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  1. It's like, I just don't like the map at all. It's mostly flat, and as I said, everything looks completely fucked up and repetitive. Something like Tanoa, Altis or Stratis is way more dynamic. You won't find the same scenario twice. That's why the official maps are better on my opinion. And as I said, "there's no point in surviving on this", it wasn't truly my point. I can't see much RP coming off from that place at all. It's just... I don't know. There's isn't much behind it, and it just looks too harsh for an RP server. It could do a good Battle Royale server, yes. But Role-Playing? I don't think so. I don't have many ideas towards the map, so that might be biasing my conclusion, but I can get where you're coming from.
  2. I made this graph so we can have a better idea of how to make our community better. You just gotta follow the indications, and everything will be ok. Seriously now, what the fuck? People are getting banned left and right for doing bad stuff, and as far as I know, they can surely try a Ban Appeal. Some of them don't, because they know they fucked up. I'm not a 'Memer' as one would call himself, but I sure do have a sense of humor. But let me tell you guys something that should have been taught to you all when you were still little kids: "Humor is relative". Whilst making fun of someone seems cool to you, they are not liking it. That's only humor for one of them, so don't go all "But I didn't know" while you actually did know. I see a lot of low-key aggressive comments to members around the forums, as if people were truly intending to talk shit about someone, but they try not to do it in a way that the Staff could punish them, and it works. Other than that, OOC hate is clearly visible with all this bias around the community. Example: Someone drops into a discussion, and less than ten minutes later, all of his friends already joined in as well, clearly supporting him with no critiques whatsoever, and also giving massive amounts of BeanZ for him, for literally no reason other than "I'm friends with this guy, so I might as well give him some of these". It's like we are playing politics in the forums. All of this behavior isn't caused by the "Psi wave", but the new age of internet, where bad taste memes are everywhere, and people love them. Sure, why not? But it has to get to an end, when these memes change your attitude, the way you talk to people. How long will you handle it before you actually use the memes in-game and get banned for it? I've seen a lot of these, but didn't have evidence to report them before I got shadowplay. The casual "My dudes" going to "You should kill yourself, faggot" and a lot more of these distasteful 'memes'. Bring back the Meme Thread so people can shitpost there, not on the discussions and others. Let's channel all of these ridiculous actions into one hole, and let the rest of the community free of this. It needs to stop.
  3. It's cool and all, but it's too destroyed. There's no point in surviving on this. It's literally 70% destroyed buildings. Everything is too dark and etc... We need something way more natural and vivid. Real life would be that way.
  4. I mean, we don't have any other resolution to the repetitive RP problem other than joining a group and doing scripted and internal RP. The Lore-Wipe, as of now, is the best solution we have thought of, other than making 30 different events, which take forever, and last for about one week, giving little no none content for the actual Lore. The only reason this Wipe is happening, is because of the community, not because of staff or the LMs team. It's our responsibility now. They are only making it happen, whilst we almost forced then to do it.
  5. I like it, but I feel concerned about the whole "takes months to show final infected form (the ones we see IG)" and the "half-infected" thing. As of now, people can role-play infected in-game, but they will have "KoS me" on their face, since others gain immediate kill rights on them. Rolle has confirmed this. @EDIT: Also, you can't really be a half-infected on the current lore. It's written somewhere that you can't be on a middle stage. If you get infected, you WILL turn, and there's no working around it other than powergaming. Now, the history is good, and it's ok for me. Work on it and the LMs might have a look.
  6. And by buggy, I mean this: It has been around for a while, but the fix haven't arrived yet, I believe. I've searched around, but couldn't find anything to stop this from happening. Is there a temporary fix as of now? Or is it a forum issue still?
  7. Apparently, the plan is to start at the early days of the apocalypse, which means there will be plenty more military groups and oppressive groups, just like there will be a good amount of good groups trying to reunite people. It's what people would do in case of an Apocalypse. It has happened back then, and will happen again. That's a great change in RP for itself, since people will have to adapt to the first days. I made a quick little guide for these people who have no idea on how to adapt. You can check it if you want. But I'm sure it won't be all. The LMs probably have some cards in their sleeves that they haven't talked about, but will in the near future, I believe. For now, we wait.
  8. How to Role-Play a recent Apocalypse.

    As of now, this thread has been made, hinting that a probable Lore-Wipe will happen, and according to this statement, the new Lore will set up the Game Time in the beginnings of the outbreak: So I decided to put together a smallish guide to help people, those being newcomers or veterans, to understand the mentality of a normal person whose country has just been struck by apocalyptic events. Let us begin. -INTRODUCTION- First of all, you have to remember: You are a 'new person'. Doesn't matter if you're bringing your previous character to the new Lore of not, you will need to have a different personality. I'm not talking about heavy changes, but small things that wouldn't coincide with the new history of this server. You were a normal person who was (or not) at Chernarus, and it got fucked up by an unknown plague, killing most humans and letting some others alive miraculously. You have no clue on how it works, since it hasn't been much since Day 1. You are basically your typical pre-wipe character, but a lot less hardened by the survival aspects of being alive in the wasteland, since you have just started your journey, and there would be no reasons for you to already be a cold blood assassin that lives by the 'kill or be killed' rule, YET. Unless you have always been that sort of guy before the apocalypse went down, a thing that you don't see that often. Now, another thing for you to remember, is that old groups would make sense now. Remember military groups? Private company groups? Mafia groups and etc...? They would make A LOT more sense now, since it's still the start of it all. The government isn't 100% destroyed yet, so why not try to hold it while the rest of the world decays? Groups like ChDKZ or NAPA, or even the Blue Hat Bois United Nations guys would make more sense now, so there's no need to be afraid of harsh critiques and conflicting stories with the Lore. You're pretty much 110% more free to make a military and/or innovative group. -FIRST DAYS- You see, humanity is never prepared for this kind of stuff. In the U.S, about 3 million people are prepared for the end of the world. This amount is less than 1% of the actual population from the entirety of the country. This acts as proof that shit will happen, and when it happens, we will all die or struggle to live. So, you are, for example, a drunken farmer that has no family other than his wife, you live in the farmlands of Chernarus. Suddenly, you see a trespasser over your property. You yell at him, and he yells back at you, saying: "Wait, wait!". You talk for a moment, and he explains about the major disaster that's going down in a city not that far away from here, and that there are some sort of 'zombies' coming to your house, what do you do? If it were me, I'd grab my good old bolt action rifle and defend my house, aaand die not so long after because it was a big ass horde of infected that would destroy my house, turn my wife, and rip my head apart. Only the smart and lucky ones will be alive at day two. This means that, there's no need to be a badass to survive the first day of the apocalypse, nor the first week or month. It's a question of intelligence and luck. So, if you come to me saying that "You need to be strong to survive", I'll say that it's bullshit. A man can live in the forest for as long as he pleases with simple resources and basic nature knowledge. So, if this farmer I talked about decided to run with his wife to the nearest forest, he would have been surviving the other days after the outbreak. And this brings me to the next topic. -AFTER THE FIRST DAYS- Yeah, I know. Not the best title. A person that has been living after the first days after Day 1, must have been knowing about this massive plague that's literally killing enough people to fill Japan's island and a little bit more, so there's virtually no excuse what-so-ever to say that "I have no clue of what the fuck is going on". There are exceptions, but those are rare and uncommon. So you have been surviving for some time now, you have seen what the infected can do, and you know a little bit of how it works. They bite you, you're dead. But for some reason, some bitten people don't turn into infected. It makes no sense to you. But after you stop thinking about that, you decided to scavenge for supplies, since your food is low. The only thing you have to defend yourself, is a frying pan and a kitchen knife. You slowly walk up to a small village, where you can already see some walkers wandering around, mumbling and roaring with their disgraceful voices. You are afraid of them. They can kill you in seconds. You would enter a small house, pick up some cans of bacon, and exit, but you didn't expect an actual living person to be there. You see another guy at the other side of the road, crouched just like you. He has a revolved on his hands, but you're both staring at each other. He points the gun at you, but he's not less scared than you, and he knows that if he pulls the trigger, you both die, but his death will be worse. You raise up your hands, terrified, and says, almost whispering: "Don't shoot. I just need food.". He thinks a little, and lowers his weapon, and slowly comes to your side. You are afraid of him more than you are afraid of the infected. He says: "I don't want to shoot you. I have limited ammo, and if I shoot, and those things come, I don't know what will happen." You apologize for scaring him, and he does the same. You both take some food from the next house, and exit the premisses. You say 'thanks' for him not shooting you, but then, he raises his weapon: "I'm sorry, but please, give me your bag!". You say: "What? Why?!". He says: "I don't have anything but this gun. Please, give me it. I'm desperate, cold and hungry!". You give him your bag, and he flees into the forest. You are relieved that he's gone, and you're not dead. Now, what did you get from this story? Nothing? Come on! Ok, I'll explain: The first survivor needs food, but he is scared, just as the second survivor he meets. They are not the only ones that are afraid, but mostly the human race is afraid. They work together for the same goal, but once the second survivor notices that he didn't have enough, he robs the first survivor, in a act of desperation and recklessness. The first survivor isn't angry, because he is still alive, and he could get more food before the sun goes down. Basically, this is how you should act in a RP scenario. Fear, should be the first interpretation you should demonstrate to others you meet. Nobody is made of stone, specially in the early days. And you should also feel desperate, to the point where you feel like nothing is certain, and you can be deceived by anything. Your mind has not consolidated what is happening yet. It needs time for you to get the shit show that's happening to the human race. -CLOSING- That's basically it. I mean, what did you expect? It's 23:23 as of now, when I'm writing this, and I'm tired. However, I made this to help out people. You take it or leave it. I'm open to criticism, and I can definitely add or remove stuff from the Guide, depending or the feedback I would possibly get. Thanks.
  9. We're lucky to actually be playing this game. Beta is going to hit earlier than some other AAA titles on their development scales. The moment that those Enforce modules hit stable, they are going to probably open the workshop. And at that moment, the real gameplay starts.
  10. I'd say more than a week, less than a month and a half.
  11. I used to admin a server back in the beginning of 2016. We had tools to wipe the whole world of tents, barrels and vehicles. We never got to delete people's actual characters and such, so there might or might not be an hidden option for that out there in the console.
  12. As Cow has said, and I quote: " stories have an end be it good or bad, happy or sad " If you are reading a book, would you rather to stop reading it because you're buying another one the very next day? I will kindly get IG to Role-Play when I can for the sole purpose of having fun and 'role-playing', which is the essence of this server. There's no reason and / or sense on stopping playing it because the History is going to be deleted. There are still things to do, people to hunt and strangers to meet. It's never over until Rolle say its over. And its just like Oliv said - it will take some time before the reset comes upon us. Not playing now will just mean that you'll lose all opportunities that you would have gotten if you were playing.
  13. If people only role-play to develop characters and group, then there's something wrong with it. Role-play is here for us to have fun, and be someone else on different realities. There's no such thing as "I only play to make history". That's a very selfish way of thinking.
  14. Police is finally coming out of strike, as the national army reaches the town.

    I guess some sergeant somewhere kicked someone's butt until they decided to work.

  15. I have only 1 and only problem with actual RP. It's repetitive. Here are the facts: -OOC Hate acting In-Game. -Most internal RPers don't leave their 'safe-zone'. -Group conflicts, and ONLY that. -Badasses everywhere. -Stale encounters, every time. -Unnecessary reports and/or actions done In-Game. And this, is boring. People always say "I'm developing my character" but that's it. The only thing they want to develop is their character, and their buddies characters. What about the other ones? The strangers that you meet? Why are they to be put aside? They don't need to develop their character, but their Role-Play itself. Everyone wants to be the greatest survivor ever, and that bothers me. But not just me, I can assure you. What's the point in RPing if you are always the one trying to get under the spotlight? Can't you be the one who watches once? And here's another fact: The Lore doesn't need to change. What really needs to change, is the current attitude of a lot of member from this community. Everybody wants to be the main character, but nobody wants to work his way to become it.