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  1. Gotta wear that smersh vest..
  2. Same thing happening over at Mishkino tents..
  3. IRA' SKA AND Dragonzu are missed
  5. I feel that all this gear bullshit is destroying the roleplay in some level. A personal example: Went over to Kab, saw around 20 people, pressed F1 (Show hi with your hand), all 20 people chased me, when captured me, they all stood silently around me with their dicks in their hands and the only thing they did was taking my Winchester, when I say silently I mean literally, no one said a word... People who give too much shit about their gear will avoid RP, this is always the case, they will avoid people just to avoid the small chance of getting robbed. The other side of the coin are the robbers, who will just rob you, take your shiny M4 and tell you to fuck off with 0 RP provided.. I witnessed these cases happen so much... Start focusing on RP instead of gear people..
  6. Renderer: .60 update end of February but whether it is experimental or stable remains to be seen but intent is first iteration of new renderer. Supports DX 11 so DX9 wont work anymore. Future goal to support DX12. With new renderer looking at dense scenes, seeing upwards of 100+ frames, midrange settings on midrange card. Dense scene meaning an area like Cherno, Novo, Berezino, or areas that are currently low performance. No video on new renderer yet since some things aren’t as smooth as they want them to be.
  7. Excited for this
  8. Yeah ive found a shit ton since I opened this, Berezino is the key. You can close the thread now
  9. Gonna have to say no. S3 will be empty all the time and will be used simply to loot.. Im saying this as it has previously happened
  10. Psisyndicate (dont know if counts) made a short 2 ep. series featuring me and my friends a long time ago actually lol, we still watch it and laugh from time to time.
  11. *This is correct to 0.59* So dynamic events, we all encountered at-least a heli crash site, a police car or a boat during our travels in Chernarus. With this guide im hoping to give you the best info I can about how dynamic events work. So as you know there are 3 dynamic events currently implemented into DayZ. The helicopter crash site, either Russian or American, spawns top tier gear. Police car, spawns military gear and can often spawn top tier gear as well. Boat, mainly interesting because of the netting which only spawns there, and used to make ghillie suits. In each server there are usually: 3 Heli crashes - 56 potential spawn points 10 Police cars - 148 potential spawn points 10 Boats 43 - potential spawn points The chances of finding each dynamic event in these cases: Heli crash site: 5.3% Police car: 6.7% Dynamic boat: 23.2% Important points: * Each one of these dynamic events switches location in 30 minutes. This means that 30 minutes after a Heli, a Police car or a boat will spawn they will despawn along with the loot in most cases. * Dynamic events will not despawn if you are withing 100 meters of it and looking at it. * All dynamic events are connected, meaning if you see a police car despawn, youll know that 3 heli crash sites just spawned in the server, works the same for dynamic boats. Best route to find a heli crash site (finding 1 heli in 30 minutes or less) : Best route to find police cars (finding 3 police cars in 30 minutes) : (65 potential police car spawns are available on this loot, meaning that on average you'll encounter atleast 1 police car each 7 minutes): Best route to find dynamic boats (finding 8 dynamic boats in each run, an average of 1 boat every 3 minutes): Future of dynamic events: In the future of dynamic events, the current white fridges will be replaced with dynamic fridges, spawning different food and beverages. Dynamic event spawn map: (go to "loot" drop down and deselect everything but "crashsite")
  12. Almost everyone are super soldiers Im just a simple farmer with a Winchester and them blue jeans
  13. lol you serious thats common as fuck... Go to Myshkino tents you'll either find AKM mags which you can empty or ammo boxes..
  14. [video=youtube]http://