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  1. One of my screenshots was used for a DayZ status report on their Facebook feed!

    I feel accomplished!

    1. Roach


      Awesome dude :D which image was it?

      And Congrats :D

    2. Rogério SkyLab
    3. Saunders


      That wicked. The pic is pretty neat man!

  2. Not one of my finest works, but I like it:


    1. Hoodlum


      It's fantastic. 

      If you that's not your finest work then ... damn.

    2. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      I mean, I only put up some A3 cinematics with black-outlined white text.

      I'm very happy with it, since it gets the message straight. But I was imagining something way better. If only DayZ had an Editor mode. Oh boy, that would be the greatest thing for me.

  3. Raymond Haller

  4. The DayZRP City Hold cycle:

    >Group announces a city being strongholded by them;

    >People go there to get the RP they've been waiting for;

    >Bad people go there to get the RP they've been waiting for;

    >IC Fights ensue inside the city;

    >Main group kicks people's butt off;

    >People return with their group, trying to fuck over with the city holders;

    >Reports happen;

    >More bad people and less good people in-town;

    >Rumors say that there are some shit happening at said town, and people should not go there;

    >People don't go there because of rumors;

    >City dies.

    (I'm truly hoping Gorka doesn't finish like this)


    1. Hoodlum


      You can't break the cycle.

      We need more small settlements far apart, a big town can't hold it's own on a 60 person server. Once we have 100+ servers, maybe we can have a working hub.

    2. Western

      fucking true mate 

    3. Moody20


      Ill kill em all. Everyday

  5. Working on a video project. More like another Introduction video for DayZ. Will post some previews still today, hopefully.

  6. I love making these wallpapers. This time, I'll put a comparison:


    1. Hoodlum


      I wish I was better with ReShade/SweetFX, I could use a game looking like your edit.

  7. We do need to take down all of these "You're fucked" and "I'm a big guy" Radio Chatters all over the place, although I don't feel like there's indeed a need to remove the essence of Radio Chatter, and that is to 'Chatter'. Radio messages about informative stuff, alongside messages from people trying to contact other people are ok with me. The thing I wish didn't exist, is this new type of Radio Chatter, where people only put up some small sentences about how much someone screwed up and is going to pay for it. Those are everywhere. Exceptions exist, of course.
  8. *Toby reaches for a paper on his desk, and starts reading it out loud. After a brief pause, he picks the radio form off the table behind him, setting the correct frequency, and starting his message. You can hear a lot of background noise, such as people talking and hammers hitting wood. There's a violin being played not too far from him* "This is a message to the humble people of Gorka. Name's Tobias, and I am currently helping a small community in the West to grow. I'm sure you can hear all the noise coming from behind me, but hat's beside the point." *He would drag another piece of paper from his left, reading it's content. After a small pause, Toby continues* "So, one of my guys passed trough your town, and he noticed that you are looking for an engineer to... Restore power for the town, and maintain it running. Is that correct? If so, I have one man here that might be of immense help. Let me see..." *He searches for the man's name* "Here he is! His name is Frankie Paige. Used to be a Oil Engineer. I know it can't look like much, but this man has restored full power for their colony over here on the West. We have three generators up and running with some wind and water power, alongside some gasoline extras. The man tried to set up a solar-farm around the hill, but the infected too over, sadly. Anyway, if you're interested, let me know." "As of now, he's on a supply run not far from South Zagoria. If he's where I think he is, he might be able to get to you in less than 2 days. I'm waiting for a response so I can contact him." *Tobias lets his thumb off the transmission button, as he turns back to writing some letters for a friend*
  9. That post was my bad. A misunderstand of facts lead me to writing that. Sorry.
  10. -snip-
  11. I want to start this by saying that this type of response in the forums, must stop: All this "are you mad?" and "stop with the salt" is such a dick move to apply on someone. It just encourages OOC Hate and lowkey flaming in and off the forums. Makes me feel like you're a 12 years old trying to get some reputation to walk with the cool kids at the lunch break. What the hell guys? We are all 16+, so consider yourselves mature enough to not use memes on a simple discussion and/or report. You wanna do these things, do them in your Status Updates or don't do it at all. Now, onto the main topic. I personally don't understand how people still think that bandits are the culprits for Stale RP. Sure, some of them can't do half of the role play that you expected he would, but those are not the ONLY cause of this. We are a community with 500+ active players (I'm sure there's a lot more), and you all blame the part of it that tries to spice up the RP? I'd say the worse people are the ones who constantly yell "Fuck the bandit RP. All those pesky loot RPers should be banned!!1!1!". I mean, you want their RP to be better? Try helping them when you get you as a hostage. Just like @Joffrey said, most of the victims have no will to comply, and when they actually do, little to no RP is given in the meantime that he, or she, is with the bandits. The worst part, is that they will report you for BadRP for taking the RP too far, such as to an execution moment. This is a problem that the whole community causes, and the whole community needs to work together in order to solve it. Doing random threads blaming on a single party won't help anyone. I'm sure there are bad bandits, who give no RP whatsoever, out there, and those should be banned. If you think it's BadRP, record it, and make a report. The Staff team will decide that for you. But blaming it on someone without further knowledge of what they do, is a dick move. Hell, I have no clue of who they are as well. Never even met them in game. Let's step up our game and do something other than crying in the forums for the bandits to get banned.
  12. DayZ RP is dying


    1. Willsky


      it's fkn dead

    2. Lucius


      I died with it

  13. I wanted to say "good" creative ideas. As I've stated previously in another topic, groups and events that are different from what you see right now in game are usually sent to the "must ignore" paste, since nobody seems to take it seriously, and just puts it aside as if it were nothing. Been there, done that. And being ignored as a 8+ member group is not encouraging. You feel excluded, and you have no influence in the RP whatsoever. The real problem with creative ideas, is not the ideas themselves, but the people who don't recognize them as good.
  14. I agree 100%. But I've said already what this community needs: >Less OOC Hate >Less unnecessary reports >More respect for The Staff >More creative ideas >And an overall attitude against those pesky Internal RP'ers, who only sit on their ass the whole day talking to the same group of people until their character is perma'd Literally that.
  15. I'd say that a person who constantly gets involved in reports for BadRP is someone whose RP isn't good. Exceptions exist, sure, but it's a variable. As this is supposed to be an Event, it has to go 100% right, so I personally believe that all precautions have to be considered. That's my opinion.