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  1. This would be unnecessary for anyone who is active as most will keep in touch with the current rules or get caught in reports if their rules knowledge is indeed out of date. I can see a re-whitelist process being good for members that have been inactive for 6+ months, something that could probably be automated. If the member doesn't come back there's no added work, if he does he just has to pass a new whitelist, preferably just a toned down version of the original whitelist that touches main points.
  2. This is why we can't have nice things.
  3. 98f.png

    1. Caesar


      I am partial to vanilla, I doubt this surprises anyone.

  4. I know who he is, but I don't know him personally, wish I did.
  5. Why the fuck are you dragging me into this?
  6. Worst memory in terms of regret, not bad experience. Back in the mod days there was a lot of animosity between B17 and my group Cerberus. One day after weeks and weeks of firefights, we managed to get Ray (one of B17 leaders) to surrender. We had him on his knees in the surrender position and my group were all hiding behind trees. We attempted to apprehend him and I was looking forward to the hostage RP, this had been in the works for a long time. Unfortunately his group decided to not value their own leader's life and started firing on our position. Ray was caught in the crossfire and died, burying any chances of further roleplay. That was a sad day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Put a sock in his mouth after a hearing him say "I need healing" all night long in his sleep.
  8. A spoon. A very rusty, blunt, spoon. Also, a bag of salt and a taser.
  9. I would say point the most point worthy rule break, then each subsequent rule break adds 5 points, to a maximum of 25 points. That way, a member cannot be permabanned for a single report but multiple rulebreaks are still meaningful. Quite frankly, I never understood why each rulebreak wasn't punished individually.
  10. I think my name needs a Photoshop brush next to it . EDIT: BAM! Done.
  11. Because that rank is "Pay 2 Win"
  12. I like how I can check the "recently browsing" section and predict my post being downvoted to oblivion in real time, people here are so funny! About the topic at hand, I don't think any changes are necessary, it was fine the way it was before.
  13. I iz bamboozled.
  14. You might wanna get that stutter checked. Also, sarcasm translates very badly in text.