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  1. Always nice to see more events Nice work on the posters as well, I'm going to be there for sure!
  2. Ah ok. Hope it will get fixed soon and not forgotten in the list of things to do. I wanted to try it since i cant play atm thanks for the quick reply Rolle.
  3. So I visited to try it out and i got this error message Is it discontinued, or getting fixed? I know there was a problem with it saying there's no active character.
  4. Going home for the holidays. See you next month 😀

    1. Buddy


      Enjoy your holidays!!! :) 

  5. Don't know if this will change anything. Have there been successful petitions in the past? Nevertheless, sign me up.
  6. My man Vlad, trading bullets for seeds and other farming equipment
  7. Wow, Viktor's life took an unexpected turn Would have liked to know what happened in between. Was a nice read though, can't wait to read the new thread
  8. Thanks a lot for this guide! Now my chernarussian character can sound more, well, chernarussian and provide better RP
  9. Hey Ten! Welcome and good luck with your whitelist, make sure to make a post in another section soon so your account wont be deleted. Hope to meet you in game soon
  10. They look amazing! thank you very much man!
  11. Had some... weird but very enjoyable RP with @Austin today! First time interacting with a text-RP'er, hope you had a nice time as well bud.
  12. Welcome to the community Dimitri! Hope to meet you in game some time
  13. *As Vlad hears this, he takes his radio out of his vest and presses the ptt button and talks with an excited voice* "W-wow! You boys sure have a great collection of items for trade! I've been trying to make some clothes myself but cant exactly get them right. I'm very interested in some items you mentioned. Contact me on 178.8 for more information." *Vlad releases the ptt button and switches to the frequency mentioned, waiting patiently for an answer*
  14. Wow! really nice day today with the new hope militia and akrasia! Great RP from both parties, especially @Papa Krieg and @Erik and tyreese I think? the black guy that was shit talking chernarussians really enjoyed being your captive