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  1. Keep in mind, it's not just the community, DayZ is struggling as a whole and a lot of commentators are getting pissy about it. Once the development team kicks it into high gear and makes DayZ a legitimate game again, I believe a lot more people will be playing DayZRP.
  2. By the time summer comes, the need for a second server would probably be coming back. I struggle being active in game at the moment because only like 10 people are online when I'm allowed to play (I work grave shift 5 days a week, including weekends) But I hope this causes for an increased population during the times I can play so I can enjoy some dank rp.
  3. Got held up a few months ago shortly after a firefight in the north, a couple allies came to save me and I died by friendly fire. rip
  4. As someone who struggles with a few mental disorders and researches others, you did a pretty good job at explaining some of these. About PTSD - if you don't know what a flashback is, imagine like your mind is being split between two realities, sometimes you're aware of what's going on and you struggle to come back to the right reality, and the other time you think you're somewhere else entirely. For example, I almost died in October due to a research chemical psychedelic known as NBOMe, sometimes when I'm laying down and I get into a certain position my mind splits between what I remember being forced into a stretcher and the twitching going on in my body, and sometimes I hear my hear thumping really hard and then stopping and I struggle to figure out if I'm actually alive or if I died in October. In other times I'll wake up in my sleep thinking I'm still in the hospital and I can hear nurses running around, water being flushed and loud footsteps outside my room which is too dark to see in at night. My dad was abusive and I have some issues with people moving too quickly as well, sometimes people will try to give me a high five and I'll cover myself thinking I'm in for another senseless beating. Depression - spot on Alexithymia - Honestly I'm pretty sure I have this myself but I've never been diagnosed, I could be struggling with severe depression that I've had the majority of my life but for the most part it's hard to tell my emotions and it's difficult to talk to psychiatrists with this because they ask how I've felt throughout the week.
  5. cannibals

    I'm still confused by that, as one of you guys said funeral parlor in game
  6. This could easily be done with permissions, maybe don't implement it for the public rooms or other games, maybe if a group has an open frequency, that'll be open to view as well since it's public.
  7. My input may be useless but I've heard a lot of bad things about Shadowplay and Dayz, I'd recommend finding another software. In the past I've used Fraps, and Dxtory. Fraps is good for quality but your frame rate plummets, while Dxtory may take like 2 frames total off, and it's still pretty good quality as well. I'd recommend using Dxtory myself, it's simple and it's not difficult to figure out.
  8. I myself noticed a decrease in military survivors in my time playing DayZRP. Maybe you've been unlucky
  9. So I'm roleplaying my first female character and I'm debating on spending the time to try and make a good voice changer, but it seems like it'll suck balls no matter what I do for it. Would the community prefer a shitty voice changer or text rp?
  10. //lol I'll give you beanz on forums
  11. Honestly the only kind of RP I want out of DayZRP is a standalone mod for ArmA 3, I heard it was in the works and then got cancelled. I just miss the DayZRP mod so much it hurts when we can't add new things on our own and we have to wait 6 months for an update that breaks some things and adds new things that are also broken.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone, I may try to get a voice changer to try and fill in some gaps to combat what Coreena was saying, but I'll stick to text the majority of the other time. At the moment, my character is not hostile and at this time I can't see her killing someone, even if they're robbing her so I think I have some time to try and at least get something basic down for future uses.
  13. You're at 4,999 posts, just a heads up, make a crash for your 5,000



    1. Lil_Beefy

      Go for the perma Thump

  14. I love this, since I've came back to DayZRP after a couple months I've had some awesome RP moments with you. I hope we can continue on the adventure and build up our cabin
  15. I've played the majority of my characters throughout the years similar to my personality irl (which my personality used to be really dull). But in recent months I've had twists and turns have come up. So far, I've had my car broken into, a gun pointed at me, I've lost friends and gained new ones. I've had few experiences with drugs (which my newer characters show for some interesting rp), fell in love, and have had to learn how to act on the spot to get myself out of certain situations (especially as a security guard at a casino filled with drugs and drunks).
  16. Yeah man, it'll continue. I enjoyed your RP as well, we have an interesting scenario
  17. Allyson Kohlner

  18. This looks awesome, I hope to find you guys IC and get some RP in Quick edit: this was my 69th post and had to screenshot
  19. Just made fun of a dude earlier for this reason
  20. Mod Everclear or Smirnoff?
  21. Salt, not a fan of pepper at all Indica or Sativa?
  22. When someone opens up something for discussion I have something to ask of some community members: Don't be a dick. Everyone has different views on everything, and it's sad to people start a flame war and it begins OOC hate over a debate in the community that we ALL are apart of. Grow up, discuss the situation at hand without being a dick. Instead of putting blame on one person, tell them how YOU feel about a certain situation. Don't tell someone to leave because they don't like things, you're asking a member of the community we ALL are in to leave, you doing this will make me instantly dislike you. Also if you have issues with someone and you are getting mad, and call in your friends to come in and help flame the other person, in all honesty you should reflect on your life. This is a special community in a video game, you being a bully only pisses people off and you should learn to respect everyone here, new or old. Someone else's life and emotions are as equal as yours in case you haven't figured that out yet Enough said. Have fun in game everyone, and I hope to have a fun RP experience with everyone I haven't had a chance to interact with yet.
  23. I won't. I enjoy RP and for the most part I comply, either because I have backup separated from me that can help, or because I'm outgunned and I know my chances are slim. When I have a vantage point and better weaponry and backup surrounding me, I won't.