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  1. Scrub

    1. Hebee



    2. Hassan
  2. Get good scrub

    1. Shadows


      what is this about this time

  3. o7 scrub you did aight.
  4. Says you
  5. Damn ginger..... TO THE WALL WITH YOU!
  6. Should be easy enough to do. Just gotta get the big man to do it.
  7. hi

    Who are you?
  8. I hate you.... <3 couldn't have asked for a better admin partner. Get on TS more scrub and soon™ Miss you too. Hold down the fort and whatever you do don't trust @Aiko
  9. Like the title says, i didn't make one of these last time so here we go. I've been in staff since late 2015. I've seen the ups and downs of this community and waves come and go. But throughout my time in staff i always had a spark that kept me going and made me enjoy the work. When i left back in December i had no motivation, i wasn't enjoying the work and with the holiday season i just didn't have the time. I reapplied and rejoined back sometime at the end of January, thinking it was the Holiday season that caused this lapse in activity. I turned out to be wrong. To put it simply that spark that was there when i first joined is gone. Its no longer the same as it was when i was a little CH sitting in the helpdesk about a year ago. The team that i knew and cared about has changed, friends have come and gone. For better or worse i cant exactly say. But my heart just isn't in it anymore. There are to many people for me to put down to say thanks for teaching me along the way or for just making my run the blast that it was. If i forgot someone i would never hear the end of it. So thanks everyone, you know who you are. Its time for me to play the game more and maybe i might just get some points.
  10. Ya did good kid

  11. To be honest, it comes and goes for me. Sometimes its great and i want to get in game whenever i have the free time. Other times everything seems stale. I cant really say what causes this because i honestly don't know. I can go weeks to months having fun and everything is fine. Then the next day im randomly burned out.
  12. Im going to go with James.....