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  1. Roach

    I love Adam Sandler's ''They're all gonna laugh at you'' album! Use to listen to it when I was a teen. I still quote some of this shit to this day lol. Anyway thought I'd share in case you were bored and needed something good and classic to listen to. Have a nice laugh ;)

    This is the full playlist (Notice the playlist icon at the top left of the video).


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    2. Buddy


      -________- nooooo thank you, I will happily stick with my lame elevator music until new inspiration strikes xD

    3. Roach


      @Buddy Then have some BeanZ:)

    4. Buddy


      Deal ❤ 

  2. Roach

    Episode 5 is coming along great :)

    1. Jabba


      Good! I cannot wait to see it :D

    2. BunDem


      me likey


    3. Levent


      :D:D:D Yummy new episode!

  3. Roach

    Who here watches Bates Motel? Damn that show is amazing and underrated. Fantastic acting and great characters!

    1. Ender


      I dont but my mom does a lot. it sounds interesting maybe i should give it a shot

    2. Roach


      @Ender I don't think you'll regret it at all :) 

  4. Roach


  5. If I could still play Tony Moretti... Lookin' good. I love dynamic groups man!
  6. Just caught up in your story. Amazing as always and looking forward to more man. I was surprised to read and see a little part of what happened when I was there you know what I am talking about heh. Anyways, great read Oliv
  7. Roach

    Day Off Work = Editing Episode 5 :)

    1. Levent


      Week off college :)

  8. Roach

    A few harmless memes




  9. sam bauer

    Yeah heh, about 30 hours per video Glad to have you as a supporter of the work we've put into this Thanks man! Thanks Oyface I promise, it'll be jam packed once shit kicks off Thanks Frosty dude Glad you're enjoying it thus far Jammie I will keep it up and thank you
  10. My advice: Work on finishing your current story. How does the group end in this universe? How does your character die, if he does at all? Loremasters will give plenty heads up I think (probably when the next patch that wipes characters). But use THAT as motivation, work towards the end of an era. Help your friends work towards that same goal. I am sure you'll find plenty of fun out of it if you try But alas, not everyone will be happy with a lore wipe. I think it's expected
  11. Roach

    Juuuuust in case you missed it. Episode 4 of Sam Bauer's Story is available now :D


    1. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      Loved it.

      My only critique is that it would be better to have some more minutes of video.

      I haven't seen what you have, so I don't really know what to expect from future episodes, but I'm just throwing that out :D

    2. Roach


      Thanks for the feedback Rog :) 

      Episodes will grow longer as the series continue ;) 

  12. Roach

    For those interested, episode 4 of Sam Bauer's Story is out now! ;)


    1. APureGamer


      Hope you like dank maymayes


    2. Loscham

      Totally lit!


    3. EuphoricDoom


      The cliff hangers are real! Good job, man! Loving this season. Sam is a bamf.

  13. sam bauer

    EPISODE 4 IS FINALLY OUT!!!! Real life is kicking me in the ass heh. With a full-time job + 2 kids and a wife, life made it hard for me to focus time on both filming and editing at once. But we have now finished filming the season entirely and this will make editing episodes a lot easier. So expect episodes every 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks for all the support throughout the past years! Enjoy episode 4.
    • equiinox
    • Roach

    I absolutely loved EP4 and with that ending, damn, I cant wait until EP5.

  14. +1 pretty much what i said above