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  1. @Beni add me to that list. These banners are starting to grind my gears.
  2. Now I haven't looked in on the report, but as to why you need both text and voice it was because there was a time while vehicles were kinda new there was a problem where peoples textrp wasn't seen by others but voice could still be heard. While I agree that using voice limits text role players when it comes to an initiation on vehicles if they are initiating on a vehicle on their own then it should be difficult but if they are playing in a dynamic or with their respective groups why not have a second guy drop a voice initiation? Saves a lot of time in the long run and any unneeded hassle if a report goes up.
  3. I really like your idea Sunshine however I am torn. I want to keep my character just the way he is as do many others but I also want to start again, I want the fear that came with the thought of "what's going on? who are you?" etc. with that being said a quote sticks in my mind when I hear people say "I want a lore wipe, things are boring as they are" and I think that quote has a lot of bearing on those people "The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different result" by resetting the lore all you are going to do is buy us a year maybe two and we'll come back to this exact spot again, wanting another lore wipe, then repeat. I'll detail why I do and don't want a lore wipe. Why I want one? I'd like a lore wipe simply to start again but this time make different choices, meet people from the start, make new relationships, etc. I also want to feel what I felt when I jumped into standalone, I want the rush of 'Who is this? What will they do? Can I trust them?' but this would only work if we stopped people using groups that have already been present in the community, restarting the lore just to bring back an old group is dull and if the lore wipe happens I don't think some groups should be allowed to return. Why I don't want a wipe? Simple, I like my character. Building this character, making him into what he is now has been so much fun and so much effort. I don't want to see all this work disappear for nothing, it is kind of a dick move to destroy the character I've made and make the time and effort I've put into it mean nothing, as I'm sure a lot of other people feel too. I think a lore wipe should be a last resort if all else fails. So for now I'm going to agree with you Sunshine. +1 (if this doesn't make sense, feel free to PM me or Quote me or whatever. I'm tired so shhhhh!)
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  4. Clearly
  5. Quick question, how do you know you're a meme in the staff slack?
  6. You mad bro?! Let's meet in Chester!
  7. You're the best!
  8. Personal favourite is Gorka. One I personally loathe? Has to be Vybor. Stupid town makes me lag when I'm on my laptop.
  9. I like this idea. So much potential but at the same time it could do more harm than good to the losing person/people. But so long as people knew that it was only a game/friendly competition then it would be a lot of fun. +1
  10. Emerald Knight, changing it soon
  11. Brah! You're the best.
  12. Shhhh! I'll make the change once I've got them.
  13. Yo Hassan! Could you hook me up with a sweet avatar and a sig?
  14. Thanks Plank. I'll be back before you know it. Thanks Lyca, I'll come annoy you when my university year is over