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  1. If your account is blacklisted for a vac ban then make a ban appeal Here. Provide as much information as you can for the admins handling your appeal, so they can sort it out as soon as possible. /Moved to Questions.
  2. Dude, Trust me I'm on your side



  3. His throne fell on his face.
  4. False. I don't like Wow
  5. 3/10 you can't stay a whitename.
  6. Granted, but that's the only thing you can ever think of. Wish I lived in a bigger city.
  7. I could, but you'd surrender
  8. Eh, I've seen better.
  9. What about no execution rights, only allowing it when the RP offers it like it should be just in the hands of the players no //can I execute, just have it make sense before doing it. No reason invalid execution.
  10. Give it another year or two