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  1. I don't think anyone realizes (or has re-acknowledged) the most basic and prominent factor that destabilizes long-range RP: Fucking vehicles. There'd be SO much more interaction if we weren't spending half our time pushing "W". We all know this. We all should recognize this. And yet, no one can help but put up these fucking threads about "Why RP sucks lately". Yes, this is just ONE factor, but it's a huge factor: It's pretty damn obvious we need commute to help accommodate the RP that occurs all around the map. I'm sure I speak for so many of us when I say that it just gets so boring to hold "W" for hours upon hours. Christ, if we even had a "auto-run" option, maybe there'd be a few less threads for us to roll our eyes at!
  2. SNO's POV: I understand that some people feel that it has been post-poned for too long, and I agree. Personally, from me to you guys, I am sorry. I give due credit where it's deserved, and having the foundation of the rules to work upon definitely gives us a cornerstone upon which to build. But we have also revamped almost everything aside from small changes in the rules. The base rules are the only thing we have been using as far as what previous teams have created. But that being said? Unexpected things in real life come up, and I was busy dealing with a crisis client, as I work in the field of mental health with people who have developmental disabilities. Needless to say, it can be extremely taxing on the mental stamina bar. So you'll excuse me if I find it rather condescending to say we are "memeing around" and killing time. I was busy handling my IRL responsibilities so I can pay rent, and pay for my internet so I have the ability to actually be around. Suffice to say, it was bad timing for me. I appreciate the criticism and perhaps needed a fire lit under my ass, but at the same time... if you feel so strongly about it, why didn't you remain on the team? I put in work in my free time as much as I could and I have something to show for it, but I'm just waiting for everything else to fall in place.
  3. I had to manage some things @ work IRL, so it took me a bit a longer to actually sit down and do some writing. The Lore is essentially finished, with a few details that need to be added. But it should be comprehensible and simple but effective. Stay tuned.
  4. lmao the one that gets me is "Do you need anything?" People literally ask me that ALL the time. Do I look needy or something? Or are people just trying to get me to lighten their load? Either way... >_>
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    Thank you for setting up the awards! :)

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      It was long overdue. Still some adjustments, but I think we got them all out :) 

  5. TDawg/Arcus/Dora/Whateverthefuck... This is just ridiculous, man. You don't promote anything but "attention-whoring" with everything you ever inseminate into these forums lately. I feel like many of us are here for storytelling and character development. whatchu doin'? Everything you have been doing lately is a complete and utter lighthouse to signal attention for your rather awkward and menial attempts at a spotlight and it's kinda getting old. I understand you have the need for attention, but there are better ways to communicate yourself across the forums. It's not just me. Reading the feedback from your threads... well, you seem to thrive from both negative AND positive attention. I have a modicum of respect left for ya', but my eyes are tired of rolling, man. If I could -1 this with a click, I'd do it for your sake.
  6. Super-long read, but from what I read (about half), it's pretty well-written, including some of the descriptive imagery. I'll give you credit for the work and effort. Definitely more fleshed out and solid than anything I've written lately. Personally, I just find the stereotyped content to be over-cliche and cringe-y, but each to their own. Maybe I'll finish it later when I haven't been swamped with a dozen other things.
  7. How do I give that zombie some BeanZ?
  8. In what world do you live in that "bad" people aren't marked in some way or another? Name any era of history, and there are criminals or bounties for people... and "wanted posters", most-wanted lists, robbers, thieves....and MURDERERS. In human society, as social creatures, we don't just ignore or forget things like this. I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at here. Often, when people go against the common good of society, they are marked as "Criminals" and thus have records, or hearsay and word-of-mouth of their crimes... locally marked and heard. Also, I have no idea why LiF is even being mentioned. I was under the impression this was a DayZ conversation.
  9. I had this same stance ever since the the thread got started. But then I actually read into it more. Clearly, you haven't, but there's always time! I agree with Rule 15 to a degree. There SHOULD be consequences for repetitive negative actions, but it's hard system to formulate. I'd never end Amy Strange, but I'd also never sit there and give anyone a reason to end her as well. And in this discussion? It seems you get three reasons before you realize you done just fucked up and deserve that permanent end to the story of your character. The rule itself is a sharp, double-edged sword.
  10. Last night I was running around with @Moose and @Voedric and all three of us had 1 FPS and then all experienced this issue. Moose restarted his PC and it fixed it, voedric tried a few times before he could connect but no matter what I tried, I couldn't reconnect. After work, I will try and log into the other server and play for more than a couple minutes and see if that fixes it, but damn was some good RP interrupted.
  11. ::Lucy is praying to her Lord Father when she finds herself surprised to hear her own name pipe out from the radio. She peeks with one eye at the device, and unclasps her hands before picking it up.:: TeeKay. I had assumed you fell victim to the horde that separated us. I mourned briefly and moved on. I'm pleased to hear I was incorrect. I remain unscathed and I have reunited with two of my Brothers. Your presence is no longer required but still desirable. I hope you will rejoin me in the near future. Until then, please do not die. ::Click::
  12. This goes against like half of our planned events, lol. I'm actually leaning towards the opposite spectrum: I was hoping to use the Gods as a tool of influence for people to use. In other words, you can choose to side with certain gods, and their agendas. They'd be more like demi-gods, avatars of the deities themselves, but I liked the idea of the world being in such a catastrophic state that the gods had to intervene and go, "look, this is fucked up. We need to do something about this or it's all going to shit and we'll have nothing". I wanted to use the GMs as gods for events, court hearings, night-time wanderings, etc. Maybe a God is wandering the night, and if you dare to venture out and find him/her, and answer their riddle, you might just find your pockets a bit heavier. Pray to the Gods, maybe they'll come save you from a group of wandering bandits in the wee hours of the night. Have you been stolen from or wronged? Petition the gods, and perhaps a court session is in order at the Gods Keep (or whatever). These are just spitballed ideas, but all the same, I think a more active and acknowledged God presence could actually be pretty interesting for everyone. If people want other gods, sure, they can have their gods, IMO. But their gods would have no power or influence over this land.
  13. Thanks, man! I was hoping it'd be a bit more exciting on my part, but after a big dinner, and few beers, I started getting kinda relaxed and lulled. Plus, I didn't expect to land on the 9 so soon, lols. Also, I'm still sorry about the zombies. I just wanted things to be a bit more interesting... but apparently they got a bit too interesting for you. RIP. Anyway, I'm glad you still enjoyed it because I did too! It's been awhile.