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  1. ::Bardov once again thumbs the transmit on his radio to speak in reply:: "Right now you appear to be some sort of moron, you are aware that you are in Chernarus, correct? I would also assume you have some rough idea of how long it has been since this whole 'outbreak' started. Or at least have the common intelligence to know it has been a very long time..." "I recommend you quite quickly shut up, and move locations from where you presently are, otherwise people will come and try to kill you..." ::He releases the transmit button:: 0 Quote Edit
  2. I wonder what would happen if even a handful of those old staff members where let in at one time rather than piecemeal? Either way, as a former GM I look at what is happening now and just kind of wonder what the hell is going on. I don't have anything else to add because the likes of Ceaser (Admin), Thumper (Admin), Rampage (Admin) and many names Tosh (Also Admin) have covered basically everything.
  3. Pretty sure this reply just means you are not really paying attention to the discussion at all. Execution in this discussion is being considered for bringing permanent death upon the executed, so, prey tell how can a dead person execute the living? Even with the three rule, which mean what? You have to 'Final solution' someone three times? Because if I recall correctly an execution is supposed to be a last resort, an end to what ever encounters and interactions are being had. Or has that meaning been so lost that it is now casual to just execute someone every time you see them? Overall the addition of this just seems like it is going to be more of a hindering factor than anything that brings advantage.
  4. Praise Budha

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    ::Bardov once again thumbs the transmit on his radio to speak in reply: "If you have contact with the people you met yesterday, including the man whom gave you this frequency, contact them. If not, let me know" "My friend shall name a place to meet for you and let me know of its location as well." "This distortion of information is required to hinder any tracking that might be occurring." "Slavá na Chernarus" ::He releases the transmit button::
  6. private

    ::Bardov, Upon receiving the expected transmission would wait a few moment before thumbing the transmit button and speaking:: "This is Lieutenant Bardov, Chernarussian Defense Forces." "The individual you speak of has been a long standing friend of mine, he passed you this frequency because of how you identify yourself. It is rare to come across one whom still names themselves a member of our Defense Force." "I suppose it would now be up to your decision, if I am indeed a person of interest to you Vojtech." "Slavá." ::He releases the transmit button::
  7. Right, from reading this thread one of the most irritating arguments I have seen so far in opposition to a wipe is. "In a few weeks everything will be the same again" No, no it wont. Want to know why? People don't turn into crazy psychopaths that quickly, its a thing that takes large amounts of time. If people start doing that right off the bat, just watch all those bad RP reports roll on in about it. Just as a reminder as well, you don't need crazy for conflict. ::Shrug:: I just wanted to get that out of the way.
  8. Just to say it here, damn good writing as always Crim.
  9. Andrik Sewick

  10. Let me think about that... No. The server has not been up that long at all, and so what if there are established towns or villages? Its a RP server not a public one "Unfair on new players" does not really come into play near as much as a result.
  11. Just going to mention, there are over 20000 people in this community, for you to have spoken to "Damn near everyone" is nearly impossible for various reasons.
  12. Uh... Suggestion, come up with an original character. You are not aloud to use a famous person.
  13. Alright, well... here goes. Due to recent inactivity due to both personal and game related reasons (One the other or perhaps both for certain people.. including myself) I am requesting this group be archived until further notice. It was a fun run, but right now it just aint going to really pan out at all. o7