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  1. This place is a fucking joke
  2. No. I feel the current rules regarding mis-ID during firefights is perfectly fine and of all the rules that need changed/worked on/tweaked this is definitely not one of them There are easy ways to avoid getting mis-id in a firefight, most of which have already been mentioned such as not having your gun out, having your hands in the air as soon as you realize what is going on. I myself have only been Mis-ID once in my 3 years here and that was no big thing to me cause the guy apologized and that was the end of it.
  3. First game I ever played was Return to castle Wolfenstein in 2001 when I was about 5, played it with my dad cause he got it as a bundle along with a graphics card. Some of my favourite games I first played were Half-life 2, C&C Generals and Red alert 2. Loved gaming for most of my life, spent all of highschool with an Xbox 360, got my own desktop about 3/4 years ago cause my laptop was too crap.
  4. My favourite dad, big papa Thump
  5. donations

    This is the best RP I've had in a long time
  6. You'd think after almost 5 years there would be some sort of consistent rule set that everyone (staff especially) understood and agreed on
  7. Jimlad
  8. When Valk kills the hostage so you don't have to roleplay anymore
  9. Who?
  10. These people make me want to kill myself
  11. Renegades walking into settlements like
  12. The settlement rules are shit, they were shit in the mod and they're still shit now #neverforgetSolace
  13. "I'll be there in a bit lads, I've just got to grab me helmet first" Patrick begins to gather his items and run to the meeting point, thinking of that time they had a brawl outside Shannon' pub and how fun it all was
  14. As a Non-American I would just like to say that I hope Donald Trump proves to be a good and successful president for America