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  1. ec02a4025433897c2aaac2334d27edbe.png

    Well, that was short lived ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    2. Mexi


      Please remember to get rid of those points if they stick around buddy, don't want that to happen again :) 

    3. JakeWalford
    4. Oliv


      too short if you ask me :D  Glad we could fix it up quickly

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    1. Stitches


      This was mod when it was few people.  Now everyones edgy, tbh theres prob less cannibals now in game then there was in the first two weeks of Apocalypse in SA. Wherevthe laughs could be heard from anywhere on map lmao

    2. Chief


  2. From what I understand it's entirely OOC information. However, obviously - once someone has metagamed it and told people IG, those who have received the information are in no position to be punished. Though, to be fair - I think you kind of have to acknowledge, that if you make a settlement it will become public. We can't really control that. And to be honest, not sure why you'd make a settlement if you didn't intend for it to be - but that's just me.
  3. Eh, I mean. Radio chatter is mainly just a joke to me at this point, to be fair, it has been for a while. Sure, you can create some nice roleplay over the forums with it but there's no changing that some people will just use it to just meme around in. Even if we were to enforce would we do so consistently? Have a list of "no-no" words/terms? No. That just wouldn't work. I mean, posts that are too "meme-y" are already cracked down on anyway. And the sort of people who use the terms on radio chatter, tend to also use them IG. So, yeah. No point complaining about the state of something that in my opinion, isn't gonna change. Just filter out the bullshit and enjoy the good content.
  4. *Explaining some tips for CS:GO to me, but his bird is going crazy in the back*

    Me: I can`t hear you over you bird!

    Austin: Oh my god. Otto shut up!

    Otto: No!

    Made my day!

    1. Austin


      To think such a sweetie would back-talk me like that...oh, wait! He's always a little shithead :x


    2. FrostyCat
  5. 0I3Kvr9.jpg

    1. Austin


      "Monsieur LaPadite, to both your family and your cows I say: Bravo." - Spooky Skull Man

  6. Sehr geehrter Herr Galland,

    I am here to request you take down such an outrageous avatar. This brings back incredibly unpleasant memories, of watching the film "Inglorious Basterds". In particular the scene where a certain symbol, is carved into a certain somebody's forehead, which is associated with a certain bad man. I do not like such imagery being planted inside my fragile little mind.

    Mit kollegialen Grüßen.




  7. jk fam :^)
  8. And this is why I've never been fond of this "no-approval" system... I mean, I would give you feedback - but I honestly don't know where to start. I mean, to be fair - it's one of these groups that is such a mess, that it just need to be thrown. You can't turn steaming shite into Dom Perignon... I know it's blunt. Just take it as this; you need to scrap this idea, observe long-standing groups here and what they do well. Take the time to actually make something well produced.
  9. [There's a few brief blurts of static, before Nik eventually picks up the nerve to speak.] "Ah-uhm...h-hey...? Going to need some medical assistance for Lincoln as soon as possible. I'm afraid I cannot say what exactly has happened to him, as he's been unable to speak as he's in such a poor state. Doesn't appear to have any hemorrhages from erhm, what I've seen. Seemingly in erhm, general overall body pains..." [The transmission pauses briefly until a hefty sigh and few light coughs are heard.] "Can't say much more, I'm afraid. Sorry - I already feel as if I've done a bad job of explaining the circumstances..." [Nik clears his throat, sniffling before ultimately continuing.] "But erhm, yeah...those of you that actually know how to assess and deal with the injuries, if you could please make your way here..." [Around a ten second pause in the message until...] "Thank you." [Transmission ends.]
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  10. Nice, they're lovely birds! My little guy is called Otto, he's only two years old - so, still quite the companionship ahead of us. Always gives people a good laugh when they can hear him jibber-jabbering to himself in the background I will end you.
  11. A scruffy ass dude, with his scruffy ass bird. One day I'll be able to control that side of my hair!