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  1. I was having this issue last night. If your "ping" box is checked, try unchecking it. You're going to want to write the IP followed by the Port of the server, seperated by a colon- This thing : Make sure your ping's set to 0, try and search then, and you should see the server you want. Just give it time.
  2. Take my beans, sir, lmao
  3. I'm not too fond of the idea myself, my character is more medical based but I'm not one to pick up a nurse's dress and waltz around completely vunerable, I much prefer wearing the M65(?) Jacket with a vest over it, and I suppose cargos can't really be classed as military. Either way, if someone feels like, for example, walking around in said nurse dress but they're not a nurse, or a doctor or whatever, does it matter too much? I would say no, it's entirely their choice. People might have reasons for wearing certain clothing. As an example, my Cait here wondered since they were out on a supply run if they could try to find a tanker helmet, as "My grandfather used to have one." There's a few factors that could be the reason behind X wearing Y clothing, but I myself haven't seen too many people waltzing around in full military gear so it doesn't really seem like an issue to me. Then again, I'm a relatively new player to DayZRP. So I've got a lot to explore.
  4. Is that Rocket Raccoon That's a Nein out of Ten for me. I mean nine!
  5. Done. c:
  6. I do indeedy! I got it uhhh.. 2, wait no it'll be 3 now.. 3 Years ago. ..I think? I got it in the christmas of 2014.
  7. Err.. Uhm.. I use PaintTool SAI.. Do you have a drawing tablet? Cause all I can say is practice. ;-;
  8. Thankingyou very muchly! I would like to add if anyone's reading this: I'm free to take requests, so long as you give me reference pictures. (And if y'all don't swamp me.) "...My legs're tired."
  9. Nobody? Oh well. It's @Stitches!
  10. I've been requested! To uh.. Draw, someone on these very forums Let's see if anyone can guess!
  11. Caitlyn Myers

    Caitlyn is a medical graduate. Nervous but easily settled in amongst her surroundings, she will just about get along with anyone, unless they appear as shady or jerk-like. She'd just passed med school, initially a way to make her parents somewhat proud and make herself look "useful", in the end Cait turned out to enjoy learning how to help people in need. She primarily studied general nursing, however always had a knack for being a good listener. She studied a little psychology in college before her medical training, so she'd always been good at listening to others and getting to know them. Her reasoning for ending up in the country was as simple and hollywood-ish as it got: She'd spin a globe, and wherever her finger landed would she travel to. Not the first place she had in mind, but she never really thought twice and booked her travels to head to the sleepy country of Chernarus. It was there that she'd meet a man around her age, someone to call a tourist buddy. During the fall, the two got split apart in the chaos. Sometimes she still wonders if he's out there. During her time in Chernarus, during the outbreak, she was essentially thrown left right and center, ending up on her own eventually until some months. She was malnourished, desperate, and "lucky" to stumble up on a group of men who seemed in good condition. She pleaded to help, offered her "services" as a medical graduate. She'd convince them only to realise she would probably have been better off scrounging for scraps, or better off dead. Eitherway, life with the men was what she describes "Probably like prison". They never really let her go anywhere without one or two of the group by her side. There was an evening where the scout camp had attracted a small group of dead. Idiotically enough, one of the men were "bright" enough to fire off an un-suppressed weapon at the dead, attracting more, eventually the camp was swarming with a horde of the once living humans that inhabited the country. There were supposedly no survivors. Cait managed to escape with the assistance of one cowardly man from the camp. He'd drag her away, walking for hours, only to have waltzed into a pack of wolves. The two ran. Presumably, Cait was faster than the male considering she'd not have much to carry around, so she had less weight on her back. She bolted for a small kiosk, slamming the door and shutters closed, hoping the lock would hold. The man himself sounded frightened, he banged on the door, pleading to be let in. There wasn't much time to think before the wolves got to him. She simply sat inside, hands over her ears, waiting the wolves and nearby dead out for a day, atleast. To this day she'd been trundling along, alone. With problems navigating, she luckily stumbled on a settlement by the sea. It would be there where she'd meet a group of friendly faces, they provided her warmth and shelter, gave her a tour of the area, introduced her to folk. Possibly a place to call home, Caitlyn considered this. She wasn't used to being around lots of people, she'd always been awkward around crowds and not very social. The decision was not 100% set in stone, but maybe she could finally sit down and relax. Maybe. Maybe somewhere.
  12. Hello, it me.
  13. @Stitches Thank you for the fun filled night, and putting up with me crashing (twice =_=) And the rest of GMTC Tonight! Made my first day of DayZRP Feel great! ^^ -Cait :3
  14. Ah. Now I feel even dumber. Sorry!
  15. Hellooo! Still new, and really dumb, but anyway, uh. I have a small suggestion. I have absolutely no idea how long I've been whitelisted for. I was expecting a notification on my profile or an email to let me know, but I recieved neither of them, so I've been sitting here like a headless chicken wondering when I'd be whitelisted, only to find out I already have been (I've been twiddling my thumbs for a week ) But anyhoo.. I was wondering, maybe it could be nice for newcomers or returning players to be given the green light via email or automated message on the forums? :3