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  1. Been maining lawbringer. Knight all the way. I see the need for severe balancing in his stats, he needs to be faster and more viable. The only reason ive been able to win with him is because nobody expects him to be played proper so dont be on guard to do only light strikes, stuns, and parry his counter attacks. He isnt fast enough to actually deliver the punishing counter attacks his build revolves around. All ive found is block shoulder charge heavy heavy and used the stupid impale shit to knock em into a wall to follow up with a heavy strike. Other than that its pretty disappointing rn. Gonna continue to play him since im actually somewhat decent with him but when they give him a buff ill be so happy.
  2. Yeah I got a warning today from the boss. Getting put on standby this sunday because Im a Boston EMT. Its gonna be chaos because of a potential riot with injuries mixed with the sheer weight of the snow. Had to visit like 3 houses that collapsed from the weight of the snow today. Kinda a shitty time to be violent tbh.
  3. Heyo. I just got the game and I was a player in Closed Alpha Closed Beta and Open beta. Really digging the game so far and noticed there wasn't a thread up so I figured it could be useful to post here for discussion about heros/factions what you like or dislike, exchanging Uplay shit so we can play together and just general stuff involving the game. If anybody wants to game tonight ill likely be playing the fuck out of it. Uplays either Sir_Ravenscroft or caduceusrose likely the first one will show up though. Though I am interested whats your favorite hero so far and what faction are you playing as?
  4. Send in an application then mate! We can set up a meeting on ts and IC
  5. Been out of the community for a good amount of time but seen you post a decent amount 6/10
  6. Looks interesting however it seems like you could have an issue of the situation being resolved by the time another player joins so youd likely want a narrator or traditional game master to run the chat. Such as rolling to determine the effects of what the chain of events is. Like the test run with the horde theres not much stopping a set on two players saying they wiped the horde. I think itd be cool to see someone have a story set for each of the settings if there is a plot. Of course this would only be needed for encounters that are more than just a group of players sitting around a bar. I think it could be cool to have a format where you could have plots and a story arc guided by a staff member it would make players feel like they had more impact on the lore and events of the land. Certainly catches my eye and motivates me to get involved more constructively. +1
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    Hola mate. Como se dice innit? Te desafío a un duelo bruv! 

  7. Got a wolf mask in mint condition waiting for when your ass finally gets back in game.

    1. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      I'll be back... eventually


  8. Recruitments open atm, Having a pain in the ass finding people IC at the moment so if you are interested in joining send a PM. The initiation into the group will of course happen IC.
  9. Stitches

    Desu Vult!


    1. King Box

      King Box

      The tsundere crusade 

  10. Yeah feels like the games more single player in a good way. Like everyones genuinely a character over a guy or girl behind a microphone. Really enhances the experience.
  11. Put your hands up bruv this is an attack you fucked with me n me boiz Nah fam fuck off we protected this is a safe space. U gonna be taking a 3 to 5 day nap otherwise. Ah shit. U rite. Ill piss off srry I fucked with ur magic bubble.
    • Stitches

    Wheres Toorik Rockie and Robert at ;-;

    1. Pixel

      They're long gone sadly :/ Still in touch with Rockie and Blackpaw though.

    2. Stitches


      Yeah I am as well. Heard Shanoby is onto other stuff. I havent spoken to Blackpaw in a while however. Sucks about Toorik though :(

  12. Nice to see you still get in game >.> When you were you planning on telling me love?
  13. Stitches

    Songs pretty dope ^-^