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  1. It's a bug that sometimes seems to happen with different colors, not sure what causes it tho. /Moved to Questions.
  2. This surely will make a change.


  3. KOS

    That would be KOS, you can decide if you wish to report or talk to the killer to come to a proper conclusion via our TS. If any of these comments answered your question mark them like so. /Moved to Questions.
  4. People out here like.


  5. The moment your enemies kill their friends.


    1. Puddin


      Thanks for the light hearted laugh my friend

  6. Hmm, they say coffee has bad effects on you... I think they might be right.
  7. There features not Bug's
  8. Any further discussion on this topic will be kept in this thread. /Merged with Whos RP did you enjoy.
  9. DayZ currently has civilian tents military tents and barrels that are used for storing items, I would personally recommend going for a barrel as they're easier to hide compared to the tents
  10. Interesting....
  11. This will be moved as it's not related to DayZRP. /Moved to Offtopic.
  12. Look's pretty good, The editing is solid just wish I spoke German /Moved to Offtopic.