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  1. I always seek a doctor if my character is crtically wounded but im able to survive. Like grey screen and I was shot recentely then ill definitely go out and search for medical personell but I wont die by not stopping bleeding. My character has not the feintest fucking clue how to operate firearms that are automatic and not a clue about bullet types. RP of that natures actually common. I see lots of people saying no idea what gun or bullet that is but mine learned over time. Eventually if you survive long enough youll be familliar on some level with most stuff.
  2. Love this <3
  3. Maybe farmers dont like the prospect of dying more then the prospect of discomfort and theyll find some body armor and keep it. I know if IRL I was in some shit like this id maybe avoid the huge guns but there is no way id avoid taking the more useful clothing. This rule could never be enforced anyway even if it was implemented. Thats the problem with clothing being a loot item with benefits. Back in mod you just picked your skin based on donor rank and found Ghillies in game. You didnt see too many soldier skins back then outside army groups.
  4. Chaotic neutral my man. Its the best because you are never inclined to act heroic or hostile. Your char would do whatever the fuck they felt like. Try making a vigilante character, someone whos done bad in their life and is trying to make up for it. One idea that I have had for a character is a petty street criminal from the states who in a compulsive liar that manipulates people and fabricates stories just to further his own goals and he can't tell the truth for the life of him. Someone completely snakelike and controlling I dont see people do stuff like this often or even at all as they are so terrified of the lies all crashing down around them eventually but thats all part of the fun. Just a few suggestions,
  5. When I wander around in the open fields I almost always have at least a decent encounter after running into someone. I usually will go and do whatever I feel like could be fun wether it may end in my robbery or not. For example I was in VMC and wounded critically and was RPing I wasnt in a state to move around much and I wandered around the base wounded meeting several people I had decent encounters with and asking if anyone knew of a nearby doctor. Eventually I was brought to one by two blokes and the RP was amazing and ended in a long medical RP encounter. Another time where I stayed even though I was full aware Id likely be robbed was when I ran into Zelena and began speaking to several members of Vernost. They and I spoke for a few minutes but began asking questions of a slight political nature which in my years of RP was an immediate mega red flag. I then saw a new guy unrelated run up and spoke to him as this happened I noticed the Vernost members taking postions up at the police station and covering angles. I easily could have slipped away as one of my friends was able to at this moment as well. However I stayed for the RP. I did not try gunning them down and the RP was very very fun. If the RP is stale for you on the server then you're part of the problem possibly because you are too reluctant to push it further.
  6. DUTY v8 or whatever the fuck wed be on by now. Lessgooooo
  7. Our lord Brian will protect us. However I will always miss the Free medics Helium zombies at Pobeda.
  8. *Stitches cocks his head at the sound of the radio going off wondering why Holidays radio frequency had become a pissing contest and presses the worn blood stained PTT* "Mister Holiday can you hear me? Damned radios on the fritz again n all I hear at times is blasted static. Whats with all these doctors fuckin about on your frequency... Well um I dont think I need much medical assistance save a cracked rib and a new bullet wound and the sorts... Oh however Mister Holiday you forgot to pack up certain things of our trade and the sorts. I have a few jars of leeches and the maggots still. Been growing quite fond o them I have! Likely a good idea to strike up a meeting to speak again and so I can return your tools. Been havin to sew up all the bullets and gashes me self as o late in the camp, isnt goin the best it aint.." *He begins to cough violently and breaths raggedly for a short time before gathering himself and speaking once again in his cheery English tone* "These doctors need to stop bragging about degrees and slips of paper and the sorts. Bunch of loons they are, unmatched by the greatest doctor in the universe clad in his ol wolf helmet. All sound of em sound quite jumped up on their own medicines as well... Eh no matter. Hope to see you Mister Holiday before I possibly die and the likes!"
  9. *Hearing the man run his mouth on a new frequency he sighs and holds the PTT* "Hello there err... Whats a word you all toss about.... Lads!... Im not here to infringe on your warpath and the likes. Power to you all killing eachother. Though... Mr Moody what is this talk of no turning back? You here openly admit once you tread this path you are on it till death yet all youve done is vacillate between threatening me and begging for utter and complete forgiveness... Make up your damned mind before I blow it out already. *Releases the PTT groaning in annoyance* "Oh and uh... Top o mornin and such..."
  10. *Stitches exhales into the worn out radio in annoyance and drums his fingers on the wooden desk in boredom holding down on the PTT* "You figure id be more angry... Youve shot at my friends. Near got me and the only lawman I havent stabbed blown to bits. Threatened my friends, made me waste the upper arm strength driving a cleaver a good four inches through a kids skull and big talk on the radio. Its strange... Guess im going bloody mad but I simply feel bored when I hear your damned voice. Everything that wouldve made you a fun ol bloke to kill never happened. Just almost happened. Not even annoying like a mosquito buzzing in my ear or anything, just boredom given form. Its like cat and mouse but the mouse refuses to leave the blasted wall but wont stop squeaking at the cat every so often. Im tired. Either you piss off in the next seventy two hours or we end this with one of us dead." *He rubs his temple over his mask and muttering softly* "Jen zemřít již" *The radio cuts to static*
  11. *Rolling his right eye mildly annoyed he presses down the button and speaks quickly and disinterested in a thick Czech accent* "Please do us a favour and spare me the time and rope and bloody string yourself up on the damned tree" *He tosses the radio off to the side*
  12. These look really good I love how cinematic they are. I hope the old mod banners stick around too though I always love logging in and seeing my comrades and I all clad in SOBR 2
  13. Was awesome! I had no idea it was your first day haha. I figured youd been playing for a good while! I hope to run into you again.
  14. The reason we evacuate people is if we are getting attacked/ there is a heavy threat of an attack we need to move people out of the camp because its near impossible to protect people when three people come up to you asking to trade lmao