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  1. My worst memory by far is the horrible framerate I had to suffer back when I ran the DayZRP mod on a wired potato. And all the disadvantages and uselessness that came along with not being able to perform in roleplay and PVP effectively. My best memories harken back to my time in CBR, RBO and NFC. All those groups are long gone, but the adventures we had and the people I met will always have a special place in my memories. Shooting the shit with the rest of CBR at TP while waiting for information about bandit activity, trying to make Rog a home with my RBO brethren, sneak around camps, people and cities to gather intel while in the NFC. Those were some of the best roleplay experiences I've had and I'll never forget those or the people I experienced it with.
  2. For the mod days, big groups like SVR, Gray Fangs, CRA, CBR, RBO and SDS will have a legacy that will never die in my mind. For the standalone, I feel the Masquerade and the Kingdom have had the biggest impact on the server and the behavior of those in it. Those are names that people recognize for quite a while to come (and their actions will have a lasting impact on the server until the older generation has completely vanished). Somewhere I wish it was the same for the NFC with Nadezhino back in the early days of the standalone, but hey, can't have it all.
  3. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, as I'm not knowledgable with coding or developing whatsoever, but I feel it should be something that could easily be added through one of the smaller patches that they've been putting through here and there. I'm personally a huge fan of having the gamma locked. I keep a headtorch on me at all times so that during nighttime you can enhance the rp a little by activating that and taking the risk of being spotted in favor of seeing where you're going. I really don't get why people have to adjust gamma at all, though. Hardware aside (And really, I wonder what kind of prehistoric potato monitors some people have that forces them to boost their gamma in-game as opposed to adjust their monitor settings), DayZ itself already lost the really dark nights after people complained to the devs that they couldn't see shit. Even during 'nighttime' it's always still very bright for me. Gamma goggles are used for either a tactical advantage during firefights or to make spotting items easier during nighttime scavenging. While I can live with the latter, I hope locking the gamma for the former will level the playing field a little more for those who don't use them versus those who do.
  4. Who is this "our" you speak of? And where in my statements do you ever see me bringing up the fact that we can't roleplay without gear? You keep bringing up the lack of creativity, the lack of story. Nowhere has it been argued in my posts that it's about the items lost, it's about the detriment of the constant camp destruction on the mood of people, to see their efforts be taken away without so much of a shred of roleplay. Or what, you're willing to claim you happily go into a camp with people around and try the same? Roleplaying is a cooperative effort, not some guy quietly sitting behind his pc for five minutes dragging things out of tents and tossing the tents to let them despawn. It adds nothing to the roleplay. The only thing it adds is another act of your character that you damn well know will go unpunished anyway because there's no means to find out who did it, it doesn't matter how many traps you lay or people you talk to. At least on this we agree. It will be done and continue to be done until there's means to weed these people out of the community (i.e; extended logs, more admin powers akin to those in the mod days where they can happily stroll around invisible). Preach for that lore wipe so this gets fixed (albeit temporarily) and not everyone is a badass/crazy/hardened sociopath anymore. However, I don't think it's wrong that people express their opinions on this. It's good to discuss these things, it's good that we've got people on both sides of the fence (clearly), it keeps the topic in our minds and keeps us more alert to these things. The alternative would be just sitting there and taking it. And before you come with the 'solve it ICly' argument, I think we've clearly established at this point that most of these destructions have had very little IC reason. I think it's a obligation to the people in here to stimulate roleplay, even if it puts you at risk. So if you raze a camp, maybe next time leave a little note saying "that's for robbing my stuff, now you don't have anything left" or "If you listened to smokey, you could've prevented the fire burning your shit." . Or hell, taunt them on the radio, anything to give them something to go on. Some indication that there was a thought behind it other than "I want to make this group's life a little more miserable and shorter." Because roleplay is a two-way street, if you're not here to participate in it and think of others too, then I wonder what you're doing here in the first place. Clearly we're all just unimaginative crybabies that can't live without our gear, as opposed to people that have been in enough groups and suffered this so many times that the only thing we have left is voicing our opinions and trying to garner as much of the community to stand opposed to this and make sure it doesn't just become this accepted side-effect of having a large group with a camp of sorts.
  5. Please, no, not again. I can't handle more phallic objects being shown.
  6. Did this absolutely nothing to address my argument, so please do elaborate. Because honestly, I feel like either you are missing the point that people are trying to make to you, or you live in a different reality from us where everything's acceptable as long as you have the IC reasoning "it's the way my character is" and people just have to suck that up and deal with it. Throwing something like "limitations are only by one's mind, not the game" around makes it seem like your knowledge and experience on this is more superficial than you make it out to be. Again, people aren't complaining about the times where their bases get stomped by a group with legitimate reason. They're complaining about the fact that random individuals come into camps, break it all down and walk away without any repercussion or ANY way to resolve this, whether through IC means (because no amount of IC investigation is going to find some rogue dude hellbent on destroying settlements without any actual danger to his character) or OOC means (because there's no logs for despawning items from people and taking down tents). There's no acceptable IC reason for a lone survivor to go into settlement and raze it all to the ground by his lonesome. You can counter that with "well if my character was robbed/tortured he'd have good reason" and yes, that would be true. But he wouldn't be able to do it without leaving a single trace or clue because quite simply, there's no way you'd be able to pull that off in a camp owned by a big group of people. Unless, ofcourse, you wait until it's quiet, abuse the game mechanics by virtue of them being offline and then do it.
  7. Pretty much what Sam said right here. Jetwells, you try and make your point as IC as possible, but in reality, this wouldn't even be a possibility. Nobody would leave their camp unguarded, nor would they 'disappear' when they went to sleep at night. If you came by when everyone was 'sleeping' (as in, logged out), there's no way in hell you could get away with destroying their stuff, destroying the very tents they're sleeping in. In your attempt to make it seem realistic, you're painting a very unrealistic picture that's tied to the fact that people can't be in-game 24/7. Say, for example, I play a character that uses a tent to tuck in for the night. Everytime I log off, I place the tent down for the roleplay experience. I place some of my stuff in there to simulate having spread some of my stuff around the inside of the tents and crawl in there to log off. But everytime I log back in, the tent has been raided or demolished. Would that make sense to you from a in character perspective? Would I not wake up the moment you tried entering my tent and shred you, the canvas of my tent and the tree behind you to bits with a fully loaded weapon? You'd be surprised how many people attempt this at first, but after a short while of constant, repeated and utterly relentless assaults you tire out of putting in the effort. Because no matter how many people you capture, execute or report, all they have to do is hit that respawn button and do it all over again. The limitations of this game simply don't allow the kind of reasoning you're trying to put forth.
  8. I support this petition, really. At least I'd understand (despite being annoyingly big) if they were actually ads used for revenue, but this is just silly.
  9. I don't think you really see the problem behind this. We can all make characters until judgement day, but we're very confined due to the amount of time that has passed. You simply cannot play a scared civilian that somehow managed to live for 2+ years into a apocalypse while banditry and murder runs rampant and zombies roam every corner. There's no option to play a stranded desk jockey with no survival experience whatsoever, there's no credibility in playing a fresh-faced college idealist on a spiritual journey through eastern europe getting stuck in Chernarus and having no idea what to do. You either play a hardened survivalist or a ex-military character. True civilians are dead and make no sense in the current lore. Simply adjusting the lore won't take away the fact that it's still 2+ years into a global apocalypse and it just puts a hard limit on the kind of characters you can come up with. If it doesn't, it should be classified as BadRP. A couple of weeks into a infection doesn't make you a stone-cold killer. It doesn't strip your hope and humanity immediately and you wouldn't just flip a switch. Let's face it. Adjusting the lore won't do anything, not even delay the staleness of the roleplay. Because in the end of the day, you're long, long into a apocalypse. The longer you go, the less people there are, the less people there'll be that aren't battle-hardened survivalists. And since DayZRP is unable to create a in-game haven or community that doesn't crumble under relentless assault or anarchy in a couple of weeks, there's no future prospect of 'rebuilding civilization' either, something that humans would definitely attempt to do irl but simply isn't possible here. Bringing it back to a couple of weeks into the infection, just as the breaking point has been reached where any official governance has abandoned hope and most civilians have been slaughtered will create a goal of sorts, attempting to band together to fight the infected instead of banding together to kill your fellow men, for example. Pretty much this, this is one of the reasons I want a wipe over a lore adjustment any day of the week. You simply cannot play a truly scared character anymore.
  10. I'd have to stay in favor of the lore wipe myself. Not only would it bring back a lot of fearRP that's currently missing (which is understandable, considering we're so deep into the apocalypse that it makes sense people aren't so easily frightened anymore), but it would also clear the ground for new kinds of groups and most importantly, it would bring back a lot of humanity in the roleplay. If it's a couple of weeks after the infection hit, people won't be so hardened, so emotionless, so inherently 'bad'. There's still supplies, there's still hope for a cure, there's a lot more potential for friendly interaction as opposed to the majority of hostile interaction that takes place nowadays. Ofcourse it still leaves plenty of room for bad guys. Escaped convicts, opportunists and the likes. But not the battle-hardened groups that run around now with little to no fear.
  11. Mass KoS, targeted harassment and a clear case of powergaming? How is America not permabanned yet? In all seriousness, though. While this won't force you to put on your tinfoil hats and pray that Russia doesn't launch all its nukes in random directions, this will usher something that might set in motion a time very much akin to the first cold war. I doubt it'll actually end up becoming the next world war. If it does become another cold war, we Europeans will be stuck between two nations slapping their nuclear dongs on a table and daring one another to slap it onto the opposite side.
  12. *Leaning against a tree at the Chernogorsk docks, his feet put up on some rocks, Daniël would quietly listen to the radio exchange after the rather gruesome broadcast of Joffrey's suicide. The airwaves going quiet, he'd wrap his hand around his radio and press down on the transmitter* "Well ain't that something. Can't say I'm feelin' particularly sad that he went and took his own life. Maybe it's just because I was on the other side of the railroad track when the kingdom tried to conduct their business. He looked a whole less reasonable from where I was standin'. But it just goes to show that everyone gets what's coming to them, don't it?" *taking a deep breath, he'd raise up from his position and turn his gaze towards the city* "But I ain't a man to start pissin' on a dead body. He's dead now and he sure ain't headin' to heaven, that's enough retribution for me. I'll keep the nasties off of his corpse until you folks that followed him so blindly come pick up his mangled remaints. It better be gone by nightfall or I'll toss it in the ocean. I don't want it layin' around this city." *Placing the radio back into his woolen coat, he'd sling his rifle on his back and put back on his cowboy hat, pensively staring at the Chernogorsk silos for a bit before letting out a sigh and walking along the docks towards the city itself*
  13. *furrowing his brow, Anatoly would hear the call for any northern alliance remnants over the airwaves. Hearing a all too familiar voice between the others, He'd slide his hand around his radio to press down onto the button as soon as the frequency went quiet* "YA budu proklyat (I'll be damned), Andrej, is that you? I thought you were long gone. Figured you'd still be out there. A grumpy man like you is hard to kill, eh?" *a short cough between words as he'd clear his throat to answer the initial broadcast* "Obratno k delu (back to business). I hope this just a request for information, not some subtle attempt at bringing back the alliance. The idea of it was good, the reality left much to be desired. Too many of my friends died for a cause that destroyed itself, so let's not start thinking about putting new bodies into the ground there, eh?" *releasing the transmit button, Anatoly would lean back against the tree he sat under, placing two fingers on the bridge of his nose and massaging it lightly while muttering to himself* "Nichto deystvitel'no ne menyayetsya, ne tak li? (Nothing really changes, does it?)"
  14. *Letting the other folks talk first, Feliks would pick up his own radio and reply as soon as the frequency went silent again* "Y-you want to m-m-move somewhere safer and d-decide that Ka-k-Kabanino is the r-right place to move t-to? Have you all g-gone insane already? The closer you m-move to the w-western border, the m-m-more problems you'll g-g-get. Even with the p-p-protection of those A-a-krasians. You want somewhere s-s-afe? Move d-down south. I h-hear Staroye is l-l-lovely this time of year." *He'd release the button of the radio and shook his head slowly, moving towards his companion to tell him about the ridiculously quick demise of Gorka*
  15. It's more than easy to assume that everyone thinks the same, to be fairly honest. While it might seem obvious to you, to others it can be seen as ambiguous enough to subvert it. Besides, considering the small nature of the rule, would it be such a struggle to add a line to it to clear up any and all ambiguity around it? We're pretty much talking about adding a single sentence to clear it up for those that seek to use the ambiguity of the rule to their advantage etc.