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  1. Rick Grimes? Eh, I'll be fine.
  2. I'm going to become the most popular person in DayZRP. Check it.

    1. Plank
    2. Pado



    3. Metulz


      It's working already.

  3. Digging it
  4. Messy is my middle name, son. 8/10
  5. Banned for engaging me in a forum game battle. I'm trying to take over the front page. Get outta here.
  6. Reminds me of Magnum PI. Captures both palm fronds and the high tech look of the late 80's, early 90's 9/10 Would rate again.
  7. Banned for palm trees. Too freaky.
  8. I'll stick with the current rating. 8/10 would rate again.
  9. I don't know you... Yet..
  10. Love the simplicity. Makes me think of a nice MacBook. ir8 8/8 m8 Would rate again.
  11. 6/10? Name is familiar.