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  1. Yes and yes, bout time add me
  2. While I understand this will complicate firefights (not being able to peak around corners or over walls which is a small form of metagame in a way) and would make for something more realistic as for RP, I don't think this would be a welcomed change. I for one, like to be able to see my character. I don't really PVP at all so to me, 1st person is just annoying. But maybe that's just cause I film often for seasons, and being able to see my character at times is useful ONLy for creating different camera angles. HOWEVER, in a way, I still kind of support this. Because I favor RP over anything, I would not be pissed and stopped playing cause we are forced to 1st person now. And people giving the (Bobble Head excuse) just turn bobble off... fixed. 1st person was never an issue for CS:GO or any other 1st person shooter why should it be different here right? But if history serves us right, this has been done before and very unsuccessful.
  3. I've hit a major milestone for a small Youtuber like myself. Over 200 000 views on my channel and still growing. Thanks to everyone here that has been supporting and sharing all the work I put into my seasons and thanks to everyone that ever participated in making these seasons what they are today (way too many to name). You are all amazing 

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    2. Corry


      well done roach brother you deserve it 

    3. SkezZHD


      Congratz man. :D You deserve every single view and sub you got, and even more so in my eyes. The sad part with youtube is there is so many people with talent such as yourself that needs to get more attention. I'm holding my thumbs for you man. :) 

    4. equiinox


      Congratulations Roach. You and MrMoon are my two favourite DayZRP YouTubers. Keep up the great work!! :)

  4. I don't think we need this at all. BeanZ is good enough. But hey do what you gotta do, if that's what people want but I don't like it, too facebookish but eh
  5. Done piecing the episode together (hardest part especially with multiple POV videos).
    Now all there's left is audio optimization + narration + subtitles + music and Episode 8 will be out :D 
    Big chance this comes out before Sunday.

    Good night all :D

    1. Shepard


      Nice! Can't wait to see it!

    2. Genji


      Ohh yea!


  6. Congratulations on 1000 beanz!

    1. Roach


      Thanks man :D Here's your 575th :)

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    1. Chief



    2. Roach


      I just found it funny cause instead of *squints at jack* you added (the) to it which made me laugh lol

  7. Haha yeah Also I like how what Woody actually wears in his pictures are super similar to my actual in-game character (Hat, Jacket, Jeans)
  8. I swear! It's not what it looks like... really, I swear.221100_screenshots_2015-07-07_00008.thumb.jpg.9c4825fcb69bf37392d3fc4a8a76bad1.jpg

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    2. RedSky


      I,m hungry plz gib beanz to end world redsky's hunger.

    3. equiinox


      Awesome screen shot. Also, congrats on 1000 BeanZ!!

    4. RedSky


      I can't believe that post actually worked.... Thx for the food.

  9. And what is the problem? Cause to me, I don't rely on what a character looks like on a char page or what his/her char page says. I rely on the RP I get from said character when I met him/her and I remember them from the clothing they wear. Sure it's funny how many have a similar character set up (Models, Soldiers, Rick, Shane, Negan etc) but you don't see that in game, you only see the RP. And above all, is that not what is important? And nope my character is no model or ex-soldier or Rick or Negan
  10. Just a Zombie checkin' out dat ass.


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    2. Roach


      @Rogério SkyLab haha one thing's for sure... it ain't status report material lol

    3. Saunders


      that is one depressed cow LOL

    4. Genji


      That is such a great shot xD

  11. I know when an episode is going to be good when my heart pumps with adrenaline while editing it... or maybe I need to go outside more and let the blood flow :P

    1. Plank


      Sounds like a great excuse to medicate tbh! ;)

  12. People have been using a Youtube link to a song for a while to counter this, however, I too would love to see this. Actually, I think it would be awesome to be able to add Audio to a forum thread like before and of course group threads.
  13. Ah! Sunday... A nice day to sit down, relax and edit episode 8 :)

    1. Genji


      I Just got back from work xD, So happy

  14. Thanks guys, Rp was goddamn solid