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  1. Stop poisoning people.

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  2. How is naming the stream "drama stream" going to help the community? To put it simple it isn't. This is a gaming community, people come here to play the game and rp. Not to get involved in the ooc drama that's on the forums. To be completely honest, if I saw a stream that is supposedly trying to help a community that I was considering joining called a drama stream, I would close out of the stream and never think about joining again. By all means, address the problems as you see them. But By giving it that name it will do nothing but shine a bad light on the community to any potential new members who happen to cross upon it.
  3. The hell did I miss?

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  4. Back to 1......... oh wait. 2
  5. Same system is still there as far as i can tell you. As for a purge, I don't see the need. As long as staff members are doing their jobs there isn't a problem. If they aren't doing their jobs and it calls for a removal then like shark said they will get a pm or a talk in ts about why. Its something all admins have done at one time or another.
  6. Nominee: @Terra Reason: Basically everything everyone else has stated. It's one of the best things I've read this year on the forums. Evidence: same link as everyone else.
  7. Fix your name.

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      Hello - my name is Bizbok. How may I help you Sparkles?

  8. Jog on. You happy now?
  9. Really? you damn well know the answer for this. Stop wasting staffs time and do something productive.
  10. About time you leave scrub <3
  11. Make me proud and don't let me down. 

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  12. You're not wrong. Going to miss you Asriel.
  13. But Pave......?
  14. In order for a ruleplay over roleplay verdict to be issued, we normally have to have some kind of evidence giving us a picture of how the roleplay was, if the situation called for it etc. Your report did not have this thus we can not come to a conclusion on something we can not see and judge properly. If you need more clarification on the subject you are free to pm me or any other member of the Admin team.
  15. Except, it really depends on who you are. Cory used KOS rights within a 2 hour timer and was banned for ruleplay. Please explain how it matters who you are?
  16. While I haven't read the report yet and don't know all the details, normally this wouldn't be classed as a rdm. Just because you take someone hostage after they have taken you hostage does not negate your KOS rights. You can use them at anytime within the two hour timer normally.
  17. I say give it another shot. People were always on it and it was one of the most successful side projects we had until the constant DDOS attacks every hour sunk its claws in.
  18. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion on staff. They just aren't allowed to flame people. We have explained this multiple times. "Your comments here make as much sense as some of the verdicts you write." If this was posted in staff feedback it would still more than likely receive some punishment, be it snipping or warning points. It's about the way it's phrased. Even if we completely ignore the context surrounding his post and look at what exactly he wrote it is still a flame. If he wrote in staff feedback "Some of the verdicts you write make no sense." then it wouldn't have been a problem. It wouldn't be very constructive unless he linked some verdicts but nonetheless it would be fine. This is different - if you cannot see that from how the ban appeal verdict was delivered we are not sure what more we can do to help get the point home. Something can be criticism and someone's opinion and still be flaming. It isn't excused as "not flaming" due to that person giving criticism. Now with your question answered this will be /solved and closed. If Nihoolious thinks the verdict delivered is false he can appeal it to Rolle via PMs.
  19. Frosty pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you hit someone with a baseball bat and emote out that it fucks up their leg without their permission then yes it would be considered power gaming. However, if you just smack them with the bat using the in game mechanics without emoting anything, then it is up to the other player on whether or not any real damage is done and if a scar would occur. So if you hit someone with an in game object, using the in game mechanics for that object to hurt someone and then you don't emote anything afterward leaving it completely up to the other player on what happens then no rule has been broken in my opinion.
  20. Never give up hope.