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  1. It is also a matter of simplicity, or at least I would assume so. After all, how would one judge a text RP firefight? Does it simply come down to who can out-word their opposition? Or would it be done with a variety of dice rolls similar to D&D combat? In which case how do we judge peoples stats? Adding a combat or hostilities element would simply get very complicated very fast.
  2. Accrediting information is more than you had done before, so there is some progress. However, you might want to prove your point with the demographics. So far all we have is proof showing otherwise. You quote the phrase "No Basis", no one has said that against you. Not sure where you pulled that one from but it is not a good thing for you to place words into others mouths. Oh, and you may not appreciate being told to fuck yourself, I am sure Satan and Voe did not appreciate having their work plagiarized. Yes, it is a rather basic theme if you boil everything else down, but I don't know that many that have >Disaster/s > Foreign unbeatable invasion, one or the other maybe. What prevented you from veering from that course? Well, everything available only points at the works of two others. I am fully aware of the intent of vagueness, I did run the group 'Ta Seda' after all. However you have missed my point, either through choice or simply a lack of understanding, so for clarification. The lore written by Satan and Voe was far more vague, a large part of what you have done is dress what they did with bells and whistles, adding specifics that force stories upon others. Regardless? Where did I mention anything about talking with Satan, you seem to have veered of the topic without any noted reason. All this looks like is a quite pitiful attempt to divert attention from what you have done, plagiarize their work. And whilst doing so achieve what? Some sort of 'poor me' support? But given you decided to bring this up, why not dig my claws into it. You are a team leader, and here you are saying you had no want to talk with one of your team? That's kind of petty, especially given it appears to be over something that you can quite easily fix. Besides that what attitude from them was deplorable? Are you simply going to mention a claim and not back it up? Last thing for now, yes there are great writers from the past. Yes they inspire, does that mean someone with a stick up their ass can take their work and re write it before claiming it as their own? No, no it does not.
  3. If Satan's and Voedric's work is involved, give them credit for it. If not say as much. Honesty is not that hard of a thing is it? Nor is recognition where recognition is due. Also, the condescending attitude of one of your "team" is uncalled for, perhaps you should talk to him about that. Remember, people are looking to you and your team and right now they are not putting on a good show at all. But seeing as so far you have failed to do either of those things, which are both pretty common sense and common decency, here I am. Now, I have access to the original works, provided so that I could compare and analyze the two. Looking through it and "Your" lore, there are some noticeable, however minor, differences, that I will admit. But the whole story in itself rings along the same tune down to a note. A coincidence? I am inclined to disbelieve that. Base plot as both go. >All three races at peace >Food/water becomes difficult to come by >Slavards primary aggressors > Gottlung's defend themselves >Khoor fight Gottlungs as well > Disaster/s > 'Outlanders' Invade >Exodus The faction organizations and beliefs. Exactly the same, yet reworded slightly. Believe it or not, that is still called plagiarism. Slavard, hardy north-men. Poor farmland, good hunting and fishing. Shipbuilders, clan system. Honor, glory, family. Pantheon system of religion as a primary. Gottlungs, Farmers, builders. City walls and the feudal system, more inclined to singular god than a pantheon. Khoor, Nomadic peoples, live from the land, masters of horses. Weakness is disapproved of or shunned outright. Spiritual belief system rather than one around gods. The biggest difference is you have strung more bells and whistles on to call it your own. Other differences, you changed the disaster that occurred then added a new one as well (Bells and whistles) but follow the same base plot laid by Satan and Voe. Where as they have a specific explained reason for the wars start you have the same details just no base cause. Where they were non specific in details of the war (Mainly Khoor involvement) you have made them a mercenary people. Then made the Slavards do a dis-Honorable action? The foreign force of "Outlanders" is exactly the same with minor detail edits. Now, I could go through again and point more things out. But I have gone through the major points. I await your reply.
  4. So, it looks like I missed a lot in the last week... Anyone fancy filling me in? 

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  5. ::Bardov once again thumbs the transmit on his radio to speak in reply:: "Right now you appear to be some sort of moron, you are aware that you are in Chernarus, correct? I would also assume you have some rough idea of how long it has been since this whole 'outbreak' started. Or at least have the common intelligence to know it has been a very long time..." "I recommend you quite quickly shut up, and move locations from where you presently are, otherwise people will come and try to kill you..." ::He releases the transmit button:: 0 Quote Edit
  6. I wonder what would happen if even a handful of those old staff members where let in at one time rather than piecemeal? Either way, as a former GM I look at what is happening now and just kind of wonder what the hell is going on. I don't have anything else to add because the likes of Ceaser (Admin), Thumper (Admin), Rampage (Admin) and many names Tosh (Also Admin) have covered basically everything.
  7. Pretty sure this reply just means you are not really paying attention to the discussion at all. Execution in this discussion is being considered for bringing permanent death upon the executed, so, prey tell how can a dead person execute the living? Even with the three rule, which mean what? You have to 'Final solution' someone three times? Because if I recall correctly an execution is supposed to be a last resort, an end to what ever encounters and interactions are being had. Or has that meaning been so lost that it is now casual to just execute someone every time you see them? Overall the addition of this just seems like it is going to be more of a hindering factor than anything that brings advantage.
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    ::Bardov once again thumbs the transmit on his radio to speak in reply: "If you have contact with the people you met yesterday, including the man whom gave you this frequency, contact them. If not, let me know" "My friend shall name a place to meet for you and let me know of its location as well." "This distortion of information is required to hinder any tracking that might be occurring." "Slavá na Chernarus" ::He releases the transmit button::
  10. private

    ::Bardov, Upon receiving the expected transmission would wait a few moment before thumbing the transmit button and speaking:: "This is Lieutenant Bardov, Chernarussian Defense Forces." "The individual you speak of has been a long standing friend of mine, he passed you this frequency because of how you identify yourself. It is rare to come across one whom still names themselves a member of our Defense Force." "I suppose it would now be up to your decision, if I am indeed a person of interest to you Vojtech." "Slavá." ::He releases the transmit button::
  11. Right, from reading this thread one of the most irritating arguments I have seen so far in opposition to a wipe is. "In a few weeks everything will be the same again" No, no it wont. Want to know why? People don't turn into crazy psychopaths that quickly, its a thing that takes large amounts of time. If people start doing that right off the bat, just watch all those bad RP reports roll on in about it. Just as a reminder as well, you don't need crazy for conflict. ::Shrug:: I just wanted to get that out of the way.
  12. Just to say it here, damn good writing as always Crim.
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  14. Your drunk go home cat.