamic with him/her.
  9. Andrey

    Me and @Castiel going out for a walk around the forums.


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      No problem, I could have captured you slightly better I guess but AndreyQ is my fav

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      I think someone photo-shopped andrey onto Rolle's face?

  10. *Finn Anutt hears the transmission and remembers his lost brother.* Jesus fucking christ, you made me tear up. *Finn Anutt goes back to crying*
  11. Is this still a thing?