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  1. There will always been reports, there's no stopping it.. You can't have a community bases on perfect rp, people who follow every rule down to the last word, people who are perfect at a whole! We are humans! We make mistakes and we get punished if found guilty.. Having a re-whitelisting options would just cause annoyance and be a complete waste of time..
  2. oooo Sounds fun! Only a few hundred people re-whitelisting randomly outta no where All seriousness though, it would be rather annoying for members and even staff to have to deal with the amount of whitelisting and having to re-whitelist all the time. Sounds foolish to have gained such a privilege just for you to have to retry and take it, and if you fail then so and so might happen.. I see no need for this idea (Just an opinion)
  3. @evanm23 Moody told me that you guys took our tents so.. Also this is why you wanted me to stand next to him on the dish! Nice photo
  4. Fairly new, meaning i don't have much memories to even share all together So worst? Getting shot by Akrasia because i had logged near their compound, logged back in the next day, ran up into their compound and got shot! RIP Best?.. Saving Vehm from the Saviors and the Angels at Green mountain firefight
  5. *Viktor would hear the broadcast, smirking slightly at this news, he would push the PTT button and hesitate slightly before talking in a strong Chernarussian accent filling the reply* ''Ha.. It seems like the dog is finally dead... and too stairs? seems abit fishy no? *Chernarussian language can be heard in the background along with laughter and cheers* ''Seems like it's time for the downfall of these dogs..'' *Viktor ending the broadcast with a laughter*
  6. Hello Staff @Andrey , It appears to be that the other post wasn't dealt with and was never actually taken into serious thought.. (From my perspective) feel like this should be kept up directly for this reason.
  7. +1 Hate going to settlements to rp with other groups, just to find that there is no sign of life there for weeks! Groups shouldn't have an option to have a settlement if they are not going to do anything with the area apart from take it up so another group can't use it..
  8. Thanks for clearing it up
  9. No idea if this has been explained in another post or been explained anywhere else but i haven't been able to find it, or i have just down right stupid.. but recently my group has put up a settlement and we tell nobody about it apart from close people/allies when they want to RP/set up a meeting for alliances. I'm wondering if the DayZ Map on the forums is to be used In Character for roleplay and to be used to find settlements over the map? I've already heard of people telling random people where to go to find settlements including ours, all together just confused on the whole situation of the DayZ Map.
  10. You did edit the post lol.. But yeah if a battery and Glow plug doesn't work it could just be gone all together
  11. Spark plugs aren't used for V3S's only Glow Plugs and Batteries
  12. Could just be fully broken all together, i know that alot of vehicles i come across will have everything good on it.. and it's still broke. Sometimes people will have used the vehicle, crashed it and replaced the things but it will still be broken..
  13. Not my death butttt... Today at Prud Castle, Eliska decided to vault off of the tower castle whilst rping.. Fell to her death ripperino
  14. Not everyone wants to block/knows how to block