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  1. *Alexander picks up his radio* "I have the Ammo and the mags you need in my stash hit me up with a meeting location if you want to trade" *Takes his hand off the PTT button*
  2. IGN: James Hamilton/Alexander Dukov Country: UK English skills: First and only language DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 700 hours Roleplaying Experience: Played Dayzrp since 26/12/2013 What kind of In Game role best describes you: Variety depending on character and surroundings. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Volki V2, V3 leader of V4. 501st(Mod). ZBOR(Clan Leader). CRA v1, v2. PUA(Mod)(leader) Too many other smaller groups Additional notes: I prefer to be a physical presence during RP down on the ground during hostile moments rather that on a hill missing the conversation. I think I bring experience to any group due to my time within RP in many different types of groups from hostile to passive. I have a good experience with the rules having never received a point/ban ever although playing as a "bandit" a large majority of the time. I was also a staff member for 8-9 months. Best way to contact you: Backstory: (changes dependent on group or character. Read my Character page for one of them)
  3. Top lad Voodoo mate. I will have to come up and meet up with you soon and we can go out. Keep on contact, you know where you can reach me if you ever need me.
  4. Missed my 3 year anniversary by a few days. Somehow 3 years with a clean sheet.
  5. I think its only really funny when others change peoples descriptions not when people change their own, so I believe that the power should remain with staff
  6. Until my work dies down a bit I dont see this being possible. I am far to busy to run a group let alone play can this be archived.
  7. I am currently very busy with work and family at the moment but I am looking to coming back when I have some time. Should be a couple of weeks.
  8. As the serye Volki I left IC before Zelenegorsk due to Alexander's feeling that they swayed from the original meaning of the Volki as well as so far we have no previous Zbor members and if they are not many.
  9. Our Lord and saviour PSI asked us to make it great again I'm just answering the call :volki: :troll:
  10. Bringing some of 2014 back for the 4 year anniversary
  11. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Before anyone else can[/align]
  12. Whats the first bit of food your going to go for? good to hear your almost done with all that.
  13. Mod was good and ran far better for me with the player base we have now I could see it working again so fingers crossed really. At least 3 times a day I must reminisce with people in comma about things that happened back in arma 2 I don't have a single moment in standalone that I look back on the same way I do weather it was with CRA or Volki and so on. +1 bring back mod
  14. RP died with Mod
  15. Bye

    Bags of respect for you and all the help you offered me when my activity dropped and stayed to help me right until the last day or so.