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  1. Actually, we would end up in a very different place. Why? Different stories created by different events will shape the servers. Groups such as the Makers cult (Forget their actual name), the Reapers, Blackwood, 101st, 501st, ect wont exist in the same for if at all. ::Shrug::
  2. If I recall correctly permed accounts get deleted after a certain amount of time so as to free up their usernames once more. That in itself essentially renders linking the awards to banned accounts useless (In a forum mechanics sense).
  3. What, me? No never! @descendants Had a fun little while with you before going off for that medical rescue wish we had been able to catch you when we returned.
  4. I mean, its not like it would really hurt anything. So why not?
  5. So... you don't want people to Roleplay as soldiers in a Roleplaying community? For the reason that you disagree with said roleplay? Alrighty then, I better just ditch my character... Yeah, nah. Not going to happen. Lets also mention the gear situation is just something that happens because this is a game so deal with it. Beyond that your perception of soldiers is just that, your perception, it may have been their job to protect people but it has been years since the world has basically fallen and each person does their own thing now. Surprise surprise soldiers are people too and ergo they will also do their own thing.
  6. 58bfad09ec43a_Aknight...jpg.efef0bff8694f17f7cd017d8973c6c2a.jpg

    @Mace Good to see you back wanderer. 

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    2. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      On the very western end of the east west road all the way in the north is a good place for crossbow bolts. If I aint making sense I can always show you a map sometime :P

    3. Mace


      I'll lace up my boots and get to trudging then. I have an idea of where you mean. Hope to see you soon.

    4. Samaritan


      @Mace long time. You setting up on the shore again. I miss your boat.

  7. The only unfortunate thing is leaving in that manner has seemingly raised their reputation in certain parts of the community, which is honestly quite pathetic but.. well ::Shrug::
  8. Ehh, yeah no.
  9. You are correct that most survivors (At least represented by characters on the server) are foreign, you are also correct with most Chernarussians then being civilians as well. However lately I have noticed a decline in Chernarussian characters in general, this may however just be my luck in terms of encountering or hearing about them. :Shrug:
  10. One of the more common things I tend to see is people simply wearing the clothing and using the equipment, which I think is perfectly fine given the situation and how long it has been. Most of that clothing is pretty durable and may well help you live by virtue of making it easier to hide. That being said.. I have run into my fair share of newer members deciding to be Marines or Navy seals, or Spetsnaz... Now, as I am personally one of those people whom RP's a military character (Albeit a Chernarussian Defense Force member) ima go do that defensive thing. Even within the description of a 'military character' there can is a large variety of different little ways to go, not all soldiers are front line, you have engineers, communications, medical, support, cooks, drivers, pilots, aircrew ect ect ect. Besides that each person has a different reason for enlisting (Or perhaps they were conscripted?) and a different mind set, it just takes that little bit of effort to portray and tadaaa, unique character.
  11. Aiko has all of this right on the damn nail, and I fully agree with her statements about staff itself (Myself speaking as an ex staff member). Not everyone can do what needs to be done, it is hard to ban friends or watch them get banned. Yet we did and staff will continue to do so, it is not a matter of who their friends are but the job they volunteered to do. Seems a lot of people are forgetting that.
  12. Oh my, the fond memories of PCB's and random admin zombie horde events... The ability to design your own settlement or just add small details to the map... Now you have me purring at those memories, I can only sit here and wait patiently for such a thing to come around... and maybe plot and plan a few map locations. In terms of how they would be implemented, I would think similar to how things were done back when we had a mod of our own to control. Someone would post their design in a thread on a specialized section of the forums with pictures a video and a backstory for the location, people would then vote yay or nay depending on if they liked it or not. The Dev team would then take these votes into consideration when deciding implementation or not.
  13. Would probably save.
  14. Praise Budha o7 Staggers.