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  1. oh and a final oohrah to my boy @Jake my favorite Nazi see you in Valhalla bro alright staff can close this so i stop posting here
  2. @LoneStarrr I am fucking up dude, I keep forgetting real ones. You're a great roleplayer and friend, keep it real in my absence. Hit me if you want to play games or whatever. alright that's it from me, literally I need to get my password changed or something so I can't login. Goodnight
  3. Congrats to @Whip on the win, you deserve it a million billion times more than I do. I don't know how the fuck I got that many votes.
    • Sir Hawke
    • Cipher

    I will miss u </3 

    o7 Till next time.

    1. Cipher


      Hit me on the other TS sometime. Till then o7 <3

  4. It was, and I did. Thanks fam.
  5. Cipher

    New beginnings

    oh, new beginnings, wake up Akh

    the sun's going down

    time to start your day, bruh

    1. Billy


      leave already, stop posting these lyrics.

    2. Cipher


      @Billy it's an addiction, like I said

  6. I forgot to @you dawg I'm so fucking sorry, you know you a real one I'm fucking dead
  7. You know what we were like. Honestly o7 the good times. You are one of the greatest role players I've encountered here. Keep it 100% b. I'll be sure to hit you up if/when I return here. You've got my steam, you know how to get at me
  8. You don't even go here Get back to coding A week, don't be generous peace kev
  10. I appreciate that mate, coming from one of the people I respect very highly here. Thanks for kind words.
  11. no hard feelings mate, i was white knighting real hard that day.
  12. If one more person calls me cory in the house i swear to god i'll get perm'd tonight. @Billy looking at you too.
  13. Oh and @Shadows you're cool dude <3 and @Keedz my Algerian friend stay frosty
  14. I literally just shitpost here at this point. I don't provide anything relevant or constructive on the forums. I don't go in-game. The only fun I have here at this moment is waiting for someone to say something I don't agree with so I can passive-aggressively flame the fuck out of them on General Discussion threads. With mid-terms coming up that I should be studying for, and a gym membership I said I would use, and a girl in class that I gotta juice, and another community I have to help run, there's not much time left for shitposting. So I'm getting my whitelist and forum posting privileges revoked, at least for a month, so I can get my shit together, because at this point it's an addiction. An addiction to reading shit that isn't even relevant to me anymore. This place provides very little fun for me at this point in time and therefore I provide equally little in terms of effort, which is exactly the opposite of what this place needs at the moment. Believe it or not, I do want this place to succeed, because I loved this place. I have had very few experiences in these servers that could be replicated in other places, and that's something significant. So thank you. For now, though, it's about that time to go before I get myself fucking permabanned. I'd like to still have the option to come back, if I decided to. But probably not for a while. Anyway, onto the sappy shit: @ThatRyanGuy my brother from across the pond. You have been with me from Outrun to now. Six (seven?) months of incredible experiences that wouldn't have been half as good without your involvement. I don't know where I'd be in this place had I not taken Luka's advice and gone down the the Outrun camp back at Berezino. You along with @Phoenix taught me what good roleplay was and I really do appreciate it. Through all of the IC and OOC shit we've went through, you kept it real through it all. Every single step has been wholly enjoyable and even with all of the fuckups I've done throughout my history of leading experiences, I wouldn't change a single thing, because I had the most fun doing just that. Fucking up. This goes out to @Josephlad, @Bran, @TeigenG, @Ghoozovich, and every other single person that's joined one of my groups. I am truly humbled that you all decided to put your trust in me in order to turn your free time into an enjoyable experience. I know I might have not made the best decisions or been the best leader (considering none of my groups made it past six weeks) but the fact you stayed along for the ride means so, so much to me. Thank you so much. Seriously. @Hope Sorry for baiting and wiping your squad a few months ago. I'm a PvPer, what can I say. But seriously, you are one of the best roleplayers I've ever had the pleasure of coming across. Every second I've been in your presence in-game has been enjoyable. Keep on doing you, and please bring back LIFE because I don't give a fuck what anyone says, it was one of the greatest groups to ever grace the community, at least in my time here. If/when I come back, I expect an invite. @Billy you're my bro from the other side of PA. I haven't roleplayed with you that often but you're one of the realest dudes I've met here. You know where to find me, you have a room there yourself. @Brandonyoung & @sirthicksalot One of you can't see this but same as Ryan up there, you two homeboys have been with me since day one. You are the realest dudes in this community, no fucking question. Keep it boolin', keep it real, and Sean I'm real proud of you bro, congrats on graduating. Ride or die, - User was warned for the sentence -! @Castiel From my days as a timid whitename to my final days as a scumbag shitposting baiting dickhead, you have been there as the voice of reason. I will never forget the day where I drew up my plan to assassinate King Joffrey live to you and @Aiko in the helpdesk, wasting a solid half-hour of both of your time. I am super sorry about what I said about you and staff in the General Discussion thread. I wasn't thinking with logic in mind but rather my BeanZ count and that just ain't right. You know where to hit me up dawg, keep it 100%. @FailingFriendly You are a great roleplayer and a great person to talk to. Thanks for the bedtime stories. Hit me up if you would like to continue the tradition. @Jabba The 48 hours I spent in Coldwater taught me more about clear communication and hostile roleplay than perhaps I've ever learned elsewhere. Thank you so much for allowing me to come along for the ride, my groups have won firefights based on what I picked up sitting in your comms. Thank you again and please save this community. @Charlie thanks for getting Mobius approved. You are an awesome dude and should definitely hit me up if you would like to play video games. @JimRP I'll be honest, I fucking hated you back in October because I thought you snaked the fuck out of me. However, I've chilled with you a bit since then and you have proven to be one of the nicest dudes I've met here. I hope your project succeeds because it sounds dank as fuck. I'll be making an account there as soon as it opens, lemme know if you need beta testers. You know where to hit me up. @focus I don't know where the fuck you went, last time I saw you was a couple months ago before you dropped off the face of the planet, but you were also with me since A World Without Borders V1 and you have never stopped being a real one. Come back lad, wherever you went. @Reede you shall be missed. The crew misses you. Rest in peace lad. @Wumby you can't see this either but even though I rarely agreed with you on the forums, you are a fantastic roleplayer and I thank you for allowing me to run with you and your boys during the final days of the Brokers. Come back soon, this place needs more good roleplayers. TO ALL OF MY KILLERS IN MOBIUS V1 AND A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS V1 YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST PRAISED AND I WILL NEVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES, I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ALL ARE NOW BUT KNOW THAT YOU BOYS MADE THIS SERVER GREAT FOR ME. FROM THE DAYS OF HITTING LICKS TO FIGHTING AGAINST THE KINGDOM TO GETTING WIPED EVERY DAY AND STILL ENJOYING IT BECAUSE WE WERE BROTHERS AND WE ALL KNEW THAT WE WEREN'T FUCK - User was warned for this sentence. - ALL PRAISE TO ALL OF YOU AND YOU KNOW WHERE TO HIT ME IF YOU WANNA SQUAD UP ONE LAST TIME. Hit me up if you want my contact information. With that, we're gone. Like I was never here. I'll be seeing you.