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  1. Damn Gasman.. Refusing to talk to me..
  2. Dear Diary.

    Today I was legged by @ToeZies with an ice pick.

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    2. ToeZies


      @Chewy Getting dizzy at hyperventilating? Think back to me yesterday as a hostage. then think about how i fake cough all day long D;

    3. Chewy


      Dude I officially know the pain, feelsdabman.

      Ah, the shit we go through to try and make quality RP.. :P

    4. Joules


      This feel, I get it.



  3. No problem. Enjoy your time ingame!
  4. Hey there. Click on the information dropdown and click on whitelist. It should say if you are whitelisted or not.
  5. -snip: see below poster's answer-
  6. I seriously need to find a way to stop clenching my jaw.

    1. Western

      Don't use it, it be alright 

    2. Chewy


      Perform open surgery, remove my lower jaw

    3. Western

      Get me a packet of Fags and I will it xD

  7. @Kunkka I don't want yer damn meat!
  8. *Cait rolls her eyes and groans, hunkering down in a garage. Pushes down PTT* "We? ....Uuuuugh. Patch yourself up and keep the wound clean. I'll see to you whenever I have the opportunity. I... Was in a pickle." *Releases PTT*
  9. Hey there @ACE x LuKE. You may want to try refreshing the page, however if that doesn't work then you might want to restart your web browser to see if this fixes the problem.
  10. idk who gave that to you, but it was a mistake.

    • WeeMan
    • Chewy

    You have found a rare item!





    1. Chewy


      You're the man, dude. <3

    2. WeeMan


      Got u fam