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  1. This is an improvement

  2. From 9 - 2, c'est la vie de la queue

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  3. The original Matrix is a good film

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      I especially enjoyed when Neo had his skills downloaded to him through floppy disks, brilliant. 

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      "I sent two units, they're bringing her down now."

      "...No Lieutenant, your men are already dead."

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      "How about... I give you the finger... and you give me my phonecall?"

      - Neo the Hooker

  4. Hey, my ever cynical self believed it :') quite a range of emotions were on display that night You too <3 we didn't get to RP much but it was nice to see Ender again, even if it was under dire circumstances
  5. Tired as fuck today so I'll make it brief: @Lyca - Remind me never to challenge her to a staring contest. @Stitches - "Your fire privileges have been revoked" - Finest moment of Green Mountain. @MrBowTie - Drugs are prohibited @SnipZ - Emotional bonding though @Hope - Here, have an Oscar @Aeryes - Odd little critter, I enjoyed you <3 @Alaska - Brief, but enjoyable. Rest of the GM crew made life at the compound fun, despite the clusterfuck it became with Bastion, Somalis and our crew rolling around there. Was great to RP with so many people again
  6. Usually don't experience this. People run away, I follow them. They initiate, probably but hey, I don't mind losing gear as long as I get RP. People stay, I have some fun RP with them, we trade, chat, act hostile, whatever flow the RP takes. I always find I'm the instigator though, I'm never the person being RP'd with unless I'm a hostage. Even then, sometimes I feel like I'm instigating the RP. Essentially, you have to hunt for RP. The more I think about that, the sadder it seems.
  7. No, that's not how it works in my scenario. If we lose, we come back and we negotiate, if they don't leave and they clearly want nothing other than to fight then we fight them. I could see how giving no RP and just waiting for us to fight them again would be shitty, but honestly if you give us RP, give us demands and show us your hostile RP is more extensive than just kill, live, die, repeat, then we'll gladly reciprocate. Even if you don't, we'll reciprocate anyway but we won't be happy campers I wouldn't call it pussyfooted, I'd call it negotiating with a superior force because we've clearly been outmatched. If you don't like losing, don't RP, because we've all got to lose at some point. I think you misconstrued my sentiment. It wasn't a question of condescension, it was an explanation for my line of reasoning. Whatever attitude problems you think I have are entirely fictional, I'm sorry if it came across as condescending but it wasn't my intent. You've continued to make assumptions about intent, which is something I originally pointed out in my previous post, so I shan't criticise it again. I would see it as a "showing who has the bigger dick" contest, but that's just me. Assumption based on the fact that Faction 2 had their arses kicked. Entirely untrue really, they could be there for any number of reasons, to fight, to negotiate from a position of strength, to demonstrate a point, the list is endless. Stop being so close-minded and look at motivations instead of making assumptions, you'll have a lot more fun as a result. I'll say it again, at no point did I insinuate that people should have to leave their settlement. If those demands are made, speak to them, be reasonable, negotiate, try to get them to see it your way or get more favourable terms for your people. Worst comes to worst and they resist all attempts at negotiation or any reasonable efforts to compromise, then you shoot them. War =/= PvP. Fighting = PvP. War is not just fighting. Your logic is shaky here. Fighting is a big part of war, that goes without saying, but there's always the other elements that come with war too such as: forming alliances, medical RP, hostile RP, treaties, negotations etc. There's so much more to it and to say that war is just "PvP" is frankly illogical. War may be made into just PvP by bad role-players but that doesn't mean that that's the standard we should hold to. You don't know the rule then. Re-read it: At no point does it mention memory loss/wipes due to death. That was the old version of the rule. Not sure what point you were trying to make either way as the previous NLR would not negate the state of war.
  8. Its really a question of intent when it comes to that kind of situation. Did they intend to role-play or did they intend to bait a hostile situation? I don't believe I'm overthinking it, I'm coming at it from a perspective that is RP friendly because we're on a RP server Faction 1 went in and initiated on the settlement to provide hostile RP. Faction 2 did not comply and, in turn, were killed. Faction 2 waits their 1 hour and comes back to their settlement to find Faction 1 still there, waiting. Instead of shooting Faction 1, Faction 2 decides to find out why Faction 1 attacked and are currently occupying their compound, despite knowing that they could be shot at. Faction 1 makes a list of demands, having demonstrated their superior firepower and dank PvP skills and threatens that the same will happen again if they don't comply. Perfect RP scenario, no bullets Nobody is forcing anybody to initiate, Faction 2 can listen or they can attempt to fight back, but, as we all know, Faction 1 has probably set up around the area of their settlement to ensure that negotiations go smoothly so any attempt at resistance will be met with the swift demise of Faction 2. Perfect storyline occurs here, Faction 2 decides to comply the following day or resist and spiral into a cycle of slavery or war and all the good stories that come with that. Of course, I'm being optimistic here but you're assuming that Faction 1 wants nothing but PvP so you'll forgive me for assuming that they want RP I see that as your assumption and you acting off of an assumption. Usually when people do things, they want to accomplish something. Its pretty simple to ask them what they want and then RP it out from there, instead of walking in and blasting the place up like [insert inappropriate simile here]. Most things can be RP'd out because most of us are here for the role-play, right? /moved to general discussion
  9. Yes, depends on the context though. Depending on whether or not role-play was provided, in this scenario it looks like there would be, however if role-play weren't to be provided, then you could potentially be looking at a rule-play/invalid kill punishment there. Just because you have rights does not mean you can use them at will, it has to be justified with RP There's so many other options available such as negotiations, bartering, intimidation, giving into demands etc. Bullets should always be the last option in this kind of scenario
  10. I suppose it boils down to your interpretation of when a hostile situation ends. Personally, I think its when the last combatants are killed/routed. Any RP or hostilities after that are separate as part of the "victory RP" for want of a better phrase. Don't get any ideas
  11. Could it be technically considered the same situation when all combatants from one side are killed, depending on the length of time I guess? [this is assuming that the 1 hour timer elapses] Especially if people come through an area as active as a settlement, where there could be more RP, different people etc.
  12. Until we implement a loitering rule, and god knows when we do that I'll be royally fucked, there's nothing to stop Faction 1 from occupying Faction 2's territory for as long as they can hold it. Didn't notice the second part of your question, I don't think that a either faction would be in violation of a rule, as long as all appropriate timers, such as the NLR timer, were waited out Edit: for those who didn't understand my sarcasm, a loitering rule would be absurd
  13. After a thorough examination of your profile, I've come to the moderate rating of: 2/10 You have lost 8 points due to not capitalising your "a" in "always." Please try harder.