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  1. Roach

    I wish I could wake up and all the episodes from this season (Sam Bauer's Story) would be done and ready for you all to view. This season is so fuckin' intense! I'm excited to release each one to you all and hope you'll enjoy it just as much as we've enjoyed making it for you. To all of the main cast involved so far, thank you so so so much for your support throughout these past months. Without you, this season would be nothing. Sam didn't make it possible. You did! @Chief @Buddy @Killerwelden @descendants @leviathanapsu @Levent @Rampage @LightGhillie @Coreena @Undead @Hodgie @Roosky @Poro @Mental @BlazerPazer72 @Pebbles @Earthwalker @Charlie @FailingFriendly @Riggsee @Joules and everyone else who crossed paths with Sam and the gang (too many to name and won't let me tag more)! Hope you'll all be proud of what you've accomplished in roleplay for this season. You guys are dope AF!

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    2. Roach


      You did great blood :D thank you!

    3. Levent


      Hey Roach it will be awesome, I can't wait for the ending Q&A :)

    4. LightGhillie


      Cant wait to see it Roach! It will be awesome :)

  2. Roach





    1. Castiel


      Lmfaooo, those are gold.

    2. Levent
    3. Oliv


      That I think is a legit book you can buy, btw

  3. Roach

    Almost done editing episode 3 :)

  4. Roach

    My childhood evolved? Gotta say, they look dope as fuck!

    I may actually watch this for childhood sakes.


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    2. Wong


      I used to watch power rangers when I was younger all the time, Might try get my lil bro to watch this 

    3. Cid


      I already know it's going to be awful, but in a way that you kinda have to watch it because it's so cringe - kinda like the actual Power Rangers show - and obligations because childhood.

      I am excited for this trainwreck.

    4. Levent


      I cannot wait for this, God i remember those good times!

    • Roach
    • Buddy

    Thought you'd like these :)


    1. Buddy


      oh my god that's so nice! :o i like i like! see THIS is why we went to the pier hahahahaah

    2. Roach


      Such a nice place. DayZ has its moments :)

  5. Roach

    Taking a break on this series for tonight. I need to go RP bad.

  6. Roach


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    2. Loscham


      Awww, I'm out of beanz to give today. :(

      I know what you mean, mate.  I just turned 33 yesterday, and I still love fart sounds.

    3. Levent
    4. Loscham


      How did this post to this status update?  I'm confused.

  7. Roach

    Where do military tents spawn at? Like specific building...

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    2. descendants


      shipping containers, quanza hut (half circle barrack) and on top of the big heli pads in Tisy.


      Got any spare beanz for a begger? <<#  

      <3 *

    3. bloodcrusader


      they also spawn in the apartments of navaya protovka

    4. Shane


      Tisy shipping containers

  8. sam bauer

    I never went to school for media. I self-trained if you will in the course of the last 12 years. I also worked in a small company for a couple of years, filming and editing promo videos, small local commercials, corporate videos, weddings, events, bands etc. I've always felt a passion for it and since I watch a lot of TV/MOVIES I was always easily inspired by the work behind the camera and constantly took mental notes and still do. Thanks man
  9. sam bauer

    Hahaha thank you so much Charlie Very happy you enjoyed ! Thanks Harry Well i do sometimes get on earlier than US times so you never know Hope that we do and I usually try and hang in popular places.
  10. rp series

    Really enjoyed the way you did the intro like it was a vacation tape "Welcome to Chernarus" haha loved it. Anyways great job on your first episode
  11. Thanks Riggs my dude ! You deserved it just as much and I know it may not be believable cause I won this, but I am honest when I say, I would've been just as happy to see you or Cleric win as both of you really did work hard and deserved it. Next year dude, it's you alright? Fuckin' believe dude and you'll get it for sure! Keep doing what you're doing cause you are great at it !
    • Levent
    • Roach

    Omg how did you get VIP?

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    2. Lil_Beefy


      thats good

      - lil_beef aka thick_beef 

    3. Roach


      I am starting to think you guys like the fart sound on my profile if you choose to discuss here :) either way welcome and enjoy your stay :D

    4. Levent


      Its just weird now, I don't know why or how we both got that idea into your head xD

    • GirlGamer
    • Roach

    Congrats on winning! Voted for ya you earned it!

    1. Roach


      Thanks dude :) I appreciate the vote and always glad to bring entertainment :)