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  1. Mighty Jaroslav @Ron
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    • Terra


    • Charlie
    • Terra

    That VIP looks cute on you ^_^

  2. Wait my favourite admin is no longer we are doomed

    1. Terra


      I will be back.:D

    2. dankatronic


      Oh that good enjoy your break while it lasts :D 

  3. First official break till 02.02.2017 - I will be back. You are not that lucky! :x

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    2. Lil_Beefy


      THE GAME

    3. Dustin


      It's about fuwkin time Terra. Enjoy it!

    4. Mental


      When i noticed terra was no longer in staff slack

  4. @Daddy @Ron & @Daddy
  5. Sadly this nice discussion thread blew of quickly. This will be closed.
  6. Stop it right there and knock it off. You posted in discussion, you get a discussion about your ideas. No need to get upset. Take the feedback or not, but dont complain if people dont like certain ideas.
  7. Check your whitelist page
  8. Please read here: http://www.dayzrp.com/faq/ http://www.dayzrp.com/newcomer-guide/ We give our best to look over the applications as fast as we can.
  9. He only wants Jaro's body....
  10. Friends @Ron - Jaroslav @Daddy- Alex @Jamie - Neil @Ron - Jaro @Daddy - Alex
  11. Will again look into it. I was PM'ing with Sasha for more clarifiaction and I will show it to the rest, since I agree.
  12. Thank you! #wewillneverstop! And yes, there are still "rough areas" and things we have to re-write, re-think and maybe take away/or add. We are working...on step at a time! Thanks for that Roger!
  13. Ahhh! I did listen to the 2 audio files. Where is the rest? I enjoy your voice! Now I want more. So...go on! Do it!