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  1. Twas damn fun to meet you and the group of misfits you seem to have at Tissy, although it was sad to hear about Domek finally ;-;
  2. Gunna say, if it was a "Double dip" as is so claimed they would have received more points and a longer game ban. More points is due to each in game infraction being 10 points (With I believe one or two exceptions), that would have been 20 in total and is 5 higher than what either person received, nor were the times combined. Instead they received an increase of points which follows under "Aggravated punishment". What it seems you are all complaining about is the being found guilty of multiple rule-breaks... which seems odd and hopefully I am simply misunderstanding this fact given they were not punished for each individual rule-break as separate entities. :Shrug:
  3. I am a tad late, but welcome back mate. I recall our adventures fondly.
  4. Group archived as per OP request.
  5. I am not the only one to visit here soon.
  6. Well, welcome back even if I dont know you at this time. I may well get to if you feel like hanging around.
  7. Yeah, that was definitely an interesting situation to be told about in the helpdesk at least it keeps me on my toes!
  8. Just responding to this bit, which makes no sense to me given its a response to "Breaking rules repeatedly". Are you saying we should continue to extend lenience towards those that continuously get themselves in trouble and breach our community rules? If so I fail to see the logic behind that.
  9. Moved to general discussion, as per OP request.
  10. While I agree that there has been remarkably less traffic through the guides section recently (Due to its location being more out of the way that prior) I also find that Oliv's solution is the best there can be due to the new forums layout and coding. It allows people browsing the forums section to see that there are guides whilst still maintaining the guides in their new little corner of the forums. Only slight downside is that one can not view recent posts and the like from the main forum page unlike the other sub-forum locations, this however is not a big issue.
  11. Welcome back mate, good to see a slightly older face around again.
  12. Closing and archiving this group as per request from its leader AndyTWD In order to have this thread pulled out of archive a member of staff will need to be messaged with the request.
  13. What if after you die, you wake up with a bong in your hand and your alien friend asks “How was it?”.

    1. Emile


      America has changed you...

  14. 1st bit of feedback


    Use fucking mod colors for your avatar and shit already

    1. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      Well there you go mate, all nice and green for you.

      Now, do I get some catnip for it?

    2. Brutus
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    Why are you never on ts anymore?

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    2. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      Oh fiiine, I will go step out and say hi. :P

    3. Otto

      You better get on. I have no purpose in life without Von Cat Banter.

    4. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      I guess I have to be around now.