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  1. @Hebee well if you so determined that its not going to stop then it never will dont give up dude im not and i know you've been playing a lot longer than me before this comes up
  2. @Brady i hear ya dude every time there is a place were you can trade good rp always comes out of it that's why its really annoying me and confusing me that people want to destroy this experience. @Hebee well i didn't know this if your 100% that its 101 i will try and talk to the guys tomorrow to stop it if it is that the 101 is involved in this but im still new and i dont know what kind of influence i have on what happens in the 101
  3. @Dusty as far as im aware the 101 is not involved with this and im the one that personally builds this back up every time
  4. @Kevin its been happening for a while but we just tried to wait out the storm maybe they would just give up but doesn't seem to be the case. @Dusty what valid reason can there be for destroying rp on a rp server
  5. @Dusty i am part of the 101 dude but not been with them for a long time so cant speak for the past but if they did then it sucks people ruining rp for everyone not just the people building it up.
  6. im looking for trade rp tho that was my aim anyway @Beni im not in it for the gear at all im just looking for good rp like i don't care come rob me makes no difference to me its all rp but whats going on atm is just out of order my own opinion. i try and build our camp up to a standard that will interest people to come up and visit us but how can i do that with whats going on ? @Mexi i completely agree 100%
  7. I don't know if any of the other settlements or groups that are trading in south zagoria are experiencing this but every time we decide to rebuild our camp for trading with people trying to rp with other people yano always every time we build it up the same night players come throw all the items on the floor (because they now that it will all de spawn) man can you stop this were trying to make good rp and i don't wanna keep spending all my time building a camp for it to get de spawned the same night your destroying the game in my opinion. please anyone else with other thoughts please come forward.
  8. im intrested to hear what people;e have to say about this ill be there.
  9. *sam pushes down the ptt button* ''had to make an early delivery for a customer yesterday all went good in the end the customer was very happy with the bag and vest i supplied him with'' ''time to get back to work on other orders that have been placed now keep safe people'' *Sam releases the ptt button and proceeds to sow the leather*
  10. *Sam pushes down the ptt button very happy* ''to the person that gifted me a new Winchester thank you so much you so kind to take time out of you day to do that i wish you all the best i hope you day goes well knowing you made someone happy today stay safe all'' *Sam releases the ptt button and starts inspecting his new weapon*
  11. Another happy customer @Markos glad to of seen you again swell buddy was good rp as always. sorry about the quality of the screenshots will try to do better next time.
  12. *Sam hears ted and smiles listening to his radio transmission and presses the ptt button* ''hi ted Sam hear you correct in saying there is nothing like a leather jacket i now what your saying about not a lot of craftsmen out there i don't know any to be honest'' ''i am happy to hear you made your own leather jacket it takes a lot of practice to get it perfect though i have been working on leather for along time now'' ''i am happy to hear you will be joining our line of happy customers cant wait for your order'' ''ill be in touch shortly sir stay safe'' *Sam releases the ptt button happy knowing people are noticing his efforts*
  13. *Sam listens to the radio as the man talks he pushes down the ppt button to respond* ''to you 1st requests axel if you are interested in the jacket and vest we can sort that out do you have a radio station i can contact you on ? so we can talk further about this'' ''ow believe me my leather crafting is always 10/10 i wont let an item of clothing leave my workshop otherwise'' ''i heard you say you were apart of a settlement may i ask what settlement you are apart off if you don't mind me asking ?'' ''it sounds a very good proposition but we will have to meet in person to talk about this and your aim what your settlement aims to do with the ammunition that i supply you with because i wish to help the people in good ways i don't want to be a apart of any bad things going on in south zagoria'' *Sam releases the ptt button and put his feet up after a long hard hunt*
  14. *Sam presses down the ppt button* '' hey guys Sams workshop here we are now trading ammunition for cow and deer pelts if there is anyone out there willing to trade hit me back on this frequency stay safe people'' *Sam releases the ptt button and continues his tracking of a pack of deer*
  15. *Sam presses down the ptt button excitingly* ''hi everyone who is listening i have an announcement to make on our line of leather crafted items we can now make new items here is what is new the 1st is a new and improved water pouch perfect to carry water or any other fluids the 2nd is a superb leather sack very slim and lightweight and looks amazing can hold many items for the average traveller the 3rd is a leather hat for those who wish to keep the rain out your face or the sun out your eyes this is the perfect hat the 4th is our new leather jacket this keeps you very warm in the cold weathers and has many pockets to hold anything you desire and also very stylish the 5th is the new leather storage vest this on top of our jacket is great in very cold weather to keep you nice and warm it has many pockets to store all your items that you don't wish to leave behind because well all know how it sucks to see something we want and we cant put it in our bag or our pockets so this is perfect for that extra personal storage the 6th is our leather pants these are long pants very durable these wont tear easy and also come with many pockets to store smaller things and last but not least is our leather moccasins these are very comfy to wear i must say i have a pair on right this second these are all our new leather items and existing items'' *Sam pauses for a minute then proceeds to go on* ''we can now dye these leather clothing items at your request these dyed items are all leather items and the colours that you can have are beige brown and black we are looking on doing more but at the moment these are the ones we can do'' *Sam releases the ptt button but then pushes it down again forgetting one more thing* ''Sorry folks i almost forgot we are now also doing ghillie items for you people out there that want to be one with the forest and the trees in the ghillie items we do every part of you body except you feet we also do a ghillie wrap for your gun this items comes in 3 different colours tan woodland and mossy the is a new thing that i am making so any orders for these will take time a week maybe 2 depending on order quantities well people thank you for listening i hope to hear from you soon with many orders stay safe''