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  1. Welcome their chap
  2. Interesting stuff
  3. Not many groups do this anymore because who would want a man you beat and shot to join your ranks some go as far as turning them into their personal slave like the brokers did, I got the rare chance of joining in through one of theses situations where New moon initiated on me and my friends and latter were allowed among their ranks due to that, those situation are really rare as there is no need to add a former hostage that might one day shoot you in the back for humiliating them.
  4. I know what this discussion is about but you mentioned crappy RP instigating Bad RP I responded appropriately and then you send a low blow my way due to two current reports that are up under my name no? you feel the need for a group to improve you can easily let the leader know what they need to change, if you're too scared to do so then that's on you I doubt any leader would kick you to the curb because you called them out on issues that need fixing, that is the reason I told you to post on their page as that is as public as you can get without reporting them.
  5. Sorry, what? keep your low blows somewhere else alright thx You mentioned Bad RP in this case that is something this community should take seriously no? and be reported. if you feel the need to call someone out on their bad behavior you can do that on their group page no need to get an admin on the case as all feedback suggested will be answered there by the leader and viewed by staff.
  6. If people need to start hiding on the forums and not simply use the report function as it is then we have a problem.
  7. I've had some lovely encounters today thank you all.
  8. My first initiation happened for that beauty
  9. nice menu song :D