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  1. @Jerry No, of course I dont mind! 8 Oct 2013
    • Terra
    • Nihoolious

    Do you know who that was?`

    1. Nihoolious


      Is that Jimmy and McGraw?! God I miss those days

  2. Oh I remember! 9 Oct 2013
  3. @Ron


    @Grimnir @Conor @Daddy @Doc Holiday @Jamie @Ramon @PatZ @Pixel @Oliv

    Don't do anything stupid!





    1. Oliv


      No promises on not doing anything stupid though. Enjoy yourself!

  4. I hope everything will turn out good for you. Hope to see you back!
  5. I love it Oliv... <3 #DontblameRenéakaLizzy
  6. I have seen lorewipes before and it changed nothing regarding the playstyle of people...And I dont think I have to change my playstyle/roleplay in any way just because there is a lorewipe. Two different shoes.
  7. Everyone thinks a lorewipe will make things better... I dont get that. And again, just because she has the same name, does not mean she is the same person, since a lorewipe would mean she has to go through everything from the beginning, which would make her a whole different person, but her backstory, from before the outbreak, would be the same. I just dont like that you want to tell me who I can and who I can not play. That's too much restriction in my opinion and I hate the idea of it. Agreed. ^ this
  8. I still would have to play my character new, create a new story because of the lore wipe. There is no difference. No need to delete characters and I think that is totally too much. I dont like the idea that you tell me I cannot play my character which I created with love and which was thought through. Again, her story will be different because of the lore wipe.
  9. I dont want to be forced to play a new character and I dont think you should restrict that.
  10. bang, I am picky
  11. @Rolle That was easy.