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  1. Shit , I'm glad I didn't make that bus trip bro lol.....
  2. - Eddie hearing some voice mumbling on about blue armbands and an island picks up his radio out of his bag and presses the button - * Speaking in a thick Italian American Northern accent * "To this Jake fella, whom I had the pleasure of speaking with last night, the guy going on and on about trust, who wants to put out these hits or your so called "bounty" on my La Famiglia, my friends with whom I trust with my life. I told you last night that you guys came to our island at a bad time, your friend is lucky he left with his life, but I think he had the night of his life, don't you think?" - Eddie pauses for a second, laughing to his self thinking about how Brandon was moaning like Helen Keller while his lying mouth was sewed shut, he then presses the button once again- "So Jake, if I'm remembering correctly, didn't you shit yourself when you slumped over when my associate Michael was interrogating you? Or maybe that smell was those stinking ass rotting corpses of those dirty, disease infested pirates we whacked earlier, who knows. Anyways, if you think this so called bounty will work in your favor, all I can say is forget about it. If anyone attempts to harm my friends and associates of the Remnants, if I catch you, I will gladly shatter your knee caps and make you wish for me to let you eat one of my bullets. So remember, the Remnants don't back down from anyone, we plan ahead and we never surrender, so do your worse, we will come at you when you least except it" - Eddie then releases the button and throws the radio back in his bag -
  3. Lol , you and your group are some kinda special bro, we have no uniform just the armbands that anyone can make. Damn bro , get your facts correct before posting your cheesy little e-card
  4. I think what this Western kid is trying to say is " get OFF my island ". If you can't spell bro, tell me this - How are you going to read the map to get to this said " island ". Lmfao 😂 .