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  1. banter

    Oh boy, killing some filthy heathens are we?
  2. *Throws incriminating evidence of self in court case, when trying to incriminate someone else* 

    • Black Phoenix
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    Deleting status updates like a fake one.

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  3. @Strider, teach me how to be a French Canadian. I want to be a horrible human being too.

    1. Strider



  4. You're dead to me, fakeass
  5. I miss @Tosh
  6. hi

    Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.
  7. Pado is just a sentry turret.
  8. Oh dear.
  9. To be honest, I don't know anymore. Other than simply saying "You have been doing a great job so far!" the lines of what seems to be legit criticism and "not contributing" have been growing closer and closer in my eyes.
  10. My true dad Thumper He who was like my Saint, Joan of Arc.
  11. Personally, I have always been an advocate for the concept of freedom of choice and the player choosing whether or not to perma-death. However, I am not exactly against the idea the rule is bringing into discussion. Value of life has diminished on RP and we have lost the fear of the consequences of our actions on this server, the idea would spark consequences and fear for life again. It's not perfect as stated previously but no rules here are perfect either, so trying to adjust to it doesn't seem that bad. From the irrelevant opinion of yours truly, Hood
  12. Faction DLC downloaded.
  13. Never forget when Vic captured a couple of my boys and telling him it was okay to beat the living shit out of them. Good times and banter.
  14. It works on a "case by case" basis which ultimately leads the verdicts to be decided by how the team handling the report interprets rules. Edit: But as far as I know when it comes to reports it's still the same process as it has been for awhile (I.E mods and others give opinion, etc)