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  1. @Hope snapping out on Rico (Don't know forum name ) @Stitches great RP, by the way. @Mr.Panda literally the worse kid ever.
  2. Who the hell even uses sneakers?

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      *coughs twice* Black converse



      Those who wish to sneak.



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  3. 👌👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍆🍆🍆
  4. No shitposting here. I'll report u. I swear. <3
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  5. Is it possible to move this question to General Discussion? It seems like it gathered more answers than I expected.
  6. Yesterday we had a discussion in TS3 about what happens if a factions takes over the settlement of another faction. Let's do an example: There's two factions - FACTION 1 and FACTION 2. FACTION 2 has Summer Camp as their settlement. FACTION 1 attacks the settlement, kills everyone resisting, executes everyone that surrendered, but they never leave the settlement. After two hours, FACTION 2 comes back and attacks FACTION 1 that was still hanging around Summer Camp. FACTION 2 loses the firefight, and FACTION 1 still doesn't leave the settlement. Would FACTION 2 or FACTION 1 be committing a rule-break? If so, which one?
  7. First Annotation -- Bastion You know, I just found this journal here. Hell, I haven't written anything other than radio frequencies for months, so I might as well try and write a little bit whenever I feel like it. It's good for letting the steam off, I guess... Now... What to write about? Well, I met these fellas couple days ago. Called themselves "Bastion". The man who looks like their leader is called Miller, and he's quite a nice guy. I also got the chance to meet this man called Casimir and this kid called Peter or something. He's literally twelve years old, and has a better shot than Miller. I'll tell you this much: Kid is annoying, but I like him. Seems like he has a future in this wasteland. I've been called by them yesterday, and we decided to go from Green Mountain to Kabanino. Literally the worse place on Earth... Well, it was a few months ago. Reaching the city, a member of Bastion gets taken, by who looked like The Saviors, in the middle of Stary Sobor. I met these Saviors a few days before, and they didn't look that bad. Anyway, the Saviors escorted a bunch of hostages out of Stary to Kabanino, right into our hands. After a small talk to them, some random 'mercenary group', as they called themselves, came outta nowhere and got us to put our hands up. Miller, on the other hand, killed at least three of them and ran away. I didn't have the same luck, and stood there with my hands up, constantly looking around if I had the chance to pull out my pistol from it's holster and kill the one guy who was watching me. Well, after this cluster fuck, the mercenaries run away and let us alive. I thought it would be a good idea to gather those hostages to fight back the Saviors in Stary, however, Miller did a bad call and captured one of them. After about one whole hour of running trough fields and tree-lines, the Saviors find them and start a gunfight. Miller runs away and decides to leave the hostage, since he had sprained an ankle or something, and wouldn't be able to keep on his pace. Suddenly, some people hear a fuck ton of shots coming from Green Mountain. It were the Saviors attacking that compound. I still don't know whats the name of those god damn people, but I like them... Sort of. Anyhow, Miller calls for backup from some Chernarussians to assault the compound and take it back from the Saviors. Once we reach the place, I pick up the best over-watch position I can, and stay there for more than thirty minutes, just watching the door. In the end, a bunch of us gets shot, we shoot a bunch of 'em. It was a fair trade, honestly. We're all fucked up after that fight. Hell, I got shot twice. First one was a direct hit to my shoulder, second one was just a scratch on my arm. I decided to leave that fucking place before a grenade blew off. Just seems like an utter cluster fuck that I didn't really want to join. I bandaged myself in a house nearby. Thank god the first bullet went trough. I guess my left arm will be really fucked up for the next days... What can I say? At least I'm alive. I've been trough worse, anyway. Maybe one day I might write down some more about myself and all that kind of emotional stuff, but until then, this is all. Ain't got time for writing right now. Still need to go talk to Miller about yesterday, and probably get myself to talk with the Saviors. Even though this Bastion group just had a massive firefight with them, it's better to put out the fire than to feed more wood into it, right? After all, they don't even know I'm part of Bastion. I don't even know for myself. They seem like good people, and I like good people, however, I'm not the best one to stay around these kind. I can be a little... Rough... Sometimes. I guess time will tell.
  8. I liked the RP in Kab yesterday, however it was kind of a clusterfuck, to be honest. I don't really have any names to tag, but we had some great RP coming out from the hostages. It was an intense thing. Unfortunately, the whole thing at Green Mountain that happened a few hours later didn't really give out as much as I expected. Some yelling from inside the compound would be appreciated, just so we don't have to stand there, motionless until something happens. Greatest moment was when @Hope appeared behind of us out of nowhere, and instantly ran off. It was fun tho. Good job guys
  9. You know what we actually need? TAVI-fucking-ANA
  10. Good job with the thread. Let's just hope that this update live up to it's expectations, since it's Beta anyways. The only thing we need is Workshop. And...
  11. 1440 Posts. Same resolution I played DayZ.

    On my way to 1k500.

  12. Being a "super-soldier" doesn't mean that you can't RP properly. I used to roll with super-soldiers, and I played some myself. I'll tell you this: It was fun. I brings some interesting situations, great stories about the past and about things he had done back then. I don't care if the person is role-playing a god damn super-soldier, what I care for is the RP that said person is giving out to others. Let it like the way it is. Its fine.
  13. Loving you guys so far:
  14. Just got 200 BeanZ. Now it looks like I'm a "Regular".

    Think that's a compliment.

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      Whereas 150-200 is "Recognized". Much better.

      Congratulations btw.

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      Rogério SkyLab

      Thanks! Onward to 250!