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  1. While walking somewhere next to Anya, she hears the last words of Frank. She stops in the middle of the road and glances towards Anya with a smirk on her lips and presses down the button to reply. "Dear Frank" "Here are some last words for you." "I'd love to say some great words about but I dont have any for a cry baby like you." "Killing yourself or get killed was just a matter of time." "Being a cripple in a world like this... Killing yourself was the best decision you ever made." ~René pauses and loud laughter from Anya and her is to hear in the backround.~ "I won't fuck myself Frank, instead I will let myself get fucked hard and passionate by Jaro to celebrate this day in your name." "He will love the idea." "In heaven, or wherever you will be, may you have two eyes and two hands again." ~René laughs loud as she put the radio in to her pocket, looking at Anya.~ "This is too good", she says and keeps on walking.
  2. 816f9b4662.png

    "...you ditched me..."

    "...ditched me..."




    Fronk dead?

    What a shame...

    Now I will never know how to hunt.



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    2. Kyle_Jones


      oh you know what im on about? so your in on it too! xDDD

    3. Oliv


      I was in the group, remember? I know exactly what went on, there is nothing to actually be in on.

    4. Kyle_Jones


      Im confused, what do you think im talking about?

  3. Good morning... and off to work!


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    2. Lyca


      *gives her a cup of coffee* Moorning xD 

    3. Jamie


      Stop powergaming lyca.

    4. Oliv


      Hope you're having a fantastic day at work.

      And Jamie, all forms of powergaming involving caffeinated beverages are acceptable.

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    Morning Ladies.

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    2. Terra


      @Method And you are too less!

    3. Method


      that maybe so ill have to take some notes


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      Amen to this! Me tomorrow :P 

      Hugs & Hi Chica!

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    2. Terra


      Is it?

    3. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      @Terra Touche, but with me dead you lose your sole supplier of high quality GoT memes. But that's about it. 

    4. Daddy


      please stop giving me notifications. thanks.

  6. 5307f5afa6.jpgThat's my ammunition and there is more.

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      @Terra I claim everything.. Everything is mine!

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      Not this time @Mexi you gotta share we have the same name..... Appreciate the head up @Terra 

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      Share the same name but not @Terra.. Can you not see the above?:x

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      Someone say coffee?

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      @Samaritan YES PLEASE!

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      @Terra for you anytime.

  8. If those Reports have been created by different people and they talked it out, I still see no issue - granted I dont pay much attention to the Report section anymore. However, if the rulebreaks commited in every Report which was closed are the same (for example it was always about KoS), I wonder why Staff have not picked it up and I would agree that the person maybe have to learn the hard way. I was mainly giving my opinion on the topic of closing a report because the OP wishes to.
  9. Because it should never be about to ban people, but to clarify the rules and help people to understand the rules and apply them ingame. If the OP talked things out and the accused seem to understand, I dont see a reason why he should be banned and the wish to close the report can be granted. There have been cases of people repeating the same rulebreak and Staff did not close the report. They also would not close, at least when I was still Staff, when it comes to mass KoS or trolling for example.
  10. If I remember correctly this is you! Welcome back!
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    2. Ron
    3. Oliv


      Ron, I found that same pic last week and completely forgot to send it to you guys!

  12. Good morning Ladies.

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      Rolle pls stop saying herro it insults my cats

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