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  1. Not the same guy but I will gladly take the source for the launch parameters claim if you are capable of digging it up.
  2. Sign me up, I would rather watch all the hot Russians in my area then these ads.
  3. I want the blood of ur firstborn child and some chocolate ty
  4. #BRINGBACKTHEMODLIFEISFEDUAL +1, but only if staff decideds to properly support a side project for once, no reason to waste time.
  5. Roald Bush

  6. Raduz Reznicek

  7. well met calmmy
  8. So is this still happening and if the answer is yes, where can I watch it?
  9. Just to clarify my other post, I wasnt saying that advertising is bad, but that I would have prefered if we did it in a diffrent way, aka by using banners (like we have on the website), or something like that.
  10. Am I the only one with bad feelings about this morally? Sure I have no problem with advertising, but disguising it as an articel seems wrong? Even thou it is clearly posted by "Sponsored".I fucking hate ads, eespecially when they are disguised as articel/props/whatever and put into other things, instead of being direct and honest. What kind of community do we wanna look like, the backstabbing kind, or the straight forward and honest kind?
  11. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unfzfe8f9NI We better use this song for the swedish flag, else I will riot.
  12. Well met amigo
  13. Echo confirmed haxxor, plz spawn som m249 b4 u get banned k ty thanks. jk mate but it looks like desync 2 me
  14. If you dont wanna die, comply. +1 I support this idea, could give smaller group an advantage and create creative roleplay.