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  1. They only said that there's a small team working on overhauling the visuals. And even if 0.62 were to be only a visual update, it would be great, imo
  2. The Apocalypse doesn't make people crazy. The losses they suffer because of the Apocalypse do. Now, as we all have seen, most of the crazy mongols out there are mostly dead or hiding between trees, since they know that the strong, and by strong I mean sane, people will be hunting them. So, people can't use the 'Crazy' argument as well. Not with the frequency they used to do, at least. As to the violence we see around DayZRP, it only implies that 90% of the survivors are now Psychopaths, because they literally care about nothing, including someone's life, although they are willing to protect their friends, even if that means nothing (Because we all know that people always come back to vengeance, sooner or later). And as of now, no death is permanent, so there's no reason to just kill someone. "Oh, he would grab a gun and shoot me", come on now. Give him a stone knife, some food, a jacket and leave him in the woods. The only difference of killing him on the spot is that it will make him spawn at the coast, with his character fully restored, which is even worse for the killer, because they will now have 100% Bone Stats and Blood Stats once more, as opposed to when he was maintained hostage. Killers need to think about possibilities before shooting someone in the head. It's fun to torture people. It's fun to yell at them, and have them demonstrate fear. It's fun for both sides. But no, "I'll just kill him here, and fuck the role-play". Doesn't sound that good when you put it that way, does it?
  3. I'm definitely hyping for this! However, I feel like you should put up a disclaimer telling people to "Send you a PM with the application", otherwise they might get confused.
  4. Literally 10 days of working into making a 9 minute video, that is only supported by an amount of people that I can count on my fingers.

    It has been out for some considerable time, and no one gave a single opinion on it.

    I might be asking for too much, but Jesus, I've gone trough so much planning and problems to get it done, and even though its not half of what I was planning (which is certainly not my fault), I thought I would get some valuable feedback.

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    2. DocTeeth


      Completely agree, with Roach on that. 

      Best way I can put in my two cent in is: Do what you love because you love it not because of what it might do for you.

      Other than that Roach as covered everything else... other than perhaps if you start to feel its not fun take a small break. Some of my best work comes ta me while I'm on the crapper!

      Shit.... I said to much again.

      has covered everything else*

    3. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      Oh boy, I'm just having a roller coaster of emotions, which doesn't happen very often. Had some personal stuff happen to me some time ago, and all of this schedule I'm trying to follow stresses me out.

      It's not really a question of fame or money. All of my videos are unmonetized and I plan on keeping that way. I do all of this for fun.

      The thing is, I devoted a lot of time, patience and even more time to this, to a point where I expected more to happen. Don't know what exactly.

      Seems like most of the content I post here is ignored for some reason, even though I make it with lots of attention and carefulness, whilst I see some people doing their minimum and getting super b feedback.

      I can't get better if no one tells me whats wrong, just like I can't create new content if no one helps me out. I know Roach and Doc have talked to me, as I've talked to them too, but I've made a whole thread asking for actors. No one could help me, mostly. Why? I don't know. I asked so many people to help me record the scene that I got tired and made it another way, which was almost the same difficulty to play out.

      Anyhow, thanks everyone. The best thing I can get is feedback, and you guys gave me the one I needed. Too bad I don't have BranZ for ya.

    4. DocTeeth


      Mate, if I may... the honest truth is you aint gunna always get whatcha want and sometimes you can only rely on yer'self for content. It doesn't hurt to ask but we gotta remember other folks have real life to contend with as well and my not be able to devote time.

      It's like Eddie always says, hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills first.

      Not to brag but.. I'mma do it anyways, I put roughly a week into every video and most of it is looking for usable content as I don't plan anything out. I play off what I get and use it towards Eddie's story.

      Better yet, as your character says in the first vid.. you just have to adapt.

      Also, I completely understand what you mean about other content looking like it lacks a personal touch.. but sometimes folks just wanna watch the world burn and do so though PvP vids

  5. rp series

    Episode 1 has been added to the main topic, or you can click on the Spoiler under this phrase to watch it!
  6. Finally, Episode 1 is done. It's small, but it's done. A lot of effort has been put into this, and I hope that when I publish it, people will like.


  7. People can't say that the RP lately is good if they only RP with a selected group of people. That's not how it works.
  8. Tosh, or Shark, I don't know, said it was the same dimensions, so we need to wait for an Admin to make it clear Also, thank you!
  9. For now, most of the voice work is done. Thanks to @MattG13 for that. I'm waiting a little bit to decide if I need more of this voicing done. There's lots of variables around this episodes, and as I basically live Murphy's Law, these variables are all changing, and I can't just go and record. However, if I need some more help, I'll make sure to PM you guys, or even revive this thread. Thanks!
  10. So, I loved these screenshots. Like, really. I need more! They didn't. It was always like this. Looks like most Chernarussian kids like the name Brian
  11. So I decided to make some new ones. I hope that Admins are still looking over this thread, otherwise I'll be doing this for nothing. Here you go: @EDIT: Here's the imgur album link, if needed:
  12. I thought that was closed already, or that they weren't accepting new submissions.
  13. I'm suggesting that we have a new banner gathering for the forums. You know right? Those on the top, next to the website's title? Yeah. Most of them are from >0.60 and from the ArmA 2 Mod & Desolation Mod. As much as my nostalgia doesn't want me to say this, it would be great if we had new images from the 0.60 and 0.61 added. (Yes, I know we have some, but let's have more) I have plenty of these to give and share if needed, but it would be nice to update it to show the present times of DayZ and the actual RP we have here. Unless it's going to be a pain in the ass to do it with the new website. In that case, just delete the topic and pretend it never happened.
  14. If the Admins are indeed going to put this back at any time in the future, make sure to add an "[H]" to every hidden channel, just so people can know which channel might have people or not.
  15. Some more: I only take screenshots randomly. I had over 2k screenshots on my last PC, and most of them were just random pictures. If I were to put thoughts into it, It would be like: "Hmm... I like bacon."